Promises for the new season with Doug Addison

Have you wondered how the difficult experiences you’ve gone through can actually become the catalyst to turn your life and business around?

Doug Addison is a prophetic speaker, author and coach and says that God can use the things in your life that were intended for evil and turn them to good. The key is to seek first the Kingdom of God.

Have you felt the urge to share your story? Well, the book of your story needs to be written as it will impact others. Even if you failed English in school you can still write a book when you focus on taking one step at a time. You have a greater calling on your life for you to fulfill so don’t give up!

Doug shares how complaining and grumbling about our situation can cause judgements to wreak havoc in our life. If we are not reaping financially it may be that we are under judgements, because we sow what we reap. Cleansing out judgements is so easy when we go on a negativity fast!

Ask God to show you what you can do today that will impact you. God will help you break down big tasks into smaller ones so you can achieve them.

Listen in to what Doug has to say and be inspired!

“God wants to use things in your life that were intended for evil and turn them to good.” says Doug Addison

Guest Bio

Doug Addison is a prophetic speaker, author and coach.
Doug’s message of love, hope and having fun reaches people around the world! He is known for his Daily Prophetic Words, Spirit Connection webcast, podcast, and blog.

His powerful, positively funny style of teaching and coaching helps open people to discover their destiny and experience Gods supernatural love and power.

He and his wife Linda live in Los Angeles, California, where he is impacting the arts and entertainment and media industries.


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Speaker 1: Welcome to Mimika TV. I’m your host Mimika Cooney. I’m honored to be with you on this journey towards empowering you to succeed in leadership and business.

Speaker 2: God can use things. In fact, he’s wants to use things in your life that was intended for evil. He wants you to turn them into good. He wants to use the weaknesses that you thought you couldn’t do. He wants to turn those around and you just simply need to start seeking first the kingdom today.

Speaker 1: I’m so excited to introduce a very special guest to you today and we have taken months to organize because we have had some major warfare getting here today, but I know that if you’re listening to this or you’re watching this online, you are made to be here and you meant to hear this awesome message because today’s speaker is Doug Addison. Now Doug is a prophetic speaker, author and coach, and he’s message of love, hope and having fun reaches people all around the world. He’s known for his Daddy, prophetic words, spirit connection, webcast, podcast and dog. He’s powerful, positively funny style of teaching and coaching helps people to discover the destiny and experience God’s supernatural, love and power. He and his wife Linda live in Los Angeles, California, where he’s impacting the arts and entertainment media industries. So welcome doe. I’m so excited to have you here today.

Speaker 2: Oh, I am so thrilled, Mimika. And I’m so glad we finally connected and we were just prayed ahead of time and we felt like, yeah, this is the time right now. This is a divine moment. And that really excited. Yeah, exactly.

Speaker 1: Well, I tell you when we’ve had some warfare or tech that doesn’t go right or I think the last time we were mean to talk, you cut yourself shaving of all the things that you could have done. It’s just I don’t believe have, and I don’t even call myself shame. I know exactly. So that’s when, you know, like this is a word that needs to go out and God knows the timing is perfect. So I’m super excited to actually do so. You know. Oh Shit. I’ve, I’ve now switched to a, uh, I forgot about that day. You said it exactly how to activate what God said there. Be careful. Exactly. Well, I’m so excited and we’ve made it to a, no matter what warring and what, you know what the in me trust is start as we know that we are God’s children. We are way the store now.

Speaker 1: I really, I’m excited about to share what Doug has to say because I been following you and your ministry for a few years. I’m going to say I want to honor you publicly and say thank you so much for your, for weathering the storm and putting up all the wonderful words of encouragement through your podcast, which I check every day. I know every day that I’m like, is there an update? No, maybe next time, but your day prophetic words are really great because they are just enough of encouragement is to really set your mind and what God has you know for the day. Um, so we will definitely share how you can get into contact with Doug and how you too can get those dates, prophetic words. But let’s dive right in. What do you feel you feel God is leading you to share with us today?

Speaker 2: Well, actually it’s funny that you mentioned a daily Prophetic I’ve been doing, I forgot what I started making seven years ago and I’ll be honest with you, you know, especially for you business people out there and I have a business background. I had a high tech company in San Francisco and then the Lord had brought me into ministry and I understand Internet marketing and things like that. And I’ll be honest with you, I started the daily prophetic to grow my Twitter page, but it was also to hear God because there’s a spiritual principle that we, that if you need something, you know what you sow, you shall reap. I think I was stuck. I was ready to sell a desk on craigslist so I could get, uh, some software so I could actually update my own website.

