Kicking the Comfort Zone

Wow it’s been an eventful month! I have to admit it, but I’ve felt totally out of my depth. It’s been months of pushing myself out of my comfort zone, and many days I just wanted to quit.

Over the weekend I took part in my first official competitive Adult Figure Skating competition. What you might not know is that figure skating is something new to me. I never skated as a child, as I was trained for 15 years as a classical ballet dancer. Many moves you do in dance you cannot do on the ice because you will fall on your face and kiss the ice!

I’s been a personal challenge that I’ve been working on for the past 5 years. The mental battle has been between old muscle memory and intentional thought. I’ve had to proactively re-train my 43 year old brain and body to do something new.

Of course there have been falls. Especially the ones that surprise you and you don’t see coming. Those hurt. A lot! But I made the decision when I started not to give up when it gets hard. To push through the pain and frustration.

When I look back at the video of my very first skating routine I cringe! I was so out of control and amateurish. I wonder how I didn’t see it before? But that’s okay. That was the point, to go out there imperfect and to keep practicing.

The good news is that I achieved a major personal milestone, my own version of a marathon. I took home three medals; a gold, silver and pewter and I’m so happy! This officially starts my journey on the adult competitive track so I can make it the Adult Championships. Woo hoo!

The other big news is that while I was training for the skating competition, I was also writing my latest book. Nothing like a deadline and coaching to get my tushie into gear! My husband rolls his eyes at me because I like to bite off more than can chew. I tend to overload myself with goals. But hey, I work well under pressure.

I’m beyond excited to share that the book “Build Your Author Platform with a Purpose: Marketing Strategies for Writers” is finished and now available for ORDER on Amazon. I poured my heart into sharing my marketing tips, strategies and systems to help Authors and Writers build a platform of influence so they can share their work with the world.


Lastly, I’m packing for an overseas trip to Berlin, Germany, next week. This time it’s my husband’s goal to achieve running a sub 3:00 at the Berlin Marathon. I’ll be coming along for race support and to be the official videographer. Now to figure out how to use the new Gimbal I bought for my camera so I can capture the story without the shake. I did mention I like to take on a lot? LOL!

As a Mindset Coach I’m here to help you shift your thinking and unlock your full potential! If you’re needing support, encouragement and accountability; consider joining my group coaching program Unstick Your Mind.