How to work by God’s Grace over Grind with Shae Bynes

The worlds version of success sounds like hustle hard, grind until you drop and without hustle there is no success. But with God there is another way.

Shae Bynes of Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur is the poster child for “Grace over Grind“. She shares her story on the podcast of how she has been able to tap into the easy grace of God to find her success.

If you’ve been feeling like you are pushing yourself beyond your limits, and you are not getting the results you hoped for; listen carefully to what Shae has to say. You will walk away feeling inspired and thankful that we serve an awesome and limitless God!

“Faithful obedience is your success.” says Shae Bynes #GraceOverGrind

Guest Bio


Shae Bynes is a passionate storyteller, author, engaging teacher and mentor whose life and business were completely transformed through the power of encountering the unrelenting love of God. She is Founder and Chief Fire Igniter of Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur where she inspires, teaches, and mentors Christian entrepreneurs to be led by God in their businesses so they can experience His best and have a greater Kingdom impact in the marketplace.

Shae is a native Floridian and admittedly addicted to sunshine and water. She happily calls the Fort Lauderdale area her home and cherishes her roles as wife and mom of 3.


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2 Responses

  1. I enjoyed this podcast with Shae Bynes a lot! Although I’m not in the ‘work force’ anymore and don’t have a ministry of sorts I found Shae’s words so inspiring and uplifting! I love to hear how other believers hear the voice of God in their lives and how they live obedient lives. This made me want to press in to God much more than I already do and spend more ‘alone time’ with Him. I also sent this to my daughter as I know she will benefit from this great interview as well!
    Thanks for all you do Mimika to help us all do more victorious lives and to do more for His Kingdom!