difference between
Fixed & Growth mindset

Have you asked yourself “Why do I feel stuck?” This is a sign that you might be battling between a fixed and growth mindset.

You aren’t alone in your self- questioning. There are hundreds of professional, accomplished, Godly women just like you who ask themselves this same question every day. 

If that’s the case, and it is, you may be wondering how you can get past feeling stuck and move into a place you are fully thriving as the woman God called you to be. 

Getting unstuck is possible. 

The first step at getting unstuck is to find out what state of thinking your mind is in.

Life Coach vs Therapist

Life Coach vs Therapist, which is the best option for you?

We know that you are a successful, driven woman. 

God has gifted you with unique talents and a set of skills  you use daily to impact the world around you. 

Perhaps you long to use what God has empowered you with to make a significant impact and legacy. 

Despite these facts, you’ve found yourself “stuck” in a place you aren’t sure how to navigate and you’re looking for the best, God-centered way to get “unstuck.” 

Maybe you’ve known about therapy for years and you’ve recently started to hear about life coaching, but you aren’t sure which avenue of support is best for your specific set of needs.

7 steps to Recharge your Mind

If you’ve ever felt deflated, here are 7 Steps to Recharge Your Mind.

Your extraordinary energy for life usually makes you a force to be reckoned with.

Lately, though, you’ve felt like the energy that usually propels you though just about any challenge is … well … depleted.

This feeling is completely normal and one many have experienced.

Your journey isn’t over, you just need a little recharge to help you get back on track.

5 Tips for Overcoming Burn out

Are you feeling exhausted? Working harder than ever at your job, in your business, at home, and your community? Yet at the end of the day, it doesn’t feel like you’ve done enough.

Have you been experiencing burnout since your responsibilities became more demanding in pandemic 2020?

The lives of families have been disrupted. Moms, especially, have had to shoulder so much of the child care throughout the pandemic.

We all thought this phase was temporary. But with more and more demands piling on, and less support in your business, at work and home – you know something has to change.

Stop the Self Sabotage

Our brain is always seeking comfort. When we push against the comfort boundaries by doing something new or scary, it causes either a fight, flight or freeze response.

This primitive brain response would have served us back when we were running away from lions to keep us safe, but we’re not doing that anymore.

The issue is never the issue, there is always something more that is the underlying issue. We need to dig deep to find out what is really going on behind the scenes if we are to truly find freedom.

But first, we need to stop self sabotaging!

The Power of Awareness

We don’t know what we don’t know. Knowing what holds us back is 80% of the effort that is required in order to fix things.

Once you know what to do, you can put the steps into place. Then it’s just a matter of executing. This is the power of awareness.

As a mindset business coach for women, I discovered this through the process of studying how the brain works and what drives us from a neuroscience perspective.

I love to be able to understand how we can take control of our thoughts. God says in the Bible that we need to renew our mind daily, which means it’s like taking a shower. For most of us, we shower every day. We do that physically, but we don’t do it mentally.

Slow Down to SPeed Up

Have you felt the pressure that you were missing out on something big or important?

A lot of marketers are taught to use fear based marketing tactics to get a response, like “you better sign up by before the timer runs out!” Pressure, pressure, pressure, right?

Using fear based tactics is only going to elicit a fear response and confusion, and a confused mind always says no!

Unfortunately that triggers the wrong response in people. What happens is they take action for self preservation, get stuck in indecision, or take the wrong kind of action because they feel like they’re missing out. Then they get buyers remorse, regrets and regression.

Innovation & Creativity

There are times when we need someone to call us out so we stop making excuses and put our priorities in order. As a coach I’m going to offer this advice…

Start positioning yourself today and decide what you are thinking about!

Don’t be afraid to test and try new things. Look for an easier, quicker and smarter way to do things using your innate creativity and innovative thinking.

To see changes, you first need to believe in yourself that you can do anything when you put your mind to it!

You need to commit to the decisions that you are making to see the changes that you want. Have you finished what you said you would do today?

The Cost of High PErformance

Entrepreneurs create businesses out of nothing. So often we wrap up our identities in our business performance.

We spend years trying all the “things” because everyone else says we need to be doing all the things. However, if you’re not congruent with your identity, and who God made you to be, you will feel inauthentic.

The good news is there is a process to getting unstuck and rewiring your brain to function at it’s prime.

Failure as Experiments

Einstein says that doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is called insanity. If we don’t want to have the same results, we have to take a different approach.

Failure has taught me that there is always more to be learned. We’ve been taught to fear failure, but there is fruit in the failure if we can think about it another way.

Developing “failure faith” is realizing that I am actually stronger, more mature, and more capable to take on the next challenge, because I’ve learned by building my mistake muscle.

