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As a Christian woman, life can get busy juggling your mental health, motherhood, marriage, ministry, and making money. Fitting in time for personal development can be challenging.

Reading books is one of my favourite things to do. You can learn so much from someone else’s journey.

With so many choices of books, it is hard to know which books are worth the time and investment, and have a Christian or wholesome worldview.

I’ve made it easy for you by curating a short list of my personal favourite books for Christian women.

My preferred way of getting through books quickly (that I know I will finish) is to listen to them as audiobooks at 1.3x speed! No matter if I’m in the carpool line, washing dishes, folding laundry or on a long drive; listening is my favourite way.

Here is my curated list of books I’ve read/listened to that have been enriching, educational, inspirational and life-changing.


P.S. I prefer the British version for spelling​​ in case you were wondering about my favourites:)


My favorite List of Books for Christian Women

Mental Health

Unlock the Mind of a Champion by Mimika Cooney


Personal Development


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