When someone says rest, does your mind spin with confusion? After all, what does rest really mean?

It’s hard to get all the items on your to-do list checked off without running full speed ahead.

Going full blast, without taking time to rest, will land you one of two places. On the side of the proverbial road with a speeding ticket … or in an accident. Neither are productive places to be.

You can have it all! Yes you can! But, not all at the same time.

You can learn how to know when enough is enough, slow down to speed up, and rewire your mind for optimal productivity by tuning in to today’s podcast!




Resetting Your Life’s Trajectory: The Power of Choice

  1. The Power of Choice: We all have the power to choose, but many often feel like victims of their circumstances. Taking full responsibility for your life is the key to change.

  2. Truth vs. Lie: Challenging and differentiating between what feels right and what’s true can help align our actions with our beliefs.

  3. The Mind’s Resistance to Change: Our minds are wired to resist change, which can keep us stuck in routines and comfort zones. Growth happens when we push past our comfort zones.

  4. Growth in Discomfort: Just as muscles grow stronger with resistance, pushing against comfort zones promotes personal growth.

  5. Heart-Based Approach: Sometimes understanding psychology or neuroscience isn’t enough. Understanding ourselves at a deeper, heart-centered level is crucial.

  6. Taking Responsibility: Recognizing and taking responsibility for our lives provides agency and control.

  7. Awareness: The first step in transformation is awareness. You can’t change what you don’t recognize.

  8. The Power of Women: The woman is often the heart of a home, and her well-being can greatly influence the atmosphere and dynamics of the household.

  9. Slowing Down to Speed Up: It’s essential to pause, reflect, and address underlying issues before moving forward. This can lead to faster, more sustainable growth.

  10. The Pitfalls of Constant Business: Constantly being in a state of busyness can lead to burnout. It’s essential to take breaks and rest.

  11. Conclusion: Reflecting on our thought processes and recognizing the choices we have are critical for personal growth. Commitment, not just interest, is vital for success.

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