Avoiding Entrepreneurial Breakdown

There are times when we need someone to call us out so we stop making excuses and put our priorities in order. As a coach I’m going to offer this advice…

Start positioning yourself today and decide what you are thinking about!

Don’t be afraid to test and try new things. Look for an easier, quicker and smarter way to do things using your innate creativity and innovative thinking.

To see changes, you first need to believe in yourself that you can do anything when you put your mind to it!

You need to commit to the decisions that you are making to see the changes that you want. Have you finished what you said you would do today?

Elon Musk Innovation

The world knows Elon Musk as the richest man in the world, but what they don’t know is how and why he got here.

It’s true… I attend the same school as Elon did in South Africa and I have a good understanding of how his mind thinks and what drives him. We both had very similar childhood experiences that led us to become immigrants and entrepreneurs.

Living in Apartheid era South Africa in the 1980’s had so many restrictions, rules and political uncertainty that we were all forced to think creatively.

Most of us are aiming for the stars where Elon Musk is aiming for Mars!

Done is Better than Perfect

Do you find yourself to be a perfectionist?

Do you mull over projects and assignments for hours and hours, diligently working to fix every little thing?

Are you finding you are never satisfied with the end result because “it could have been better?”

Ah … you are a perfectionist!

While desiring to do things well is a great characteristic, this characteristic can have a lot of negative impact attached.

Perfectionism, if not balanced, can lead to mental, physical, and even spiritual exhaustion. It can also lead to paralysis.

Business Problems in Disguise

As entrepreneurs when we are having issues with our business, often times it comes down to what is going on in our minds.

Our brains think and plan, and our brains are the CEOs of our business, because brains run the world!

If our brain and our mindset isn’t in the right place, we will either self-sabotage ourselves; or dismiss opportunities that we know we could benefit from from a place of scarcity or lack.

I have found that what is the most important aspect about running a business is to understand our own mindset, especially from a leadership perspective.

If you have found yourself pulling back from thinking and doing big things, this is for you.

The Humbling

What is the one thing that Daniel, Moses, David and Jesus went through?

It’s what I like to refer to as “The Humbling”.

It’s a season in life where God takes us through an experience of learning to lose the ego, to get rid of the stuff that holds us back, as we learn to humble ourselves so He can use us.

Every great hero in the bible, and in most superhero movies of today, has a similar experience. A refining, a hardship, a testing of their fortitude.

Can you relate?

Feelings are Fickle

Feelings should come with a warning label “Trust with Caution”.

We might think that our feelings are what needs to dictate our day, but the truth is our feelings are fickle.

They lie to us, they only see what they want to see, and they demand attention.

Our feelings are like a 2 year old having a hissy fit. Often irrational and unreasonable.

Our feelings are a results of our thoughts.

If we can learn to take our thoughts captive, we become the adult in our mind and don’t allow the 2 year to ruin our day.

Busy isn't a Badge

Life has a way of keeping us busy with all the responsibilities and tasks that demand our time, attention, and energy.

Of course, someone has to do those things or they just won’t get done. However, busy is not always what we are called to be. Busy is not always the most productive thing.

Sometimes, following the example of Mary is exactly what is most important in the moment.

Digging up Roots

We are designed a lot like trees. Our behaviors, attitudes and actions are the fruit. if we don’t like the fruit we are producing, it’s important to look at the branches of our thoughts.

When our thoughts keep us stuck, it’s often a result of bad roots. to be truly set free, we need God to help us dig up the roots. Once we know that we are firmly planted in Him, there is nothing we can’t do with Him!

Our roots … our thoughts … have a way of getting us stuck at times.

Shifting Seasons

It’s common to be in one season of your spiritual journey, become weary in that season, and desire to be in another season as though that longed for season will somehow bring contentment.

The truth is that contentment does not come from hopping from one season to the next.

Contentment comes only when you intentionally align yourself with the will of God IN the season where He placed you for this moment and this time.

You may not be in the exact season you want to be in. You may feel uncomfortable. You may even feel stuck.

Rest assured, God has you present in the season you are in “for such a time as this.”

Are you a Yesaholic?

Is “no” a word you have trouble saying? Do you find yourself agreeing to everything others throw your way?

If you relate … you are a “yesaholic.”

God believes in tasks and processes to be with excellence, and it’s hard to do if you’re overloaded and pressed for time and energy.

While God made you strong and able to take on a great multitude of tasks without even getting a hair out of place, He also designed balance.

Learn how to tap into the balance of “No,” with today’s latest podcast.

Mindset is Everything

Five years. That’s how long it took to get here. It seems surreal to be celebrating my 45th birthday in the paradise in the Bahamas doing my favorite things like snorkeling and scuba diving.