Speaker 2: That’s how stuck I was. I was going to go back to my old, old way of uh, you know, doing web design update my old website and then I cried out to the Lord and I released, started releasing daily prophetic words because the more you give, the more you receive. Then within two months I got a download from having maybe three, it was about three months later I got a download from heaven. I did not have to sell the desk and I did have to update my old website and I got this download for finances and we were able to get out of $30,000 of debt in three days. So they didn’t evolve and off offering. Wow. This strategy from heaven and it allowed us then to move into this new season. But that was part of it. You know, how are the daily prophetic words and you know, whatever it is you need, you’ve heard this, that you sell money if you need money. But it’s the same with love. It’s to say with hearing God and different things like that.

Speaker 1: Definitely. So it’s kind of like, you know, really sewing it no matter what we’re doing. So whether we’re in the church or in the car pool, in the grocery line or at the office, whatever we are saying, our principles in there. Now I know for a lot of our listeners who are entrepreneurs and who have businesses and who are writing books, um, how do we position this in terms of partnering with what God wants us to do? Because I think, we have strategy that we, let’s say marketing strategy and there are several of those out there. How do you feel as someone who’s been in business, how did you marry the two and start to involve God in your business and then moving into the next stage?

Speaker 2: It’s a great question because, I actually would, I felt, everyone around me years ago felt like I was called to leave my corporate job and I had to go into ministry. And, uh, I was excited. I was getting all this church planting, training my wife and I and uh, and it was back about that in the San Francisco Bay area. And I was in my corporate job, which I did well at, but I was really didn’t feel like it was longterm for me at all. Then I decided to take that leap and the Lord told me on that leave. I thought I was going to go to Bible College and pastor and I do different things like that. And he just said to me, he says, no, I’m calling you to be a missionary. And I’m like, oh no, you know, missionary, I don’t even like to camp, you know, rough.

Speaker 2: It, it for me, it’s like a four seasons with a broken hairdryer. I didn’t want to be a missionary and I didn’t want to, you know, nothing wrong with being a missionary, just it wasn’t me. And then he said, no, I want you to be a missionary to people, a business and people in the United States. I want you to be a missionary to people right where you are. And then, so he sent me immediately into starting my own business in San Francisco for five years. And, um, it gave me the freedom, first of all, it was a computer networking business back in the time when that was actually one of the high paying jobs that you didn’t need a degree or anything. And it gave me freedom then I could do jobs, you know, and do contract work and, and I could just do a lot of then suddenly go get some ministry training.

Speaker 2: Uh, and back then we didn’t have the, the Internet was just up and coming. We need to have schools like we do now, or podcasts like this, because they’re like mine. And, and, and so how this married together was using technology and using, the strategies of God, the biblical principles, that we have because I got a lot of training, in things. Like right now I’m with the last few years actually how I got out of debt in that shorter period of time was an internet marketing strategy the Lord gave me, but it was full of, got a really negative, connections to it. Cause a lot of the marketing tries to bring in fear. Fear is not at all the Lord. You know, they try to get if you don’t act out, you know, you don’t sell this truck, that five seconds, hit the button three, two, one. With actually purge that out in the Lord walked me through it a time of all the training I had gotten over the years and as a coach both as a life coach, business coach, prophetic coach and coaching for years.

Speaker 2: And he, he walked me through the process. He says, I want to walk you through. You get, there’s actually things that you can do that will open up the heavens over you. And so, uh, my message has been ever since then is one of the biggest ones is positive. Uh, you know, receiving the Lord positively stop complaining, stop grumbling. And that’s what I had to do. And I was grumbling over my situation, you know, cause I was in debt and I doing everything. It was tithing, tithing wasn’t the issue. I was ready to go over tithe, you know, I mean I was giving give again, but there was other blocks it had to do with what was coming out of my mouth and it had to do with grumbling. Then it’s really, judgments are very, very powerful. And in Luke six, Jesus ties together judgments with the whole offering message.

Speaker 2: Yet I’ve, I’ve been a bit around meetings in the church for a long time, but a church planter and a lot of stuff. And, and one day I was getting to do an offering and I was gonna read that Luke six, I think six 38 or six 36 account right in there and he says, you know, given it will be given to you, pressed down, shaken together, it will be a blessing, will run over in your lap and I’m ready to give that. And then the Lord said, read it in context. Yeah, worked for money. But if you look at the verse before Luke Six 37, it’s do not judge or you will be judged. And he said that the people who aren’t reaping financially are having trouble even in their businesses might be under this, nder judgements, you know, giving judgments to others cause what you sell is what you’re reading.

