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There are times when we need someone to call us out so we stop making excuses and put our priorities in order. As a coach I’m going to offer this advice…

Start positioning yourself today and decide what you are thinking about!

Don’t be afraid to test and try new things. Look for an easier, quicker and smarter way to do things using your innate creativity and innovative thinking. To see changes, you first need to believe in yourself that you can do anything when you put your mind to it!

You need to commit to the decisions that you are making to see the changes that you want.

Have you finished what you said you would do today?

Discovering a Higher Purpose: The Power of Commitment and Choice

Transcending Self-Limitations

Everyone has their own belief systems and backgrounds that guide their perceptions of the world. It’s important to understand that each of us has our limitations. Often, these limitations are self-imposed, rooted in our experiences and the environments we grow up in. When you begin to believe in something bigger than yourself, you start to see the world in a broader scope, no longer confined by the four walls of your own ability.

The word “self-help” contains “self”, which can be problematic as we are limited beings. There will always be someone faster, smarter, or richer. But by realizing your unique contribution and combining it with faith and a sense of a greater purpose, everything begins to fall into place.

Wonder Woman: The Epitome of Purpose and Training

Take the character of Wonder Woman, for instance. She embodies someone who understands her purpose and is ready to train, grow, and evolve. She puts in the hard work because she knows her mission is bigger than herself. In life, we have to embrace this mindset.

The Power of Commitment

Commitment is diverse, but one thing remains constant: commitment to yourself is crucial. Without it, feelings of resentment and disappointment can cloud your journey. It’s essential to constantly ask yourself ‘why’ you’re pursuing a path. Dig deep into your motivations, as these will guide you even when challenges arise. Your subconscious plays a powerful role in your decisions. Aligning your inner spirit with your reasoning is key to overcoming self-doubt and external pressures.

Understanding Trauma and Overcoming It

Trauma affects everyone in various forms, be it bullying, family issues, or personal struggles. Such experiences can hinder our commitment and drive. But recognizing and addressing these traumas is crucial to recommitting to your purpose.

The Dichotomy of New Year Resolutions

As the New Year approaches, many set resolutions. Yet, the majority abandon these within just four days. Life’s challenges can easily discourage us, pushing us to give up. However, we must choose to push through these barriers. It’s a decision only you can make. You have control over your actions and emotions. Awareness of your current state, coupled with a desire to change, is the first step to transformation.

The Growth vs. Fixed Mindset

Life is full of choices. You can either adopt a growth mindset, ready to adapt and evolve, or a fixed mindset, resisting change and growth. Sadly, many never reach their full potential due to the latter. While you can’t change someone’s mindset for them, you can inspire change through your actions and success stories.

The Elasticity of Growth

Think of personal growth as stretching an elastic band. Once stretched, it never truly returns to its original state. This stretching, this growth, increases your capacity for resilience, wisdom, and understanding. Embrace challenges, break through resistance, and constantly seek to stretch yourself further.

The Value of Vulnerability and Seeking Help

The past years have isolated many, emphasizing the importance of reaching out for help. Showing vulnerability by admitting when you’re struggling is not a weakness but a strength. People are inherently good and will offer help when they see someone in need.

The Party Analogy: Being the Life of Your Life

Think of your life as a party. A positive, vibrant, and joyful party will naturally attract more guests, while a pity party will not. Be the life of your own party, exuding positivity and joy. Such energy is magnetic, drawing others to you. Strive to be the best version of yourself, and you’ll inspire others to do the same.

In conclusion, embracing a higher purpose, committing to personal growth, and making conscious choices can lead to a fulfilling life. The journey may be riddled with challenges, but with resilience, a positive mindset, and the right support, you can achieve your dreams and inspire others along the way.


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