Mastering Your Mindset

Master your Mind

Mastering your Mindset


All of us are in a situation where we are living in the world where circumstances happening and happenings happen. We can’t control the weather, the politics, the economy, but what we can control is how we think, because I don’t know about you, I love lists. I love to make lists and write things and tick them off and make sure I’m approaching something and creating something of value. We’re definitely going to dive into that.

What is Mindset Mastery?

Well, the concept of mindset mastery is really best described as if you think of yourself as a vehicle, as a car. All of us, as adults, know how to drive a car. Now, when you get in the car, the car works for you. You put petrol in the car, you put your foot on the pedal and it takes you places, right? But sometimes we go a little too fast or we maybe miss the turn or we don’t take it in to the garage for an inspection or an MOT and the next thing you know, we’re stuck on the side of the road, not a pretty site. Anyone knows when you have to call in the AA, it’s very annoying and inconvenient, but sometimes we do that to ourselves.

If you just think about it, if you are the vehicle of your destiny and of your life, you’ve got to take care of the vehicle. Your mindset is really the driver of the car, and the mind has to drive you to where you want to go. Sometimes you need to go a little faster, sometimes you need to slow down, but it’s part of mastering the art of driving.

Junk in the Trunk

There’s certain things that we can do, especially women. In the couple of years we’ve all been through, globally, with the challenges we’ve had, I know a lot of friends and working women who’ve had to take on childcare or homeschooling, all of these extra levels of stress and anxiety have added more pressure. But at the end of the day, we still have our journey to take and we want to figure out how we can make that journey far more efficient by getting in a car that works efficiently, that’s serviced appropriately, and doesn’t have any junk in the trunk that’s weighing us down.

But sometimes what happens is we don’t get rid of the junk, we let passengers and backseat drivers dictate where we go, and we end up off peace somewhere in the middle of where we didn’t want to be. How we bring that back is remembering that we are in the driver’s seat of our vehicle. Mastering these as skills is something that will last for life, these are lifestyle habits that we want to instill in you and give you some ways of thinking.

It’s not like a yo-yo diet that you just do it for a hot minute and the next minute you go back to your old way. Well, mindset is not just a pull yourself together and get some grit kind of an attitude. Those are things that you develop in a process when you become strong. When your mindset is strong, it means you can overcome any challenge and you can achieve any goal because you know that it’s achievable. You believe in possibility, you aren’t thinking that you are lacking something.

Mind is a Muscle

What we want to do, it’s like a muscle. If you go to the gym, nobody’s going to decide to go to the gym and all of a sudden lift 200-pound weights. You’d hurt yourself, right? The whole point is we want to build this muscle. Here’s the thing, as adults, I can probably guarantee that most of us are thinking a certain way based on either how we were raised, the culture we were raised in, the programming we were taught as kids, and we haven’t questioned that programming.

Here’s another analogy. I love to think of how we approach mindset to how you look at a computer. The computer, which is your brain, which is the hippocampus and the frontal lobes, and how your brain is developed is the hardware, but your mindset is the software. I don’t know about you, when I have have a computer whose hard drive is full and the cache is going crazy and it slows down and it’s not working, the software, the new upgrades are not working, the best thing to do is to reformat, to reset and to start again. Think about today is a good reset. If you’ve never thought about what you’ve been thinking about, today’s a great way to actually start to be more intentional and aware of the program that’s running in the background.

Now, a lot of this is subconscious and we’re not even aware of. Another example, when you learn to ride a bicycle as a child, at first it was scary and you were like, “Mom and Dad, don’t let go of the back, you feel wobbly and you can’t quite get your balance. But now, after you’ve got used to it, it becomes muscle memory and you’re not even thinking about it. You just get on a bicycle, nobody has to show you where to put your feet or how to balance you.

Strong Mind

That’s exactly what mindset is to me, the idea of that you’ve become a strong in your muscle and your mind is the processing and decision making and the questions you ask yourself as well as what you allow in to stay in and what you allow to go out. For instance, if you were raised an environment, maybe you come from poverty or you come from a bad parenting, a negative background that maybe wasn’t as encouraging as you’d like, maybe it’s built in you this incessant desire to please people or being a perfectionist. I’ll admit to that one, I had to give up my membership to Control Freaks Anonymous and since then I’m so much happier.

But really what it is allowing yourself to be more aware of what that programming is by taking a moment to think about what thoughts are in your mind instead of just accepting whatever junk, whatever pop up, whatever spammy little thing that wants to come along and ruin your programming, because the idea is we want to get you working efficiently so that you can take every thought captive and say, “Hold on, this thought just popped in my head. Is this actually true or is this a lie? Is this something that’s coming from somewhere else or is this something I want to believe?”

You get to Choose

Here’s the good news, you get to choose. You don’t have to believe everything that comes in your head or everything that you’ve been told, as well as the past, because neuroscience and neuroplasticity proves that the brain is malleable, you can reform it. I’m finishing off my studies as a brain health coach and we are looking at examples of people who’ve even had traumatic brain injuries. Science is always updating itself, but so far the research is showing it’s amazing that the brain heals itself.

The good news is, no matter what your background or your history has been, you can decide to take action today by using the pillars of mindset mastery, allow you to start getting that car working at efficiency. Instead of driving a jalopy that’s keeps patchwork and running out of gas and burning yourself out, before you actually blow a head gasket let’s get you in the garage, do a little work and get you on a new set of wheels so you can feel like you’re driving a Ferrari, not a Ford.

Grab Resources

I have some great resources for you if you go to I have the eight tips to supercharge your mindset. And also on my website, I have a podcast you can subscribe to, I regularly put out information in podcast episodes. And I have a tab that’s actually has articles and resources, so if you want to learn a little bit more about rewiring the brain, how to unstick your mind, all this good stuff, definitely connect with me online.


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