Master your Mind

Mastering your Mindset

Navigating Life’s Challenges

We all live in a world brimming with unpredictabilities. We can’t control the weather, politics, or the economy. However, what we can control is our thinking. I’m sure many of you, like me, are fond of lists. There’s a genuine pleasure in ticking things off and ensuring we’re heading towards valuable achievements. So, let’s delve deeper into this concept.

What is Mindset Mastery?

Imagine yourself as a car. Every adult knows how to drive, and the car works in service of the driver. You fuel it, press the pedal, and off you go. Yet, sometimes we speed, miss a turn, or forget that crucial inspection. Suddenly, we’re stranded on the roadside, much like calling for assistance, which is an irksome delay. This analogy mirrors our life. If we view ourselves as the vehicles steering our destiny, then our mindset is the driver. It dictates our direction, pace, and ultimate destination.

Junk in the Trunk

The recent global challenges have added layers of stress and pressure to our lives, especially for women juggling work, childcare, and homeschooling. Nevertheless, our journey persists. To navigate it efficiently, we must ensure our “vehicle” or mindset is in prime condition, unburdened by unnecessary baggage. However, sometimes, we let unwanted passengers and backseat drivers steer us astray. Regaining control means realizing we are in charge. These aren’t fleeting changes but lifelong habits we aim to embed into your daily routine. A strong mindset doesn’t merely mean gritting your teeth. It symbolizes resilience, belief in possibilities, and not seeing oneself as deficient.

Mind is a Muscle

Our mindset is much like a muscle. Nobody attempts to lift heavy weights on their first gym visit. Similarly, mindset building requires gradual and consistent effort. Often, our thought processes stem from our upbringing, culture, or childhood teachings. Think of your brain as a computer. While the hardware remains the same, the software – our mindset – can and should be upgraded and occasionally reset. The aim? To be more intentional and aware of our inherent programming.

Most of these programs run subconsciously. Remember learning to ride a bike? Initially, it’s daunting, but with practice, it becomes second nature. The same applies to our mindset.

Strong Mind

A robust mindset empowers us in decision-making and self-awareness. It’s about recognizing and challenging ingrained patterns and beliefs. If you’ve experienced adversity, such as poverty or unsupportive environments, it might have instilled in you tendencies like people-pleasing or perfectionism. The key is becoming more cognizant of these thoughts and questioning their origin and truth.

You Get to Choose

Here’s the empowering bit: you have a choice. Not every thought or belief has to be accepted. Neuroscience and the concept of neuroplasticity show our brain’s adaptability. As I near the end of my brain health coaching studies, I’m amazed at the brain’s healing capabilities. Your past doesn’t dictate your future. Using mindset mastery pillars, we can transform your mindset from an unreliable old car to a high-performing one. The goal? To feel like you’re driving a sleek Ferrari, not just any Ford.

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