Speaker 2: So I went through a process of cleansing out those judgments against others just as real simple, just go on a negative negativity fast. And, but that’s how it started is cleansing out the negative things of the world. And especially like in internet marketing. I love Internet marketing. In fact, that’s what helped us is what helped us today. But we use, what would, I would say we developed our own, I would say it’s, it’s a spirit led instead of soul led, the soul is your mind, your will and emotions. But there are spirit led ways that we found that when we use them, my goodness we have such an overwhelming response. And the Lord even showed me initially, you know, when I did the, the first offer that I did, um, that got us out of debt in three days. We did, we got $30,000 and I thought, wow, this is amazing.

Speaker 2: Whoa, what would happen if I got intentional? You know, what do I have if I study this and figure it out and not worshiped out or anything like that. But, you know, using the principles of the Bible, seek first the Kingdom and all of his righteousness and all these other things will be added. So you know, when you’re busy. And especially when I was busy and I was running my own business in San Francisco and tried to get ministry training and do an outreach and do all that stuff, uh, I’d never stopped having that daily quiet time. I don’t care if it was all the way to work, you know, on the way to a job I’d pull over and just have a few minutes with the Lord. You know, it’s not, it’s not the amount of time. It’s the fact that you seek first the kingdom and especially if you have a need is always go to the Lord first.

Speaker 2: And so that’s one of the main principles. Matthew six 33 is probably what am I made principals seek first the Kingdom of God and, and all these things will be added. So sometimes, you know, we, we get busy and, and I’m tempted even right today, even I, I had a lot too. I have a lot to do and I’d be tempted to, to take the time away from the Lord. And instead I slowed up the avoidance a long time ago. I slow down. I know sometimes it depends on your busy schedule, Mom’s and dad’s up there and uh, business owners that, uh, that when you take that time and ask God to speak to you each day about your day. So that’s, that’s really the, the harder what I to answer that question, partnering with God. Right. So I mean that’s the thing is we can, having gone, it’s like having a business meeting with God beginning and sitting on state of us doing the whole hustle hard thing that the rest of the world wants us to believe is what we need.

Speaker 1: Yeah. A lot better results with less effort. And I think a lot of us struggle with it cause we, so the difference between doing and then waiting on the Lord and know what is to do and what is the Lord to do. So how would you help him sort of figure that part out?

Speaker 2: Like when do you know they got go do his thing and whether we step up and I call it the, it’s a, I call it a breakthrough lifestyle, something the Lord showed me years ago. And, um, one, one of the main principles in this is what can I do today that’s going to impact me? Now, I know you’ve heard this in coaching and in the business world and uh, and uh, but this really is a principle of the Lord. If you take it to him and if you just ask the Lord, like each week when I start my week, I have a whiteboard right next to me.

Speaker 2: And, uh, I, I love white boarding with the Lord and, and so I put up on my whiteboard, depends on how you do this, however you want. I go, I put a couple of things that I need to do this week, you know, and those are the need to do. So then I, I also put up there, all right, what’s something that if I would accomplish this week or even today would impact my life the most? And so I take that to the Lord and ask them if it’s a big one, you know, I ask them to break it down and what do I need to do today? Uh, you know, to do that. And so once you, if you develop this people, they really understand big projects. Even like writing a book. I applied this, I was trying to write my first book in for three years.

Speaker 2: I tried to write my book. Once I understood this, I wrote it in three weeks. Now granted I had messages, I, you know, but I had a sermon, the blogs, I’ve been blogging for a long time, but once I understood this, this principle that really breaking things down to it’s the easiest form, you could do more things and you could even dream possible and is doing small things over time. And then those things then become bigger. So when I tell people, sometimes it’ll offends writers. I say, I wrote my first book in three weeks. I wrote my second book in 30 days. I don’t recommend this actually because it’s, but I write it is still hard work. I didn’t say it was easy. It was hard. I threw out my back, you know, and to go to the chiropractors, you know what I mean? That was when I say a road that I would do a 10 hour days, you know, and uh, but now I’ve learned this lifestyle.

