How Prayer Builds your Business with Barbara Carneiro

Have you felt alone and frustrated when the bills keep coming and you are stressed about making decisions for your business ? Does it seem like no matter how hard you “hustle” the harder it gets?

Barbara Carneiro is a marketing strategist who knows a lot about strategy, tactics and blueprints. She has learnt some deep truths about running her business with the Holy Spirit as her mentor to navigate every business decision.

Barbara says that it may seem counterintuitive to the rest of the world, but when it feels like you need to hustle and work harder; you need to stop and rest. Resting in the Lord can be hard, especially for us over active go-getters, but it’s crucial to allow time to find clarity of mind.

God wants to be part of every decision making process, and He should be our first not our last resource. Doing business with God is not meant to be hard as God wants to guide us with enough light for the step we are on.

Barbara says that the Holy Spirit is for planning, if you don’t believe it talk to Noah. Instead of planning and asking God to bless our work, we should go to the Holy Spirit first for God’s plans for our lives and our business.

“Business Decisions have Spiritual Consequences.” says Barbara Carneiro

Guest Bio

Barbara is the founder of Word Revolution (a communication and design agency for Christian ministries) and the brain behind 4:12 Lab (a training program for Church Communication).

She helps Christian ministries grow in reach, generous giving and committed volunteers by providing communication agency services (branding, web design, graphic design, strategy and marketing).

And she helps accidental church communicators become excellent at what they do through a 7 week mentor-led training program.

She is a Christ follower, forever curious strategist, minimalist designer, storyteller and geek. You will make her happy with a white chocolate mocha.


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Speaker 2: I started realizing, I said, God, you want to guide me? You wanna show me steps. You want to, you want to give me abundance even because that’s what he gave me that time. Something that the world will probably tell you. Don’t do it right. Uh, God was saying, go for it. My strategies, my tactics, my techniques, they’re all good. And I think we need to learn to implement them when intentionality because there are people on the other side so, but at the same time we have this God that simply wants to tell us, hey, I’m going to light up the next step for you. Are you willing to look and see where the, where the light is coming? And you know where I’m guiding you to go.

Speaker 1: Welcome to Mimika TV. I’m your host Mimika Cooney. Today we’ll be talking about how prayer builds your business. Barbara Caneiro is the founder of word revolution, a communication and design agency for Christian ministries and the brain behind four 12 led a training program for church communication. She helps Christian ministries growing reach, generous giving and committed volunteers by providing communication agency services, black briny, web design, graphic design, strategy and marketing. She helps exited until church communicators become excellent at what they do through a seven week their training program. So welcome Barbara. Welcome to Mimika TV. So exciting to talk to you today.

Speaker 2: Same here. I’m very excited. Thank you for having me.

Speaker 1: Oh, you have? Uh, you do two things that I like totally love, which is talking about, but the Lord and business and marketing because that is definitely my jam. I’ve come from a marketing background and I know we could sit here and talk, you know about strategies and tactics and all the shiny objects and Suffolk because I don’t know about you. I get really lost in it and something new comes out, right? I go, shiny thing. Let’s try that up. But suffice it to say, we, no matter what tools or technologies or tactics or strategies we use, it’s all available to everybody else. But there’s something particular that we have as Christian leaders and entrepreneurs and influences that the world does not have. And Barbara is going to share about this kind of what we would call a secret weapon. But it isn’t so secret. It’s something you’ve heard about before. So we’re going to dive in about how you can use your prayer, as a way of building your business. But before we dive into the content, Barbara, tell everybody how you got started in doing what you’re doing today.

Speaker 2: You got it. Well, it was very accidental actually. And that’s one of the reasons why I use the word accidental and some of those things that I, that I currently do, um, with the people that I teach and mentor, um, is because I don’t, I don’t remember a day where I decided, oh, I’m going to go into marketing or I’m going to go, you know, and to web design in some part, I’ll just look back and I started doing websites for friends and then suddenly starting to charge for it. And, um, it was more of, taking opportunities that were presented to me than it was a plan.

