Mentor Moment: What are you doing with your talents?

What are you doing with your talents?

In Matthew 25 Jesus taught about the parable of the servants and the talents. Even though the story was written over 2000 years ago, it is still very relevant today.

God gives each of us gifts, talents and resources and it’s not a game of favoritism to see who gets the most. God gives more to those He feels can do more and be more faithful with the gold He gives us.

The important moral to the story is that no matter whether you are given little or much; the question is are you being faithful with what you have?

If you’ve felt demotivated to do what you feel called to do, or to try something new; know that it only takes baby steps to get going.

Over the weekend I achieved a personal goal. For 6 months I’ve been training every week to compete in the adult figure skating circuit. After working closely with a coach, setting myself the goal, and showing up to do the work week after week I finally achieved my dream and won first place and a gold medal in the State Games of North Carolina!

Now it didn’t come easy, or overnight, as I started over 10 years ago with the dream of one day competing.

My encouragement to you is no matter your gifts, talents or resources; start putting them to work and reap the rewards that are waiting for you.

You only need to decide, set a goal, get accountability from a friend or a coach; and start making things happen.

You too can do it!!!

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