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Fixed and Growth Mindset

Have you asked yourself “Why do I feel stuck?” This is a sign that you might be battling between a fixed and growth mindset.

You aren’t alone in your self- questioning. There are hundreds of professional, accomplished, Godly women just like you who ask themselves this same question every day. 

If that’s the case, and it is, you may be wondering how you can get past feeling stuck and move into a place you are fully thriving as the woman God called you to be. 

Getting unstuck is possible. 

The first step at getting unstuck is to find out what state of thinking your mind is in.

Fixed and Growth Mindset

What exactly is the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset? 

Simply put, a fixed mindset will try to get you to believe you are as far as you’ll ever go, and nothing greater is ever possible. While a growth mindset is your internal cheerleader telling you that anything is possible if you work hard enough. 

While the fixed mindset will say

If you find yourself feeling stuck and asking why you can’t seem to move past a certain place in your life, take an inventory of these four examples and answer whether you find yourself identifying with the fixed mindset or growth mindset. 

You can be honest with yourself. In fact, being honest with where your mind is landing in a mindset is key to digging yourself out of the stuck place you have found yourself.

How to Develop a Growth Mindset

Friend, your mind is a battlefield. 

It’s the place where you fight the hardest battles. 

It’s also the place you are conquered in defeat or rise up in victory. 

The battle in your mind isn’t fought with swords and guns.

No, it’s fought with tools much more powerful – all designed by the very hand of God and given to you for the battle. 

If you find yourself identifying with a fixed mindset but desperately desire to move toward a growth mindset, it’s absolutely possible. 

The key to developing a growth mindset is learning to kick the fixed mindset thoughts that are keeping you stuck to the curb, and exchange them for thoughts that are developmentally and creatively-oriented.

Take Inventory of Your Thoughts

The first step in this process is to acknowledge what type of mindset you currently have.

What are the thoughts you are thinking when you think about a challenging project? 

What thoughts come to your mind when you think about your ability? 

What direction do your thoughts take when you think about success and failure? 

What thoughts fill your mind when you think about yourself compared to others within the same context? 

Of all the thoughts that flow through your mind on a daily basis, only a tiny fraction are within your conscious thought patterns. The rest fall into your subconscious thought pattern and those are usually what guide your conscious thoughts in the direction of either “I can” or “I cannot.” 

Once you become aware of your thoughts, you can begin to redirect those thoughts and your responses to those thoughts.

Knowing the difference between a fixed and growth mindset will help you catch yourself before you get on the drama train!

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Take Inventory of Your Feelings

Your brain is wired to feel uncomfortable with uncertainty – it’s a subconscious way our mind thinks it’s protecting us. However, if you find yourself allowing discomfort and uncertainty to keep you trapped in a corner, it’s time to break free. 

When uncertainty arises in your life, your brain responds with fight or flight and releases hormones and neurotransmitters into your bloodstream. The result of this release is what you may recognize as the feeling of anxiety or stress. 

When you begin to take inventory of the feelings occurring during times in your life, you have the upper hand against those feelings. Simply remind yourself that your brain and body are doing their job and make your decision within that moment, based on God’s ability to help you and not the uncertainty you are feeling in the moment. 

A fixed mindset keeps you stuck. It hinders you from flourishing into the woman God designed you to be and deflects the power God has to help you. 

A growth mindset helps you apprehend the life God has said you can have and strengthens your trust in Him to help you. 

God has a plan for your life. You know this to be true. He has placed His calling upon you and poured talents and abilities within you to fulfill that call. Don’t allow a fixed mindset to keep you from God’s designed path any longer. 

It is possible to go from a fixed to a growth mindset!

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