Renew Your Mind

Renew your mind

What does it mean to renew your mind?

Renewing signifies making something new or refreshing to it’s original setting.

This process requires intentional thought and action to make “renewable thinking” a lifestyle shift.

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Renew your mind


Welcome to the unstick your mind podcast on Mimika TV, get ready to get unstuck align with your true purpose and unlock your God. Given potential. This is the thing is mindset is everything. And if you think about it, brains rule the world, you know, the brains behind the people are the ones who make the decisions, you know, business, families, relationships.

And I think what’s happened. And what I’ve personally observed in my own life is a lot of us have just fallen into life and have gone through experiences. And we haven’t thought about what we are thinking about. And this is what gets me passionate about this whole concept of renewing the mind.

And, and the Bible says, renew your mind daily because you know, just like we take a daily shower in the bathtub or the shower, we need to do this mainly too, because we. An onslaught of things with, at coming at us from the news, the media business emails, I mean, all the stimulation we get and if we wanna be on a path of where God wants us to go, the important thing is as the driver of our, our car or the, you know, the, the captain of our ship, we need to make sure that we thinking correctly.

So a lot of this, and this whole concept of renewing your mind has to become a lifestyle habit. And this is what I love teaching and, and training my clients to. This is like a yoyo diet. We just decide to do this for a day and then go back to old ways. The idea is to rewire your mind. And this is great news because you know, science is actually catching up with the Bible.

And a lot of the stuff shows us that because of neuroplasticity, we can rewire our thoughts. We can change the brain we were born with. We don’t have to live a. That we were, we were given, we can get to be in that driver’s seat and change things. So this is, what’s so amazing. Especially as Christians, when we align our thinking with God’s word, it’s amazing.

It’s like putting like super fuel in the engine of your car. You get there so much faster and so much more enjoyable. So this is what gets me excited about this topic. So the whole concept of renewing your mind really starts with a choice. First of all, we have to know and be aware. Of what the problem is so we can fix the problem.

Like if we, we don’t have that key awareness, it’s like, we just fall through life. We go through life and, and this is classic of someone who says, oh, well, things just happen. And I don’t can’t control things. And you kind of feel like a victim and no one wants to be a professional victim. Cuz really there is no power in that and that’s not God’s plan for us.

So really the whole point is to, first of all, make the decision that you want to. Then once you’ve made that decision, then you become more aware of your blind spots, things that you need to work on. And having what I call a beginner’s mindset is okay. I might not, I might have learned some things. But I need to be a beginner in this area and be open and able to learn things to maybe, and challenge things that I was taught even as a child that I still believe now that maybe aren’t necessarily true.

So this really starts with the key of making that decision and then having the awareness of what the problems are because, you know, it’s like having a recipe to success once you know what the ingredients are. You can go ahead and start. To get to work, to put those pieces into place. So that is definitely important.

But also as you know, as Christians, you know, God really has the tools for us. We don’t have to guess that’s, what’s so fabulous. And part of the thing is he says, you know, you like, you have to start your day. Right. And for my journey, like where I come from, I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 16, I was born and raised in South Africa.

My husband and I immigrated from South Africa to England and England to the USA within five years. And I’ve always felt like I was always on the treadmill of just doing, doing, doing, always feeling stressed, perfectionist people, pleaser, anybody else wanna regret that? You know, always on the trade mall, just doing the thing, never really feeling like I was really in control.

Just kind of dealing with life. But I went through an experience where you know, my whole life shut down. When I had lost a family member to cancer, I had a child with mental health crisis and a business failure where physically, emotionally, mentally I hit the wall and I literally couldn’t move. I, you know, the wheels fell off the bus in the big time.

And it was really an opportunity for me to really go back and start asking the questions to the God. Like, who did you make me to be. What is your calling on my life? What, what were the plans like? I know I just went off on my own way and kind of got a few pieces of the puzzle, but then didn’t really hear the full plan and kind of did my own thing and realized I was on the side of the road, stuck with no, no petrol and gas for my tank at the end.

And clearly what I was doing in my own strength was not working. So it was time to go back to the garage and sort of figure out what was going on under the hood. And I had to go back and peel back the layer. Because there were habits, there were thought patterns that I just thought was the way everybody thought until I was challenged on those areas.