Speaker 2: It was not a strategy by any means. Um, but I, I really enjoyed it. I think there’s a great desire in me to work with things that are creative. So that was a great fit. I never thought I was going to be doing what I’m doing for that long. Um, cause I’ve always had that desire to keep changing things and, you know, maybe work three, four, or five years on something and then do something else. Um, but somehow I found, um, a lot of joy and in that process, in between right now, you know, I’m about nine, 10 years ago I became a believer and that’s when things Kinda took a change. Now I thought, okay, it’s time to let go of this business because I got better things to do now as a Christian, right?

Speaker 2: You’ve got to feed the hungry and you have to free. I did not know what that meant, but I thought for some reason I had to let go of my business. Um, there’s something about it that felt like, oh, this is not something that I got, wants me to keep on doing. And, and yet, I remember one day clearly where he said to me, I’ve never asked you to quit. I just want you to use it for me now. I just want it like I’ve given you this business talents that you have, the gifts that you have. So time to shift, but we’re going to pivot, but you’re not letting go the boat. So that’s what I did, you know, at this point in time, when I look at where I am right now, again, it was not by design. It was not like a strategy that put together in some point in time. I felt like he was literally following step-by-step what God had for me. Um, and eventually we got where we are. Yeah.

Speaker 3: I mean, this amazing cause that I’ve been in a similar trajectory. You know, you start a business and then God kind of shakes the tree, things happen. Many thank business is not ministry. It’s almost like we have this as Christians. We’ve been indoctrinated to think that if you’re not standing on the pulpit or you’re in full time ministry, you’re not in ministry. But I’ve got a news for you, Ding, Ding, Ding. You are in ministry. That’s the whole marketplace ministry. It’s whether you at the grocery store or you at the car pool or you in the office or you have a business, God wants to use us wherever we are. Right? So it’s kind of like, Duh, why didn’t I think of this before? He does it. He never throws away anything. He always brings it back. So you’ve got something that you found that you mentioned that is really pivotal, pivotal to your business, even though you still running your business and you’re using your skills and talents that you’ve now brought God into the picture. So tell our audience a little bit about that and why that’s so important for your business.

Speaker 2: Yeah, so I realized that, everything done prior was done out of my own efforts. It was sweat and tears. It was trying to figure out how to pay my bills. And when I say that it don’t take it lightly. Like there are times where we put together a calendar and the only thing in the calendar was were were bills. I have to pay $100 by tomorrow, I have to pay 500 by Friday, I have to pay. So literally I was just marking down how much I had to pay by what day and you know, sleeping two, three hours a night and trying to figure out how can I make this much money by this whatever date that I had in the calendar. Uh, there was so much self effort. There was so much. Um, honestly hard, right? Well, a lot of, a lot of hustling, but at the same time I felt like I feel alone most of the time I felt like it was, it was me, myself, and I, um, you know, just putting everything I could and you know, your body and some point will start complaining about it, especially the lack of sleep and unhealthy eating and, and things like that.

Speaker 2: And little by little, it wasn’t an overnight thing, but little by little I started recognizing how God was speaking to me. Like he was getting, giving me guidance in some things that I, I didn’t realize. So I’ll give you one example that blew my mind when I first started. And again, as a believer, I was, um, led to change the name of my company. So word revolution is the new name. Um, they used to have a different name before. Funny enough, people used to think he was a tattoo shop. It was not because I had the law, it had ink in it’s I n. K. So everybody used thinkings. I mean, you look at me, right? So it was funny. But anyway, we changed it toward revolution. Um, I knew I was supposed to do that. And you know, soon enough I’m thinking, well, this is going to cause a lot of confusion in my clients because now I’m going to email them from a different URL and different email and names has changed. The name is changing, the logo is changing. I need to let them know. But you know, in my own little world, I’m thinking, I’m just going to let clients know we’re changing names. God wanted me to go a little bit deeper. He said, you need to tell them why. So I had this been a long comfortable cause you’ve almost feel like, Ooh. So I thought, okay God, this is it. You’ve told me to keep the business so you could kill it.