Let me tell you my 40th birthday was an absolute disaster. I was in the middle of dealing with physical burn out, grief from losing a loved one, a business failure, and a child in crisis. I remember telling myself that “one day” I will make up for it!

Pivot Adapt Opportunity

Our world is in transition. We can’t deny that things are changing. Change can be good though when we change our outlook, our perspective and our viewpoint.

We don’t have to accept everything at face value (especially the negative news) because asking questions makes you smarter.

Asking God what His plans are for your life will open up a whole new world for you. Let’s discuss how we can pivot, adapt and look for opportunities amidst the storm.

Resilience, Grit & Counter Thinking

We all can agree that 2020 was a doozie, and threw many challenges at us. I’m here to encourage you that now is the time to look up! No matter what you’ve experienced in the past, the good news is that there is always a do-over or opportunity for a reset.

For some who don’t know my backstory, I thought it fitting to start the season sharing my own personal story of challenges, heartache, victories and encouragement. Let’s begin this new journey together…

Flip the Fear to Fight the Fight

I wanted to pop on today just to give you a little bit of encouragement, and some tools and tips to overcome this current atmosphere we’re living in. I know we are experiencing an unprecedented time in history, although it’s not new. Presidents do come and go, and governments rise and fall, and nothing is new under the sun. But living in today’s society, we don’t have to be sucked into the fear, and the negativity, and the hatred, and the mudslinging, because they say if you attend a mud match, some of the mud is going to get stuck to you.

Calling and Mindset

A calling is one of those things that God implants in us at a very young age, before we have a chance to reason our way out of it.

Many adults are in a situation where they have skills that they are good at, but they are unfulfilled. They could be really good at a certain job, from what they studied in college or school or from work experience.

But some how they have this nagging feeling that says; “I’m not doing what I was born to do. This doesn’t feel right.”

Embracing the Seasons

How do you do ministry through your daily life? If you’ve grown up in the Church, you might have thought that unless you’re in full-time ministry working in a church, that you’re not doing God’s work. The reality is that 99% of us are doing God’s work in the marketplace! This takes a mindset shift.

We might not be where we want to be, but we can thank God we are not where we once were. Learning how to let go and let God direct your day is very satisfying and brings enormous peace.

Time to Begin again

For those of us living in the USA, we have had some tumultuous times with the way the world has gone lately. It creates a lot of unknown, uncertainty and anxiety.

I can get caught up sometimes in the moment if I allow myself to get sucked into the drama. What I have realized is that there is always a time to begin again and hit the reset button.

The reason for today’s encouraging word is that I really feel we need to hear and refocus back on what God has for us in this new season. As a Mindset Coach I know too well how our thoughts feed our feelings and actions. So it’s important to get a grip before we lose the plot!

Spring Cleaning the Soul

Have you felt that there are old wounds hidden in the closet of your soul? Often times we hide the hurts, disappointments, fears and doubts in a little shoe box that we think no one will ever find. The problem is that these shoe boxes eventually resurface in other areas of our lives, demanding attention.

This is exactly what happened to me in 2016. I eventually had to face the truth and clean out the closet of my soul. There was no more denying they were there, they needed to go!

If like me you have found yourself in a situation where nothing seems to work, and you are so frustrated you could cry, you’re going to love this…

Ditch People Pleasing

Are you a “Yes-a-holic”? Do you say yes to everything only to find yourself exhausted, disappointed and frustrated?

Then you going to love this episode of Mimika TV. I was recently interviewed on another podcast and I just knew I had to share it with you.

It’s my raw and authentic story of how I ended up in bed and suffering from burnout from pushing myself too hard. Listen in and be encouraged about how to work through people pleasing so you can focus on what pleases God.

Emotional Healing for Breakthrough

In life hard things happen. There are little scars that leave a mark in our souls. Emotions, especially broken emotions, don’t have an expiry date. These soul wounds can be carried for years. It’s our responsibility to go into these wounds, allow Jesus to heal them, and then renew our minds. 

I have worked with many different people from celebrities, to millionaires, to ordinary parents. What I learnt is your bank balance is not an indication of your happiness or your success.

You cannot lead people until you have done the hard inner work, renewed your mind and walked into the space where you are healed enough to help other people. 

Warrior Dancer

Sometimes the thing you know you most need to do, is the very thing you struggle to bring yourself to do. Have you ever felt like this?

Where there’s a struggle inside you, but yet your solution is waiting for you to open the door to Him, to embrace His heart and to allow yourself to breathe in His presence and rest in His love and care for you. Your solution for everything, as a believer is always Jesus, it’s always His presence and His peace. 

Maybe you’re wondering why you don’t get the things your heart desires, well, maybe it’s because His presence is all you really need but when your heart is struggling with other things, you don’t always look to Him until the end. 

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