And God, and his graciousness is not gonna just rip the bandaid off. He is going to guide us through the process and allow us to work through those things because the idea is we want to have a permanent fix. We don’t want this just to be a yoyo thing that, oh, works today. Not tomorrow, renewing the mind is a, is a muscle.

And we ha just like when you go to the gym at first, you know, the first day you’re like, oh my gosh, this is terrible. This feels, oh, feel hurt. You know, you don’t have a lot of strength, your stamina. Isn’t great. And starting is the hardest part. But as you just keep showing up, you keep putting one foot in front of the other, you just push through the heart, your, your muscles get stronger and stronger and stronger.
And it’s the same thing with your mind. And, you know, by putting these, these steps into place, which is part of like renewing our mind through reading God’s word, taking actionable things, like what are you putting in your mind? What are you seeing? What are you listening to? What are the input? And how are you connecting and refueling yourself?

So a lot of what the work I do know with women is especially those who are on the burn on the, on the brink of burnout, I would suggest there’s certain signs that I can warn you about, but, you know, being able to take God’s word and say, okay, how do I connect to the vine? You know, like, God will sometimes say in a practical way, Hey, time to turn the computer off, you’re over doing it.

Now, time to go take a rest. And we are like, no, no, no, I’m fine. I’m fine. I can do this. I can do this. And then eventually like, oh, God loves me so much that he even knows when I need to take a nap or maybe I should go have a bite to eat. Sometimes it’s not the sky falling. Sometimes it’s just practical things.
But again, being open to like, oh, what do I need to learn today? What is God trying to teach? How do I renew this and change this habits? So I can reform new muscle memory and just like, whenever you are learning a new skill, it takes a bit of time, but you get quicker, you get more efficient and eventually you don’t even think about it.

So that’s the good news. Is if we can be willing and able to allow God to do the hard things and yeah, it can be painful, like going to the gym, you’re gonna sweat. You’re gonna cry, but we know at the end of the day, it’s gonna be worth it. Well, you know, following this process of renewing your mind and the, the benefits are great because you get to be able to feel in control of your life because you are now making choices from a, a position of power, not weakness.

And what I mean about this is, and, and this is really true about that, that, that scripture, it. Take every thought captive. And what that means is as we think kids, we don’t have to just accept it as truth. So what I I do is I always say let’s challenge and discover the, the difference between the truth and the lie.
So if we know, if we wake up and we hear a thought, there’s, you know, oh, you, you know, you, you’re so terrible and no, no one’s gonna like you today. Or, and that, that necessarily, we know if we align that and we say, okay, what does God’s words say? Let me, let me look and see, oh, That’s a lie of that, Andrew, that isn’t what God says.

I am. It comes back to identity, knowing who we are in Christ, because we are human beings, not human doings. And this is the thing that a lot of us get confused as we confuse our who with our do. And we feel like, oh, I’m not being effective enough. I’m not being kind enough or whatever enough, especially women have a big problem with this is their whole sense of worthiness.

But once we realize that we get our worthiness through Christ through Jesus, it’s kind of like we are wearing that garment. It doesn’t have to be about what we are made of, because God has made us new, which is the great news, right? It’s like you’re going in for a complete makeover. So even. If you had bad ways of thinking, you can have a tool to challenge that, that, and when the enemy tries to attack you, usually within the first five seconds of your morning, he will try and put these thoughts and get you on a runaway train, call it the drama train you get to choose because that’s one thing God will not interfere with is your free will.

I mean, that’s what happened in the, in the garden, right. He gave him Adam and Eve the choice and they didn’t choose very well. So let’s learn from that lesson and realize that we have the power to. We get to decide every day, do we align with truth or do we align with lies? And so for me, my whole process and experience that I went through is I had to start challenging everything, my values, the beliefs, the ideas, the way I was raised, like I would be like, wow, I think this way about say finances or money or worth, well, is this really what God’s word says about that?

Like, and let me do a little research, right? So we have to challenge what we are presented with and not just accept it. We God gives us a brain so we can think. And the most, the difference between us and animals is that we get to choose. And we can, we can really use our thoughts in our brain to do things that even beyond our capabilities.