Speaker 2: I write every day, but back then I wasn’t used to it. And so, uh, I found a way that I, that I can write and I dictate, you know, with a text, uh, speech to text, not a dictation machine, but you know, it my Mac, I just dictate in a three to 5,000 words a day. Because of now I’ve opened the heavens over this, said whatever it is that you’re called to do because I’m focusing on writing cause I feel, you know, from the Lord Right now, uh, there’s many people who have stories that are, that need to be written and I know Mimika wrote her book and really is impactful. And there’s people out there right now listen to me and you need to write a book. And now, especially with, with self publishing and kindle, it’s so, so easy to do.

Speaker 2: And you don’t need to be a writer, but I just want to just give this out there to you because one of my biggest blocks was writing and I had literally failed English cause I read literally and I had gotten bad grades and in speech class. And now here I am, a writer and a speaker because I discovered something about the Lord and finding that way to communicate like what you have. I communicate what I have a what God called me to be a speaker. Uh, I actually, I struggle, I would even go to Bible studies if I knew I had to read out loud. I was dyslexic. You know what that is? I was, I had trouble reading the words. We jump around on the page and I was a communicator, but I had trouble and a, so what I did was I went to, and I took a couple of comedy classes and Improv a long time ago.

Speaker 2: And so I actually begin, I was known even in the business world, uh, as the funny guy who looks like Rod Stewart. And so that’s a good one. Well that’ll be a stand out, you know, a, that one would pull people in and they’d put me up all the time after lunch because everyone was falling asleep. And I would, I mean it was time to do full on stand up because it became a standup comedian out of this. But I can keep a standup comedian out of my pain, out of my suffering for not being able to read. And because of all these stories of the past, and then I moved, I started using that style of communication. It’s what I’m saying to you is you have things in your style, in your life, um, that you can redeem. I had a redeem that I could’ve sat back, say I can, I’ve got a good speaker like Moses, you know, he had a trouble with speech, so they sent Aaron with him.

Speaker 2: And uh, so if you really think about it, the 10 commandments movie, which are all best, it was actually miscast. He was not (a good speaker), he wasn’t, it was actually in trouble. He had trouble with his speech and they made it look good. But I’m just saying that God can use things. In fact, he wants to use things in your life that was intended for evil. He wants to turn them to good. He wants to use the weaknesses that you thought you couldn’t do. He wants to turn those around and you just simply need to start seeking first the kingdom.

Speaker 1: Because I love how he retains that. Like it, like you said, our weaknesses and usually the things that we struggled with the most is we can redeem it and then he can have the glory because we know that we couldn’t do this ourselves by relying on the Lord, he’s able to show up and redeem those areas. So I love how your messages like, you know, don’t give up yet if you’ve had more fail you’ve had. These is circumstances. We don’t have to allow those to keep us stuck. So if somebody is in that situation and it feels like, well, how do I move from, this is where I know God’s given me a vision, but I’m kind of stuck where I’m at. What would you say would be good? You know, practical steps they could take, whether it’s stuck. I know you talk about removing logjams or if you know there’s a judgement, what can they actually do?

Speaker 2: Yeah, well first of all is if you’re stuck, it’s a good sign because it, especially if you’re getting warfare or maybe you’ve, you’ve got an idea like I did, I got this idea though, how I got $30,000 a debt was because I tried to launch an idea that didn’t work. And that’s very common for entrepreneurs, spiritual entrepreneurs. Uh, the Joseph anointing is calming, you know, which means it’s like Genesis 41 where you have revelation from God to get up and, and release finances like Joseph did to Pharaoh and to Egypt. And it really changed the course of history. And there’s many of you out there where like this, but if you’re getting warfare, that’s a good sign because why would the enemy be messing with you unless you’re a threat, right? Why would you, you would be going through this if it wasn’t a greater calling.

Speaker 2: So first of all, I want to just prophesy over you that you have. If you’re, if you’re getting warfare than there is a greater thing for you to fulfill. And if you’re stuck right now, uh, there’s okay, there’s lots of things that you can do. But I want to just kind of pinpoint on a couple of things that have helped me. And, uh, I pray everyday. Actually, one of the things that I do is I find Bible verses and I, I, uh, whenever I’m going through at that time, you know, when my time, my life, um, went through it, a series of four, uh, about four and a half years of, of affliction. I’m the only guy minister who calls up a healing meeting sick. You know, I mean, I was serious. I always take red for years. That’s why God grew my internet business. You know, my Internet ministry and my ability to bring things on, uh, to where I am right now came out of that because you have an amazing testimony.

