The root system of a tree truly amazes me. A seed is planted and roots spring forth and find their way deeper and deeper into the ground, looking for a system of nutrients and water.

 As the roots settle and begin taking in the nutrients, and the water from the environment, those nutrients are used to help the tree grow. Then water cycles nutrients throughout the tree to maintain it throughout its life.

If you’ve ever seen a tree’s branches and fruit appearing malnourished or producing no fruit, you can be assured the problem can be traced to the roots and what those roots are cycling to the rest of the tree.

We are designed a lot like trees. Our behaviors, attitudes and actions are the fruit. if we don’t like the fruit we are producing, it’s important to look at the branches of our thoughts.

When our thoughts keep us stuck, it’s often a result of bad roots. to be truly set free, we need God to help us dig up the roots. Once we know that we are firmly planted in Him, there is nothing we can’t do with Him!

In early childhood the “roots” of our brains are developing – all based on the nutrients of the environment that surround us. Some of what our roots soaked up was good and produced good fruit in us.
Some of what our roots soaked up was not so good, and this resulted in the production of fear, anxiety, depression, sadness, anger, bitterness, and so much more. 

Our roots … our thoughts … have a way of getting us stuck at times. 

But we don’t have to stay that way. We have to allow God to dig up the roots that aren’t producing what is needed and allow him to repair those roots so we can truly be set free. 

Once we know that we are firmly planted in Him, there is nothing we can’t do with Him!

Digging up Roots: The Journey of Healing, Growth, & Purpose

Understanding Our Brain and Emotions

The marvel of the human brain is unparalleled. But beyond its complexities, we often forget how deeply intertwined the brain, emotions, and spirit are. It’s a common misconception that these elements operate independently. In reality, they coexist, shaping our beliefs, reactions, and how we perceive the world around us.

The Haunting Past: Groundhog’s Day of Emotions

Past traumas and unresolved emotions are like recurring episodes in our lives, haunting us like the movie Groundhog’s Day. We might think we’ve moved past certain hurts, but unless truly addressed and released, these emotions only get buried, manifesting in various forms – be it perfectionism, addiction, or other coping mechanisms.

Unearthing Deep-Seated Emotions: The True Path to Healing

Often, we’re unaware of the roots of our issues, thinking of them as an integral part of our personality. However, identifying and addressing these deep-seated emotions is crucial. The analogy of a tree stands apt – until the roots are addressed, the fruit (symptoms) will keep reappearing.

The Journey of Self-Reflection: Mirrors and Lessons

Our relationships often mirror our internal struggles. The story shared about a son’s anxiety reflecting a mother’s own anxieties serves as a poignant reminder. To truly help and heal others, we must first embark on our own journey of self-healing.

The Spiritual Armor: Cloaks of Shame vs. Acceptance

Life’s experiences either burden us with heavy cloaks of shame, rejection, and perfectionism or empower us with robes of love, acceptance, and forgiveness. The challenge lies in shedding the former and embracing the latter, even if they feel unfamiliar at first.

Reprogramming the Brain: From Old Habits to New Pathways

The brain’s neural pathways, once established, are challenging to modify. However, just as a skater practices until perfection, we too can retrain our minds. It takes persistent effort to redirect thoughts from shame and blame towards love and acceptance.

Inviting the Divine: An Active Role in Our Healing

God respects our free will. He waits to be invited into our healing journey. While we often question His methods, or even His absence, it’s essential to realize that the Divine works in tandem with our will.

Embracing the Pain: The Teacup’s Transformation

In a world that seeks constant comfort and quick fixes, pain and discomfort are often viewed as unnecessary burdens. However, they are crucial to our growth. Just as clay transforms into a beautiful teacup through stages of molding, firing, and painting, we too evolve through our challenges.

The Call to Action: From Passive Observers to Active Participants

God’s call for growth, learning, and action is clear. While society might often seek shortcuts, true growth requires commitment, reflection, and taking steps, even in obscurity. God sees and values our efforts, pushing us towards our purpose.

Changing Missions: The Transformation of Purpose

Finding deeper, spiritual purpose in our professions is an enriching experience. As more of us acknowledge our divine roles, it’s essential to mentor, guide, and help others on their paths, ensuring that our collective journey leads to growth and fulfillment.

Rolling Up Our Sleeves for the Task Ahead

The road to self-awareness, healing, and spiritual growth is not straightforward. Yet, the rewards it brings – in understanding, inner peace, and purpose – make every challenge worth it. As we continue to dig up our roots, it’s time to not only understand and heal ourselves but also to pave the way for others on their journeys.

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