So I almost like to think of it. Like when you align your thinking with God’s word, You have this clean thinking, this clean way of processing emotions, you get better in control of controlling your emotions. You don’t just get like something happens and you don’t go, oh my gosh, it’s so terrible. I’m gonna have a terrible day because you allowing your emotions to rule the day when you’ve taken that thought captive and say, you know what?

I know that’s an emotion it’s gonna pass. I don’t have to make a life altering decision based on how I’m feeling. Right. Let me go back to how God’s, what God says is that you, you are worthwhile. You’re valuable and God loves me. So even though I messed up, that’s what God’s word is. So again, it’s the habit of just renewing and going.

What, you know, what is the truth? What is lie? What is the truth? What, what is a lie? And eventually it’ll become natural to you. Won’t even have to think about it. But yeah, it’s a process. Well, you know, the reason I love two Timothy one verse seven is, as it says, God has not given us a spirit of fear. So if we know that he says that he is not the source of fear, we can know where that comes from.

So if you start to fear fearful, or have those negative things, you can immediately adjust and say, that’s not what. That’s not from God, so I’m not going to accept it. So like, as you said, we could drive through the town and not have to pick up, take out at the town and take it with us. Right. And really what, what this is, is it’s just knowing our identity.

I mean, why do we think that the enemy is trying so hard to destroy people’s identity now through, right down to children, by confusing them with, you know, we have the gender identity issue. We have, you know not understanding we, our purpose, confusion about the purpose and, and direction, the young, you know, young adults, not wondering what they wanna do with their life after they graduate high school, all of this is such an attack and identity because here’s the thing.

When you realize who you are and your identity in Christ, and you realize you have access to power, you become dangerous to the enemy authority. And that’s exactly it. God has given us that authority, but it’s kind of like the way I like to think about it is that God has all these gifts in heaven that he wants to ship to.

But first of all, if we are not where he wants us to be in order to receive it, we are worry lane. Instead of being at home in peace, we’re gonna miss the package and we are gonna miss the blessing. But at the same time, there’s so much more he wants to give us. But just like as parents, we are not gonna give our kids things they’re not responsible for or not ready for.

So the best thing we can do is get ourselves ready. Like how do we, what’s the work we need to do in order to be responsible, to be the stewards God wants us to, he wants to release. These things to us. So once we align our identity with knowing who we are in Christ, and it’s like, you realize you’re Royal, you’re gonna walk into a room and be like, I am special.

You guys need to move outta my way. I know who I am instead of walking in timidly and like, oh, well I don’t wanna upset everyone. That’s what the enemy wants. He wants you weak and he wants you cared in the corner and he wants you to be a victim. But what, when we realize, and you get some fierce in you and you realize that you’re fierce and fabulous, because God made you that way and you start accepting your identity.

It’s not what I did. It’s what he did. So I’m gonna step in it. I’m gonna wear my Royal robe. I’m gonna wear my crown and I’m gonna walk in like, I own the place because you do, and you start wielding your sword, you get so much more effective and the enemy starts running and you, you become more proactive and less defensive, and then you feel like.

You’re align yourself. It’s like I live superhero movies. my favorite is wonder woman clearly, obviously, cuz her outfit total gold. Love it. So if you think of yourself in the spiritual realm that once you are and, and you know, doing the covering yourself every day with the armor of God is super important that I would say would be tip.

Number one is don’t wake up and get out your bed until you dress completely in the armor. But if you see yourself in the spirit, kind of like wonder woman where she has her outfits and she has her shield, and that’s how we are in the spirit. We are constantly waring against the enemy. But if you see the movie, especially the first one, when she gets, she has to go through training and she doesn’t like it.
Sometimes when’s uncomfortable and she’s gotta humble herself. And, and the second movie, when she’s younger, you realize that she tried to advance and cheat the. But she was not ready to take on what the, the fight that she was destined for because at the timing wasn’t right. So at the same time, God gives us grace through timing, allowing us to get ready.

But again, he’s not gonna force us. He’s a gentleman. He’s gonna wait for the invitation. That’s why our biggest job is to be open, to be willing and to say, God, what is it that you want to. Help me partner with you and tell me like what needs to be done. And he says, okay, hon, you gotta go back to the drawing board.