Speaker 2: It was a very Isaac moment, you know, like, so he told me, I need you to, I want you to tell them why. Why don’t you know, email people and say, here’s the new name. I said, okay, I need to tell them why, why I’m doing this. So I remember, uh, 2013, beginning of 2013, I had to send out this email and it was hard. It was hard to ride it. But at the same time I couldn’t get myself out of that moment of, of just saying, okay, I need to do it. I know I need to do it. Wrote it down. I told all my clients, this is what we’re doing. Um, and this is why my faith is pointing me in this direction and I serve a God that those ab and c and I believe in for what he says, very long letter, send it to all my clients.

Speaker 2: Well, well not without like staring at it for hours, without the courage to press send. Um, but eventually I did. And so when I sent that letter, I literally close my computer and I left and I thought, that’s it. When I come back, they will all be gone. Every single one of them will tell me they cannot work with me anymore or they’re going to be upset or mad or I don’t, I don’t even know where those ideas came from. But I had this, this crazy idea that all my clients will be upset with me. Well, when I finally got the courage to open my computer again, I found something completely opposite. I found clients encouraging me. I found clients really just saying, wow, I’m so glad that you taking this step towards something that you really believe in. And some of them, one believers. And I found some believers in the mix that were so encouraged by it that they started introducing me to their pastors.

Speaker 2: So that really it was a crazy boost to our new brand where I wanted to work more with churches and Christian ministry. So literally overnight, the Lord gave me a bunch of clients just out of the courage to send out this, um, email. Um, it was over 300 people in that list. So it was really high. It wasn’t just like, you know, five, six people. It was, it was, it was hard. So I started realizing, I said, God, you, you want to guide me, you want to, you want to show me steps, you want to, you want to give me abundance even because that’s what he gave me that time. Something that the world will probably tell you don’t do it right. Uh, God was saying, go for it. So my strategies, my tactics, my techniques, they’re all good. And I think we need to learn to implement them when intentionality, because there are people on the other side. So when you think of a strategy, when you think of a tactic, I always want to know that there’s a person behind that ours that is receiving what I’m putting out. But at the same time we have this God that simply wants to tell us, hey, I’m going to light up the next step for you. Are you willing to look and see where the, where the light is coming? And you know where I’m guiding it to go. Um, and that’s one example of many really.

Speaker 1: So, so it’s basically you went from living in fear and lack and I constantly trying to take control. Like I say, I gave up my, my uh, my membership to control freaks anonymous a few years ago and it’s been so fabulous because I realized that’s what God means when he says his yoke is easy and his burden is light dry. Be kind of like, why didn’t I do this before? Cause that’s so funny. I had the same thing happened to me as well a couple of years ago and I had to, you just have to put your flag in the sand because it comes a time where you, you just have this, this conflict within you that if you feel really convicted that, that you need to go sit away. But because you can’t see the other side, it’s that sort of like pulling off that what you know and what you not don’t know. So I wanted it very encouraging, especially when you feel like you know, you, you take that step of faith and you, you do what God asked you to. And it is amazing how he opens the doors. So now if you had to break it down, if we could give people actionable subset, they have a business perhaps been hustling hard. They, they, you know, grind. It’s until they have nothing left or they’re so exhausted their health plummets and they feel like you left the same situation you were in. Perhaps they’re on a roller coaster. They don’t know how to get off. They know that it has to be an easy way, but then not entirely sure how to do this. What advice would you give them?

Speaker 2: Uh, this sounds extremely counterintuitive, but the first thing I had to do was stop. I really did. I had to take a moment and just simply say I can’t do this. I’m by myself. I cannot do it. So if I’m willing to let God work in my life, that has to be a moment where you allow yourself to stop. And this normally happens in a time where you cannot stop at all, where you already have a lot on your plate.

Speaker 2: Where I remember waking up days and thinking, I know I’m going to disappoint somebody today cause I know I won’t be able to do everything that is in my to do list. The question was who am I going to choose to disappoint? So it wasn’t a matter of will I or not, it was just a matter of I know I’m going to be able to put some people in. I will have to disappoint some. Um, again, because I was working out of my own efforts or the opposite, I know I won’t be able to pay one bill today, which 1:00 AM I going to choose not to pay? So those decisions sometimes put us in a place of desperation. Um, and you think, well, I need to hustle war. That’s what the world tells you all the time. You can keep on hustling and I’m telling you the opposite.

