Have you hit a wall and can’t figure out how to move past blocks holding you back?

Is the frustration draining your confidence?

I know you…

Mimika Cooney

About Mimika

Hello! I’m known as the Mindset Metacog Trainer and Coach for smart faith driven women on a mission.

I specializes in mining for the gold hidden within the treasure trove of your experience, skills, gifts, talents and vision.

Most of my clients have a BIG mission and dream to fulfill, are gifted and destined for greatness. Yet, they can’t seem to get unstuck and stay frustrated.

My dream is to help visionaries pursue their purpose, expand their vision, and focus their efforts to bring their God-given dreams to life using a faith based approach.

You need BELIEF to be BRILLIANT!

If you don’t believe in yourself, you won’t step up to opportunities on the other side of your unbelief. If you don’t believe in your higher purpose, you won’t tap into your full potential.

Together we will get you unstuck so you can turn your brilliance into a dynamic masterpiece.

I use a combination of neuroscience, behavioral science, positive psychology and faith to help you perform at your optimum; without the sacrifice and burn out.

Working with me is about creating deep lasting impact by getting you mentally unstuck, and leveraging your skills, talents, and vision to build a lasting legacy.

Combining my empathetic approach, my advanced coach training, 25 years experience as a marketing and business strategist, my artistic creativity, and my strong faith; my goal is about getting extraordinary results for my clients.

I help to coach and strategize your focus, efforts and impact.

Coaching with me will be the impetus you need to ignite your visionary goals. Together let’s change the world!

What is it like working with ME?

The Gift of Clarity

When you work with me, we will begin by gaining clarity on your goals, your value and where you want to be. We work together to intentionally unlock all of the blockages holding you back, and create an actionable plan of impact. Let me be clear, I don’t tell you what to do. Instead, I help you to become aware, I provide exercises, and a strategic action plan to help you build a clear picture of what is needed to move forward. We cannot create an action plan if we are not clear about the destination, or aware of what holds you back.

Strategy & Plan

My zone of genius lies in helping women like you unlock those hidden gems, waiting to be unearthed. You have a treasure trove of brilliance within you waiting to come out. Together we will mine for the pieces and strategically put them together in a masterful masterpiece! Your purpose, your heart calling, and your mission is all tied up in you realizing who God made you to be. Once you gain complete and clear understanding of what holds you back, we can work toward breaking down barriers. Once we have crystal clear clarity, we will work together on your life plan that is authentic to you. Once you break through the walls, you will feel free to think BIG and grow fast!

Action & Execution

During our time together, I expect you to take action. You will have access to my carefully curated exercises to ensure you stay on track to meet your goals. The exercises aren’t meaningless fluff, but have been carefully designed to bring out the best in you. They have been created to trigger deep thought and meaningful action. They are meant to aid you in taking immediate and powerful action on what you are learning.  The action assignments and virtual support are instrumental to your success. I fully expect that you will begin to implement your new knowledge right away, and will be prepared to share your wins and challenges during coaching calls.

How It Works

We work with clients on every aspect of their thought lives. From health, spirituality, relationships, confidence, business, work, and anything else that arises.

Once you learn how to become the boss of your brain, you learn how to overcome any challenge!

With my signature coaching program Unstick Your Mind, you can start immediately on working through my 8 step mindset method.

We will work closely with you to hone your skills and work through your blockages. You will experience transformation in your mindset to take action, to empower you to live the life and build the legacy you are called to build.

For my VIP Clients, you are supported with additional deep level coaching calls and personalized resources.

Get ready to quantum leap your results to become a world change maker.

Together let’s make your BIG dreams happen!

All experiences are done virtually, with face-to-face options available for my VIP clients.

introducing the Unstick YOur mind method

Personal Coaching

Get  accelerated results as a personal 1:1 client. We get super productive and hyper focused on your personalized growth plan. You will get instant access to my signature 8 step Unstick Your Mind training method.

VIP clients get access to our group coaching tools, with the addition of bespoke feedback from Mimika. You get Mimika’s personal touch with weekly calls to keep you on track, and caters to your specific needs, goals and vision. 

Let’s dive deep into your transformation as we roll up our sleeves with intensive deep level coaching.

Together we will help you build a strategic mindset to get results fast through our brain rewiring method.

Get ready to laser focus on your big dreams and unlock explosive growth!

Group Coaching

Our Unstick Your Mind group coaching program is designed to allow you to work at your own pace as you work through our 8 step signature course video content and exercises.

We provide support and prompts in our Facebook group, as you follow the proven process and method to get unstuck.

We provide you with tools for your mindset journey that you can work through on your own, as you take the time experiencing your growth.

You also get access to our weekly group Q&A coaching calls and bonus content.

We host guest experts and challenges to help you take action and see results. Find support, make connections and reach your fullest potential!

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