Money and the Prosperous Soul with Stephen DeSilva

How do you feel about money? What do you really believe about money and prosperity?

Many believers have a false belief that poverty equals holiness, but according to God’s Word, that is the furthermost thing from the truth!

Senior pastor and certified CPA, Stephen K. DeSilva of Bethel Church, shares how you can overcome the lies you may have believed about money so that you can move forward in the prosperity God has destined for you.

“A skill will never overcome a belief. We need to tear apart where we are believing a lie.” says Stephen K. DeSilva

Guest Bio

Stephen De Silva began his career as a certified public accountant. In 1995 Stephen formed a private accountancy corporation serving non-profit, pastoral, and itinerate ministries and organizations.

In that same year, he joined Bethel Church of Redding’s senior leadership team.

After two decades of learning and growing, Stephen now devotes his full energy and joy bringing breakthrough and hope in finances to home, business, and ministry leaders worldwide.

Stephen’s ministry includes Financial Sozo®, a one-on-one ministry tool for a breakthrough in individuals and couples. A worldwide network of trained providers is currently forming and serving several language groups.


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