Speaker 1: With your family heritage that their prognosis wasn’t so good. When I tell the audience a little bit about that. When you said you were sick, you were really sick.

Speaker 2: Yeah, I had a, well, you know, there was a, uh, a genetic genetic disease called Huntington’s that had been in my family and uh, it’s very deadly. Um, my mom, my aunt, my uncles, and I’ve had 12 deaths. My mom’s had having cheese in my aunt for two of the most absolute spiritual people I know, uh, died in 1998 and, uh, 12, uh, about 12 deaths. My oldest sisters now and in heaven and my brothers and have, uh, my other sister who she is absolutely more prophetic and evangelistic than me.

Speaker 2: And she, uh, she’s suffering now. Uh, she’s gotten a lot of healing, but she’s suffering now. I had that, I got diagnosed, uh, with it and, um, early stages I got healed and I went through a time of healing and I right now they actually put me in a study at UCLA Medical Center at the center of excellence for Huntington because they looked at me, he says, you have the same level. It’s called a CAG count. That is my family and I’m 60 years old. And they, they are all in, in hospice. Are you headed to hospice by 60 or, you know, and I got a radical healing then I, I hit the wall again though a few years ago and it looked like huntington because it tries to trick you, you know, it looked like it, but it was that I had a Lyme, and chronic multiple chemical sensitivity.

Speaker 2: And so the Lord at I’m, I’m totally healed right now that God, I’m so grateful for it. But the Lord walked me through this period of time of suffering. And that’s how the Internet really grew. I was spent four years of affliction. I never missed a daily prophetic word. I’d never missed my buddy. You know, I did everything. I got everything done thanks to my team in the ward. And in the midst of this, he grew as four times on the Internet. I like to say I had all these amazing strategies. I said yes to them, but the Lord did it. So what I do, no matter what your situation is, if you’re in debt or maybe you have your, you’re dealing with an affliction or maybe your kids are part of the affliction, they, they, they breaking your heart or not following the Lord.

Speaker 2: Or maybe you’ve just gone through a divorce or bankruptcy, whatever you might be going through. Loss of a house is find some Bible verses that’ll support what you need because these are legal. These are like legal documents. And I know that the Bible is not a, you know, the Bible is more than that. He’s this relationship. That’s why I said seek first the Kingdom of God, but then as you come before the Lord, you can bring things. One of them that I do all the time is, uh, I pray over myself and Philippians one 17. I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious father, give you the spirit of wisdom and revelation that you may know him better. And this is the basis for my ministry, the wisdom and revelation. Of course, you know, I’m prophetic, but also that you may know him better.

Speaker 2: And I pray this, I pray this every day and I pray for wisdom, revelation. I’ve prayed, Lord, that I would know you better. Lord. I pray right now everyone hearing my voice would receive wisdom, revelation and the greatest gift of knowing him better. And part of my healing, it came really through the, they call it decreeing Bible verses. That’s where you can kinda change them a little bit to be, um, not just uh, you know, quoting our father who art in heaven, you know, which is okay. Uh, but decreeing Bible verses puts it in your own words and you can begin to pray. And I decree those Bible verses each day still, whatever. Uh, I’m going through to the next verse, Ephesians one 18. I’m going to speak this over you.

Speaker 2: And if, if you have a situation, then you don’t know what God’s doing right now or you need the next steps, I’d recommend the Ephesians one 18. I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened, that you may know the hope in which he has called you to the riches of his glorious inheritance in the, uh, in the saints, the incomparable great power of those who believe. And it’s kind of like, um, my wife was a therapist. It wasn’t mine, but she was a therapist and years ago they used to use, uh, like positive affirmations. And so faith really is kind of like what you just need to do is begin to speak to things that are not as though they are. So even though these aren’t, might not be there, my healing wasn’t there. I’d still, you begin to align your, it’s called aligning with heaven. Aligning with God’s Word is you begin to make them a reality even if they aren’t in your natural life. And, uh, so that’s for people who are stuck. There’s two verses right there. If you get to pray those each day, not a big deal, you know, there’s not a high bar you can to pray those lit. I recommend this. Take notes. Listen, I used to be this intercessor, you know, I mean I’d, I’d pray for an hour crying out to the Lord using strategies, what day? He said it to me in a kind a correctional way. And he said, you know, if you would stop talking.

Speaker 1: I would have the answers to that. So kind of like, let me speak, let me speak. Yeah. And he’s like, I’m trying to tell you.

