Are you feeling exhausted? Working harder than ever at your job, in your business, at home, and your community? Yet at the end of the day, it doesn’t feel like you’ve done enough.

Have you been experiencing burnout since your responsibilities became more demanding in pandemic 2020? 

The lives of families have been disrupted. Moms, especially, have had to shoulder so much of the child care throughout the pandemic.

We all thought this phase was temporary. But with more and more demands piling on, and less support in your business, at work and home – you know something has to change. 

I know exactly how you feel. 

After pushing hard for 8 years my body gave in and I hit the wall. I couldn’t get out of bed for 3 months suffering from exhaustion and dealing with grief. It was not a pretty sight, I was a hot mess!

That’s why today I’m sharing the exact tools I use to prevent burnout in my own life and in the lives of my coaching clients.


The Signs of and Solution to Burnout

If you’re experiencing overwhelm from your responsibilities, you’re not alone. The year 2020 caused so many of us to work longer hours – with less support and more to juggle between work and home.

When anxiety levels are at an all time high, and you’re at the point of mental and physical exhaustion; you’ve reached burnout. 

When you’re burnt out, you’re solely focused on surviving and getting through the day. This leaves little headspace for you to truly rest, practice creativity, and enjoy the hobbies that light you up.1 

As female leaders, we tend to put pressure on ourselves to manage everything perfectly, which adds another layer of stress. 

If this sounds like you, it may be your perfectionism is making your burnout worse. 

I totally get it, as an entrepreneurial mom I put a lot of pressure on myself, too. I strive for excellence and have high standards for myself. I can be my own worst critic.

But what if there was a way to show up for your work, family, and community – while still prioritizing yourself and your faith?

Imagine if you could…

  • Have time for the activities that recharge your energy and motivation.
  • Approach challenges with calmness and confidence and not get swept up in stress.
  • Be confident in your actions and abilities, instead of experiencing constant self-doubt.


All this is possible through burnout prevention.

Putting a few practices into place to prevent your burnout can help you get back to the best version of yourself. The version that’s excited, driven and inspiring to those around you. 

Taking the time and headspace you need to recharge actually benefits everyone around you!


5 Tips for Burnout Prevention

As a working mom, you have a ton of commitments that are out of your control. These tips for preventing burnout focus on the things you can control – like your mindset and the way you prioritize responsibilities.

Here are 5 important tips and mindset shifts to help you prevent burnout:

Evaluate Your Responsibilities

As female leaders, we tend to sign ourselves up for too much. Take an intentional look at the responsibilities in your life. Is there anything that’s filling the expectations of others but not benefiting you? 

For example; if you signed up to bake cupcakes for the class on one of your only days off, and you’re not getting excited by it, it may be time to hand this off to another parent.

Try my Triple D strategy (no it’s not a bra size). Take a piece of paper and make 3 columns. In column 1 write Ditch, column 2 write Delegate, and column 3 write Do. 

Now prioritize your to-do list according to these 3 buckets. Be real honest with yourself, there is probably a lot on your list that can be ditched

Consider delegating those tasks that someone else can do for you, even if it’s at 70% of how you would do it (say goodbye to the control freak in you). The relief it will give you will free up valuable mental space. 

And lastly your Do pile should be the smallest of the tasks that only you can do (with your skills and talents).

Prioritize Your Mindset

While you may not be able to prevent stressful and challenging moments, you can change how you react to them. Practicing an intentional response will give you more control in those scenarios. 

Eventually you’ll be able to respond from a grounded mindset, instead of getting swept up in emotion and the drama of the day.

For example; decide to take 3 deep breaths each time a crazy client calls you stressed out about a project. Instead of entering the fearful fight-or-flight mode, take a calm approach to solving the problem. The oxygen to your brain is proven to calm your blood pressure and clear your thinking.

Set Boundaries

As women, we tend to take on so many responsibilities. You’re taking care of your family, running your home, all while being a leader at work and in your business. No wonder you’re feeling stretched thin! 

You feel like you have to say “yes” to everyone. But at the end of the day, this leaves you feeling depleted. 

You don’t want to feel like you’re barely getting through each day. You want to show up as the best version of yourself. 

Being a people pleaser eventually costs you your own peace. Protecting your time and headspace helps you serve others better.

So I’m giving you permission to set boundaries and prioritize your mental well being.

Remember that boundaries are not selfish. To get yourself out of this phase of burnout and to have the confidence to live the life you want, boundaries are crucial.

Analyze Your Self-Talk

Being a perfectionist adds a ton of stress when you’re already burnt out. If you try to not ever do anything wrong, it adds to burnout-building pressure.

Plus perfectionism causes paralysis, which leads to indecision and frustration. Remember “done is better than perfect!”.

Forgive yourself for not doing everything perfectly. Tell yourself that you are going to do your best today, and that is enough. Celebrate even the small wins so you build your confidence that you are doing a great job. You should be proud of yourself for powering through and taking care of your family through such a stressful time!

Ask For Help

I’ve said for years that women can have it all, but not at the same time. I know you want to do it all, but there’s probably tasks you’re taking on that could be delegated to someone else.

As the saying goes, “if you want something done, ask the busiest person in the room”. Women leaders tend to fall prey to this getting stuff done at a record pace. Then because we get stuff done, more stuff is dumped our way!

Asking for help doesn’t mean that you’re doing less. It means that you’ll have more time and mental ability to prioritize what matters most. It’s time to put the ego aside and admit that even superheroes need help!



Beat Burnout and Shift Towards Fulfillment

2020 may have made your responsibilities more demanding and burnout stronger. But if you’ve been feeling burnt out for a long time, it may be a sign of something deeper. 

Maybe you’ve known there is something more that God is compelling you to do. But with the demands the last year brought, you couldn’t fully explore this path. 

You may be wanting more fulfillment out of your life, career or business.

If you still feel like you’re not living out God’s purpose for your life, that gnawing feeling won’t subside without action.

Getting through the demands of your workday is hard enough when you don’t feel fulfilled.

So, as you practice combating burnout, you’ll also see your productivity increase.

But now it’s time to figure out exactly what to do next, so you can avoid burnout and feel fully aligned with your God-given purpose.

That’s exactly why I created Unstick Your Mind. My signature coaching program helps you get clear on your life’s purpose, cultivates the mindset to overcome your mental blocks, and spurs you to take action.

Come join us and unlock explosive growth. I look forward to helping you shift into God’s purpose-filled path for you!


  1. Pubmed: Understanding the burnout experience
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