How to Shift the Spiritual Atmosphere with Dawna DeSilva

Have you experienced walking into a room and the spiritual atmosphere suddenly makes you feel irritated, angry or fearful?

What you are picking up is an atmosphere or frequency of “bad vibes” being broadcast from a negative source.

As believers we have the authority through God to shift the atmosphere and not be victims to someone else’s bad mood.

Listen to minister, teacher and author Dawna DeSilva of Bethel Church as she shares her expertise through her experience with Sozo ministry. Dawna helps people shift the spiritual atmosphere in their homes, their family and their workplace.

“Change the channel to shift the spiritual atmosphere.” says Dawna DeSilva

Guest Bio

Dawna is the founder and co-leader of the international Bethel Sozo Ministry, Bethel’s inner healing and deliverance ministry. It was founded in 1997 and has just celebrated its twentieth year as a recognized international deliverance ministry. The Sozo Ministry carries the core values of Bethel’s house and is aligned under its apostolic leadership.

Bethel Sozo has exploded throughout the world with teams ministering in 80% of countries around the globe bringing people freedom, deliverance and deeper connections to God.

Dawna has been ministering with passion and purpose for the past twenty years in her pursuit of equipping and empowering the church to walk in freedom and wholeness of body, soul, and spirit. Dawna’s prophetic and discernment gifts have allowed her to mine treasures from God’s kingdom. With her gift of teaching, she easily translates these revelatory insights into practical, useful, and lasting tools.

Dawna stewards, treasures, and protects her connection to the Holy Spirit and loves flowing with Him while ministering. From this place of intimacy with Him, she releases healing and a tangible awareness of the Lord’s presence. She carries a breaker anointing that is coupled with her strength as an activator and this brings powerful group deliverance as she ministers the Word of God.

Her curriculum on Shifting Atmospheres has become a much sought after tool equipping the saints to discern, dispel, and displace negative spiritual forces around them and to partner with and release heaven on earth.


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6 Responses

  1. Thanks for having Dawna on your program Mimika. This was all new to me and I will have to research this Sozo a little more. 😉 One thing I might comment on was that in some of these situations she mentions, I would also pray “In Jesus’ Name”, to kind of finish the ‘prayer’ with the power of the Holy Spirit. I don’t stray too far from the biblical when I hear something new. Of course, this was just a short podcast and snippet of what Dawna might say or be doing, and I’m sure there is much more to learn.
    Very interesting and I enjoyed watching!