Speaker 2: I was using a large player as a models years ago and I’d use it as a model as pray and an hour a day and it’s doing all this stuff. And you know, if you just slowed out by that and I started doing listening prayer. And so I still use the Lord’s prayer as a bottle. You know, I still, our father who aren’t in heaven, I come before him, I have a different method now, but I use a listening prayer. So not only do you want to bring a request to the Lord by using a Bible verse, you can do it real quick. You don’t have to do anything long. Then you take time and slow down and listen for any responses. Now, some people might not hear, maybe it comes in a way that you might not recognize. And so throughout the day you get to start tuning those spiritual ears in because the answer will come.

Speaker 2: I remember crying out when I first got this crying out to the Lord for an answer. I went and visited my sister and at, or, uh, she had a fostered a boy and I think he was eight years old. He comes up to me and Eddie just opens the Bible and started reading a verse. Uh, I don’t know what, but it was the answer to what I need. I needed right there. It was the child, right? The child and I would’ve missed it. How did I not slow down? Yeah. And it was the very answer or maybe a, a song will come out or you know, or a TV commercial or something.

Speaker 1: Well, God speaks through movies. I’ve, I mean, he’ll stop this. This is no lie. I tell you, I in the car number plates, seriously, number plates, road signs. Like, I remember driving down the road and you know, Lord only to have a sign and as I’m driving down the hallway, the side say if you’re looking for a sign, this is it. Literally I was like serious cause we just need to start looking and opening our eyes because God is speaking all the time and as long as we can make sure that we are aware. And I love how you said we have to slow down cause I know for us busy entrepreneurs and leaders, we are on a mission. You know, we’ve got to go to go low, go right. Since I’m slowing down can be so painful and so hard. But it’s, it’s really important, right? Just to kind of realign ourselves, um, and just make sure that we get ourselves in the right mindset and then the right atmosphere. I love how you teach as well, getting into that atmosphere with the law. Like how do you sort of usher that in?

Speaker 2: Yeah, well what I do, in fact, I have a couple of tips. It takes practice and add a it people. Some people get discouraged or maybe they haven’t heard God or maybe they are in a stuck time, but I say those, you know, don’t give up. And Hebrews five 14 says solid food, this is what we want. We want to hear the Lord, you know, comes by constant use. Those who have trained themselves to distinguish good from me. Well that’s the only worse I’d ever found a really say that you need to train yourself to hear God and it’s okay to hear yourself. Dear God, why don’t you enter, I call it entering the school of the Holy Spirit. He becomes your coach when during this time. And uh, this is the time where you just really just take the time each day. Like I said before you slow down, he began to call to be, there’s five things that I use all the time.

Speaker 2: Is number one, I establish a foundation. Now that might be that daily, whatever it is. When I was working in my business in San Francisco, I was, I was going up one-on-one and I’d pull over a certain voice each day with my coffee, toast, donut, whatever, buy us breakfast. And I pull over and I just took a few minutes and prayed and open the Bible, read just something small. Sometimes I’d use it, you know, the, our daily bread devotion on September to just whatever. I would just use something. I had a foundation. Now if you’re busy and maybe you didn’t do it at night, whatever you, you can do, but get a foundation, uh, you know, or a habit or if you make it a habit, it’s easier to do. And then the second is cultivating a spiritual atmosphere. This is real important because you know, the more or whatever you do, you know, uh, you repeat yourself.

Speaker 2: So if you’re re, if you’re cultivating or you’re, you’re doing something like grumbling all the time, this was what I was doing. I needed a break. I couldn’t hear the Lord. 2004 Lord said to me is because you’re grumbling and complaining. If you stop that and you start blessing instead, it’s going to change the atmosphere. And so as easy as that sounds, it took about Oh 30 days, uh, of feeling like, wow, I can’t even say a word what you know. And then understanding how it works. About 90 days later I was getting, I was getting blessed, I was getting free upgrades, I was getting all kinds of stuff and the spirituality is right. It’s because we have habits we like, we think things, we say things in it recently, but I think it’s important.

Speaker 1: What you mentioning is really first of all, having the awareness that there’s an issue and then say, Lord help guide me and you know, zip up my lip so I don’t get myself in trouble.

