Do you find yourself to be a perfectionist?

Do you mull over projects and assignments for hours and hours, diligently working to fix every little thing?

Are you finding you are never satisfied with the end result because “it could have been better?”

Ah … you are a perfectionist!

While desiring to do things well is a great characteristic, this characteristic can have a lot of negative impact attached.

Perfectionism, if not balanced, can lead to mental, physical, and even spiritual exhaustion.

It can also lead to paralysis.

The desire to be “perfect” can cause us to lag behind in productivity and even stop us in our tracks at times.

I know because I have suffered with perfection paralysis for years.

I was constantly overthinking every little decision … to the point I would literally find myself and my productivity frozen.

Trying to be perfect is a sign of something much deeper going on inside.

The fear of making mistakes …

The fear of being wrong …

The fear of people thinking less of you …

What perfectionism actually DOES accomplish is keeping you stuck in self-criticism and inaction.

Learn how to kick paralyzing perfectionism to the curb in today’s episode.


Done is Better than Perfect: Embracing Growth Over Perfection

The Invisible Beacon: Our Eternal Quest for Growth

All of us, at some point or the other, feel a pull towards achieving something greater. There’s this indescribable internal tug, akin to an invisible beacon, that pushes us towards realizing our bigger purpose in life. It’s not always about passion because, like gas, it eventually runs out. Rather, it’s about following your heart and having a bigger reason for what you’re doing.

Life’s Seasons: Understanding the Cycle of Growth

Just like nature, our lives too undergo different seasons. We can’t be stuck in perpetual summer. Winter seasons, characterized by a lack of visible growth, are essential. It’s during these times that deep-rooted development occurs beneath the surface. Understanding this cycle is crucial to differentiate between perfection and excellence.

From Perfectionism to Purpose-driven Excellence

Perfectionism often stems from an internal pressure of meeting high standards due to societal judgments. However, transitioning from perfectionism to excellence is about doing things with passion and purpose. While perfection is self-centered, excellence is value-driven. It’s about representing the best of what you believe in.

Understanding the Need for Closure

Human brains are wired to see completion. Events like weddings, graduations, and birthdays mark the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. We seek finality in everything. In the age of technology, we’re constantly bombarded with unfinished narratives, leading to a sense of overwhelm. Breaking this cycle means seeking closure in our everyday tasks, celebrating small achievements, and closing the loop.

Growth Equals Grieving: The Paradox of Moving Forward

Growing often involves letting go of the familiar. Whether it’s old habits, beliefs, or relationships, growth demands a departure from the known. This can evoke feelings akin to grieving. Accepting this emotion is essential to moving forward. It’s about thanking the past and eagerly embracing the future.

Achieving Real Transformation: Journey Over Destination

Transformation is an ongoing journey, and no one ever truly ‘arrives’. The joy is in the process. Instead of trying to be everything to everyone, focus on self-growth. The real discovery happens when you let go of familiar sights and are open to exploring new horizons.


Life is not about achieving perfection, but about embracing growth and progress. The real magic happens when you shift from trying to be perfect to just doing your best. Remember, done is better than perfect, and every step you take forward is a step towards a bigger purpose. Embrace the journey!

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