Speaker 2: You actually need a rest and to rest on Him. So allow yourself a time to say, you know what? I need to have clarity of mind. I need to put this aside for a little minute, just a moment. Maybe it doesn’t have to be a long period of time, but allow God to come in and speak to you. So that’s one practical thing that I and I, I’ve done. Now the question always comes, well, what if I don’t hear from God? What if I can’t hear what he’s saying to me? I’ve had times where I needed something very specific. Should I hire this person? Yes or no? It’s kind of like the details, right? Because God’s details. I think we’re only going to hear called when we go to church on Sunday. But God wants to help be our business partner. And it’s kind of like we just need to let him, the little things count.

Speaker 2: Absolutely. And so he wants to be a part of those decision making processes. And sometimes I feel like we don’t allow him in. We just go for like, that’s our last resource. Oh, nothing worked. I don’t know who to pick. Let me see what God has to say about it. I’d say flip it. Literally flip it on its head and say, start with asking God, do you want me to hire this person? Yes? No? Do you even want me to hire somebody right now? Do you even want me to get a partner or something that will, will be a big expense for your company. There will be decisions that I believe, I believe decisions in business have spiritual consequences. So I need to realize that, you know, a simple thing may not have spiritual consequences, but bringing someone to my team that is, there’s a responsibility, right?

Speaker 2: You’re responsible for a salary of someone that is working with you. You have to train them, you have to lead them well as a servant and not as a a CEO. So it comes with responsibilities that I believe at a spiritual level, carry some weight. Don’t you want Jesus with you? When do you make those decisions? Right? I mean, hopefully he’s right there with me and he’s helping me making those decisions. I’ll tell you one quick story. I felt led to have somebody join me, my team in January, so, you know, put some words out and started interviewing people and asking questions. And every time I kept going towards this person, every time there was just some piece of that it, but he had a full time job already. And uh, but, but something about it, I don’t know, it was almost like the path of peace was that way.

Speaker 2: And that’s what I normally tell people. If you don’t hear God specifically, he’s always going to be where there’s peace. It may not be the most logical one before know the path of peace. What do you feel most piece about? Um, and sometimes the opposite is also true. If I go this way, I don’t really feel a lot of peace about it, so I need to go in that direction. So again, He’s a a good shepherd. He’s going to guide us. And even if he doesn’t say specifically, go to the right. So, you know, I ended up hiring him. He was, he was already, he had a full time job. He started working for me a few hours within the month. I told them, look, I need you full time. What do we need to do? Are you willing? Do you want it? And he was so eager.

Speaker 2: He said, you know, I have been looking for this for a long time. This is exactly the type of job I want to be doing. Um, and it’s, it seems like a dream come true. So we moved in that direction. We both had peace about it. It was unbelievable. Well, when we started working together four or five months later out of the blue, I woke up with this strange thought that I had let him go. I said, but God, you told me to hire him and now I’m hiring full time. He has a family. This must not be you. I was so confused. I was like, and by the way, I kind of need the person. I’ve trained him for several months. Like if this makes absolutely no sense, why you, why you are putting in my mind to potentially letting go of this person right now.

Speaker 2: It just felt so weird. Well, I wrote him a note and I said, it seems to me that what we’re currently paying you, and this was true, what we’re currently paying, you may not be enough to sustain your family. We could only pay him that amount. I knew that and he agreed to it and we knew it was temporary, but something about it. And he said, Barbara, this letter could not have come at a better time. So it is true. I feel like, um, I need to provide more for my family. And out of the blue I was offered this job at a school close by and we’re actually supposed to start it in three days. I never thought I would get it. So I was like, isn’t it amazing that God was preparing me ahead of time to let him go when it was time to let him go?

Speaker 2: So pay attention like there is peace even though sometimes you’re looking at things and the world is saying that they, they should be different. God is always going to be bring peace about it. So it was actually a blessing. He was fearful of telling me and at the same time I was like, well God kind of gave me some cues about it. I know you need to provide for your family and couldn’t provide it for you like full time. Right. It was like a temporary position because we didn’t know, God knows the whole picture, right.