Speaker 2: Yup. In fact, I to this day I am part of my morning prayer is I I decree versus has God put a muzzle on my mouth. You know, and especially with the Internet and with social media can be really negative and so called debating that spiritual atmospheres. Not only just fasting from negativity, it’s also replacing it with something positive. So I still complained. I still lodge, uh, you know, logic complaint, cause you know, we have, we have the internet. I still, you know, want to do that. But for every, I do this just to help myself for every complaint that I file. I also sure that I file at least three or four, maybe even five compliments. And so when I’m out on Yelp or TripAdvisor or something guy, uh, I wanted to hire a TripAdvisor and one of the higher for submit. In fact, I’m the eyes and the Los Angeles area for submitting things and tell you that I don’t just submit them on a mad. I also bless and especially, uh, you know, like my mom was a waitress for years and um, I’m opened that she’s not waiting tables in heaven, but she, she was, she, I remember her saying that people are so mean especially on Sundays. And I was thinking, my goodness call made that atmosphere by blessing it by and being generous.

Speaker 1: And that’s what, you know, God gives us skills and it gives us, we all students and just like being in the story of the talents, you know, we’re all given what we can handle and God expects us to be responsible with what he’s given us. So we need to sow those good seeds and you know, make sure that we can really be watering them in the right way because there’s no point trying to put good seeds and then complaining. So, yeah. I really, I love how you mentioned how you can take back the spiritual atmosphere just by changing and you’re not putting on music or you know, just not getting in. Someone’s got a bad mood. Like you’re in the car and someone’s showing off road rage. I’m not going to partner with you. I’m just going to stay in my happy place, which is lovely. Well, I so appreciate all this. I mean, we could sit here and talk and I could listen to you forever because you have so much wisdom and so much knowledge, um, that is so valuable. Um, but I definitely want to have a chance that if you can pray for the audience, because you are great at these activation prayers, I would really appreciate it if it’s a like now activation really should be.

Speaker 2: It’s a Bible verse. It says faith without works is dead. And so what we want to do whenever God speaks to you is, uh, is do something. I call activating. When He speaks to me, I write it down. This first thing I think of it, write it down and I ask for it. Like if I get a dream or someone gives that word and I write it down, I track it and go back and begin. I do some research on it, but I ask him first, ask the Lord, seek first and then activating. It might be just go out and do some research, look around, do some different things, maybe take a course, read a book, something like that. So this activation prayer that I’m going to do right now is going to really take these things that I’ve been talking about.

Speaker 2: And then we’re going to ask. We’re going to ask the Holy Spirit to, well, Lord, thank you for each person. I thank you that there’s, oh my goodness, there’s so much suffering that’s gone on in the world and there’s so much that’s happening. It’s not you or I know that that stuff is not from you because we know that you’re a loving father. Jesus described you as what kind of father would give a bad gift to a child. That’s he said that. So don’t know. I just want to encourage everybody right now. Don’t believe it’s the bad things happening in the world as the Lord. It’s not. It’s the enemy. So I take authority right now over the lies of the enemy in each person’s life. I pray right now for the activation of the holy spirit that you would enlighten our eyes, that we could see the goodness that you would give us, the gift of wisdom and revelation of knowledge, understanding we pray, Lord, that you would give us strategies from heaven.

Speaker 2: How to get out of debt, how to get our businesses or ministries to the next level. How to get through this time of grief. I felt great, really strong over some people listening and people who’ve lost loved ones and who have gone through divorces and your children aren’t walking with the Lord and listen, God knows this. He’s going to open something over you right now. I pray right now for the download from heaven. Yeah, the Bible says when Jesus taught on prayer, he said on earth as it is in heaven. That way we come into agreement, so I just speak this right now. Download these things. That’s a modern talk for part at two is give us what we need right now. Lord, I pray for dreams to be activated. Visions, supernatural encounters where we’re like Mimika has said about a sign. Give us a sign and there it is.

Speaker 2: Maybe it’ll be a song, but I speak right now. Those would, Jesus was described actually, he was known for his gracious words. I speak the gracious words of the father over you. Here’s His word. He says, I’m proud of you. I’m so proud of you. So, so much that people around you have been judging you. I’m proud of you because you have not given up. You have not quit. I’m proud of you because the enemy has tried to kill you and you’ve endured. I’m proud of you. He says these words as a loving father received those words right now. Okay. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Speaker 1: Amen. We thank you for that. And just take hold of that, set the seed and put it in your heart and then know that if you’re listening or watching online that you can listen to this again and get that impartation again. Cause sometimes you need to remind yourself when you’ve been stuck in this, what we call hope deferred or you just this wrong cycle of thinking is to kind of just create new habits. You know, stop meditating on the word and use all the tools that Doug has shared with you today, which are super valuable. So tell everybody what’s the best way they can find you online and get all your sources cause you have a ton of great stuff?