You gotta go through bootcamp. You gotta gotta get rid of that junk in your trunk, cuz I need you trained and strong and you know how to wield those weapons because you know, you could have the weapons of warfare , but if you dunno how to use them, you gonna make some damage. So there’s that . Well, here’s the book that I wrote in 2018, it’s called warrior to warrior a mother’s journey from fear to faith.
So what it was happening is, you know, I had. Gone through a very, what I call the dark night of the soul, like on, on the trajectory of doing my thing all by myself. I’m it’s good. God, I’ve got my life taught. It’s okay. I’ll come and check on you now. And again, until the wheels fell off the bus and what happened was in the period of like three months, I had a, a family member passed away from cancer.

I had a child with a mental health crisis where he was suicidal and depressed. In a terrible way. And I was running on fumes. I literally couldn’t physically, emotionally, mentally take it anymore. And I had a breakdown. I had, I, I literally had to close my business down. I had to take a whole year off just to, to stop doing things and heal.

And I’ve always been a journal and, you know, write my thoughts since I was a kid and, and do this whole process. And I’m, I’m very curious about how things work and, you know, studying the Bible. I just immersed myself in this process. So, and as I was going through this, I’d realized there were certain tools that I’d learned to get myself out of that situation.

Cause I’d never been to seminary. I’m, I’m not officially trained in any biblical training. I learned this, that the holy spirit teaching me through hours and hours and hours of study. And really what I had realized I’d been going through this this inner healing process where I had to go back to the beginning and the forgiveness, the repentance, like things that I thought that I dealt with.

I’m like, God’s like sorry, we still have some remnants. We need to go back and fix that. We’re like, oh my gosh, what? And it was very painful. And very uncomfortable, but very necessary because what it did, it got me unstuck from where I was, cuz I kept repeating the same thing. And this isn’t how you recognize where you are in this pattern.

It just repeats and repeats and repeats. Like you take yourself everywhere in your job and your life and wherever you live, that if you keep finding you dealing with the same issue, you clearly have not got the lesson. The test is gonna keep coming until you learn the lesson. So I’m like, okay, God, I give.

I surrender, what do we need to do? Let’s fix this one and once and done. So, so I thought it’s never once and done. It’s always just. But through this process, I journaled my whole journey and I’ve written a book and now it’s been out for four years and I’m just very encouraged by the people that have been that it’s touched, that they’ve said, you know, so many people have said that it’s life changing.

It’s given them tools to help with their family dynamics, their relationships help themselves get set free. And even though I’ve always been in the business world, this is a, this has been a labor of love and a ministry tool. It’s amazing how God opens the opportunity.

Now I will say I did fight the Lord on us. I was like, I’m, this is I’m sharing my deepest stock at secrets. And I don’t want the world to know the junk that’s been going on in my trunk. And he’s like, no, I need you to share it. And I was like, what are you talking to me? Sorry, sorry. I didn’t hear you. I did fight him a bit on it for a while, but once I’d really entered and realized God’s gonna have his.

And put it out there to me, it’s, it’s, it’s seeds that we sew into the world and that we don’t know exactly until we get to heaven. How much of an impact our story has. But if we willing to step up and share, even the hard things, we’ll realize we’re not gonna actually be judged for it. We are actually gonna be appreciated for the fact that we can be brave enough to step out, to speak out.

Even though we might feel like, you know, with cancel culture and all the stuff that’s been going on, like, we don’t want to say anything and we wanna keep muted. Us shining our light and putting our lamp lamp stand on the hill. We become a beacon of hope and that’s, what’s amazing is when we just say yes to God, he comes alongside of us.

He takes our little loaves and fishes and he multiplies them beyond we can, but it really comes back to the choice of, are you willing to allow God to use you in his way? Not your way. And are you willing to do the hard work and to do the bootcamp training that’s required to get you ready and for the fight, because there’s so many things that are in heaven that are waiting for us to say yes, but it’s up to us to be ready to receive them because, you know, we can pray and pray and God help me.

And no Lord say bad and he’s like, okay, but you, there’s something you need to do. Are we willing and able. Are you ready to change your brain to change your life? Discover how to break limiting beliefs. Stop self sabotage and unlock your full potential by rewiring your brain using neuroscience coaching and faith-based principles.

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