Speaker 1: That he could tell what he needed at maybe that working for you for those few months equipped him with the things that he needed for his future. And I think that’s what I love about it. We really are in ministry. We ministering to people with where they’re at and it’s not like, especially with, I mean my husband also has a business and he would have these big things that he gets annoyed with these hiring people because finding good people is hard. And when you find someone good, do you want to keep them frustrating when you go through the hiring and hiring process? But that’s just the way it is. And I think what I love about your story is that you’ve just come relaxed about it. You’re not like trying to control the process or oh God, whatever, I need somebody, I can’t it and go and you know, make this fear based decision. So that is totally awesome. And I bet you God provided you with someone else. Right?

Speaker 2: So, um, his last day is actually going to be in seven days, so he’s still finishing the work. Um, it’s been an amazing process. Extremely glorifying to God. It, you know, both of us are extremely grateful for one another and he actually agreed to continue to do some work for us on the side. So it’s not going to be like, oh, by the end of the month we got nothing.So, um, I think it was a good timing as well come to find out this is, this is how amazing God is. Come to find out. We lost, um, I wouldn’t say big, big, big client, but you know, reasonable sized client literally within days of us having this conversation. So that would have caused a huge financial dip for me because I would have to continue to pay his salary while having this, um, contracts fall through. So God was protecting us all at the same time without us knowing, uh, everything was extremely, I mean, we absolutely love him. Same thing I think is mutual. So he’s extremely grateful for the opportunity and I think you’re very right. It gave him the experience working with us, gave him the boost he needed for this new job. So I’m excited for him. We’re very, we still friends. We’re still working together.

Speaker 1: Just at a different capacity. Uh, but again, you got to remember, our marketing activities. Um, the way the world designs everything that we do to get more clients to get more business to grow in our business, those activities are all good. I think there’s great insights and great teaching and everything that other people are putting out. Some of them, believer’s even, you know, applying to the marketplace. Uh, but the question that I get often is, well, you know, I just want to rely on the Holy Spirit and not strategize at all. I just want God to do all of the work. And then the opposite is also true. I can’t just sit around and wait for God to tell me what to do. So you have these two extremes of either I hyper plan and don’t let got in or I just sit it out. I just went around waiting for the in the writing on the wall. Like show me God and he’s like, you have a car and if you stay parked in the garage, you’re not going to go anywhere. So you kind of have to put your foot on the gas that’s not driving. I’ll provide the fuel. But you got to drive a car.

Speaker 2: That’s right. And so we have, you know, this extreme is one that doesn’t allow God to operate in your business, which I think we need to correct this extreme over here is one that is. So it’s very lazy. It’s like, God is a Santa Claus. He’s going to give me everything and I’m not going to have to do anything. So how can we merge the two? How can we go towards, there is strategy and there is relying on the Holy Spirit. And I heard something, I wish I could give you the name of the person that said it. I don’t recall. But someone said to me in some point in time, the Holy Spirit is for planning if you don’t believe it talk to Noah. So he received this message years before it was needed. And what did he do? He started building, right? So there’s strategy, there’s details, there’s order, there’s organization, there’s timing, there’s a plan. Um, there’s even a blueprint. So you, you receive the information that God is speaking to you and he’s then giving you what you need to start the planning instead of it being I’m gonna plan and then ask God to bless it or I’m not gonna plant at all and ask God to give it to me. I feel like the Holy Spirit is what we use for planning.

Speaker 1: And I think I came across this as well, I don’t know if you’ve found this too, that there’s something about this that this hangup amongst Christian entrepreneurs and authors and speakers and those who are putting stuff out there, they kind of feel like if they use marketing tactics or if they promotional, it’s too self promotional and then a Christian shouldn’t be self promoting that God will do the promotion. It’s talking about that for instance, because this is something that I think that holds people back.