Speaker 2: Yeah, I got stuff out there. Doug Addison dot com a d d I s o n . And that’s my website. And of course you can follow me on social media, Facebook, the Doug Addison and Twitter and, and Instagram, Doug T Addison. But here’s my biggest thing that I want to give you free. And someone had asked me years ago, this is true story. How do I know I hear this all the time? How do I know when God is speaking? How do I know if it’s from the Lord, myself or the enemy? And I said, you know, if you came up with that, you have a bestselling book. Well guess what? I got the download from heaven and I had that understanding on how to learn to discern. And guess what I didn’t put in a book. It could be in a bestselling book. I do have one, but I, it’s in a free course.

Speaker 2: And it’s how to know if how to know for sure if it’s God or me and I want to give it to you for free and it’s a 45 minute video course or you can just listen to the audio, whichever one. There’s two ways to get it on your cell phone. You can text me right now. Just the word heargod. One word heregod to 9 0 1 0 0 here God to 9 0 1 0 0 write that down. Text and we’ll give you the link to this or go to my website, Doug forward slash how to know. And you can take the free course a is a 45 minute. I tell you, it is packed full of things that are practical. I go more into these. I was doing the five steps that, uh, I’ve only got to go to two of them, but there’s five steps in this free course on how to develop your ability, whether you’ve been hearing God for years or you’re just starting out.

Speaker 1: Definitely. I mean, these are tools that are very useful that you can go and look through them again, especially in seasons and laugh. You need to be reminded because sometimes we can fall back into old habits. But it’s a great way of really setting your mind in the, and that is also has his daily prophetic about going to his website. You can, you can join that email list. It’s a very short, like a tweetable let it comes in your inbox every day. It’s just a little bit of encouragement and it’s almost like I call the God’s smiling down and say, okay, little pep talk for the day, for the day.

Speaker 2: People tell me all the time, pastors, kids who are no longer walking with him, the pastor say, you know, they don’t listen to me, but they love your daily prophetic. So in their evangelists too, because they’re nonreligious language.

Speaker 1: Yes. So everybody can understand them, so you can totally retweet them and everybody will, we’ll get something from there without actually having to, you know, be preachy. So there you go. You can use those tools, but also, you know, connects the divine. And I love your podcast. That’s something, as I said, you release podcasts, you have your monthly webcast, which is totally free, which I love those too. Um, so if you just like, you’re listening to our podcast today, make sure to go and rate and review Doug’s podcast can find him there. It’s, understanding the supernatural, which is really the concepts of how prayer works and totally awesome. But if you enjoyed what Doug had to say today, make sure to share it with your friends, whatever platform you’re on, click those little buttons and share. Cause I’m sure you know someone at least one person who needs to hear these words of encouragement.

Speaker 1: So go ahead and do that. And then if your comments like if you have any questions for Doug or if you have any aha moments or revelations, make sure to scroll below the video and give us your comments. I love to keep the conversation going with our audience as you, you get this valuable information. And then if you want more freebie resources that are only shared with my newsletter community, go to and I have a Freebie as well called mindset makeover, how to renew your mind and walk and God’s authority, which is a free ebook as well as some other goodies. So make sure to sign up today. Go and take that number. We’ll have all that info of links information in the show notes. So you can go ahead and click that. I’ve got to say, I so appreciate you spending your valuable time with the dog and imparting so much knowledge and wisdom. As I said, I could sit and listen to you all day.

Speaker 2: I love it. Thanks you. And I’m proud of you. I brought her you for breaking through and write that book and stay it in there. It’s been a real tough season for many of us and, but you’re, you’re breaking through.

Speaker 1: Definitely. I appreciate it and I appreciate you being part of my journey too and having something that I know that I could listen to, the words of encouragement, I’ve taken several of your courses and download just about every one of your books. Anyway, that’s how we can feed us all and we can feed ourselves and really strengthen ourselves in this journey of life and connecting with others who are on the same path. So again, I want to say thank you so much for all you do and for you also breaking through all the hard times to deliver this wonderful, you know, soul food to everybody to really build them up. Um, and you know, pray the Lord’s blessing over you too. So thank you so much. Thank you. Thanks everyone for joining us. Until next time, take care.

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