Speaker 2: Yeah. Yeah. Well it’s, I think it comes from a place of, an honest place in your heart where you don’t want to be the salesy person. And again, you want, you want to have a certain level of humility in everything that you do. Um, so there’s a noble reason behind it. Um, I feel like sometimes we take it to an extreme where we just shy away from boasting on what he’s doing through us because God wants us to use us as vessels in the marketplace, at the church, and you name it, add it within your family, right? So, um, when you both do, you don’t have to boast on yourself. You can boast on him. He’s, he’s okay with that. He can handle it.

Speaker 2: Uh, and so promoting what you’re doing, I think, and I’ll tell you what, when it clicked for me, uh, a mentor of mine said, Barbara, if God has given you something that is for the benefit of others, you’re doing them a disservice. If you’re not putting yourself out there because he’s given you something to give away, He’s given you something that is not for you to keep. It’s for others. So don’t you think that you actually being selfish if you don’t make it available to others? If you don’t allow them to know that you exist and God gave you whatever the thing is, right? It could be anything. It could be a book, it could be a program, it could be something. Now it could be a devotional. I mean you name it. So isn’t that more selfish? And once I, once I heard those words, I really remember feeling like, wow, what I disguised under this, you know, cover up of humility is actually an act of selfishness.

Speaker 1: So it’s kind of, when you think about people that somebody is praying for an answer to their problem and you are the answer, you are the solution to their problem, to be holding it back about how you could be helping people and just releasing in your gifts and your talents and your skills and your services and God will take care of the Ray said really it is, it takes faith, but it is, it takes humility to say, okay, I’m going to put myself out there. I know that God expects me to be a good steward. I love the story of a tenant’s cause if we just buried them in the sand, what did God say? He called him wicked and evil. Ouch. That party at all. So I definitely love that. So what other tip, if we had to sort of wrap it up into takeaway tip, what is what you say is potable about infusing God in your business using prayer? Why is that so important? Um, I think prayer needs to be a lifestyle.

Speaker 2: We talk about a life of prayer. Um, a prayer life, you know, what’s your prayer life like? And I think we need to change that. It’d be and make it a life of prayer. So one word that I hope people take home today is the word interruption. Okay. So, um, we usually see God interrupting our day or busy and here comes a friend that needs prayer or needs help. We’re busy and here comes, I don’t know, husband is sick or kid is sick or busy and suddenly I don’t feel well. So it’s almost like my business life is what, what is that a center of my being? And the other things are interruptions. Um, I want to flip it. I want my prayer life to be the center of my being in business actually interrupts it. So as, as I live out a life of prayer as I am constantly trying to speak to God and receive from him.

Speaker 2: And by the way, don’t use it as a tool. Spend time with him, right? I think we can’t, we can’t do that enough. Spend time with him. He’s going to guide decisions for you. So I want business gently interrupt my, my prayer life and not the other way around. Um, and let me just make it very practical. If you’re, if you’re working on something and um, and again, if a friend asks you for prayer, do you stop and pray right there? If you don’t, then you’re not allowing God to interrupt your life. And maybe he’s calling your attention for that. Maybe he’s, he’s poking you here and there to see, you know, Hinchey allow that little bit of time to come and talk to me about this friend and trust. I got the business now because he, he’s in the details. He’ll, he’ll, he’ll do it. We just need to take this step of faith.

Speaker 1: And I love it. How the idea of flipping it. So putting career in the center because God is our business partner. He can direct his, he knows the insights to be better than we have. So it’s like just give it up girl. Stop trying to figure this out yourself. He knows far better. Um, and now, I mean, I’m sure you probably in a situation where you’re business clients come and you need them, you know, you, you never lack with, uh, paying your bills. You’re not in next year based and you’ll probably be a lot more happier.

Speaker 2: Not Anymore. And I think you mentioned the word fear many times. And that is true. We have been. Yeah, I know that was true for me leading my business from a place of fear. And that needs to change to leading from a place of faith because that’s the opposite of fear. So when I fear I’m relying on what I can and cannot do, when I have faith, I placed everything on him. And I’ll give you one, one very clear example. I have a friend of mine, and again, we learn from others, right? Our, our um, s I’m so grateful to have a group of people around me that sometimes will remind me of those things and my spirit already knows, but I’m not living it out just yet. So he said, you know, um, I need prayers. I don’t really have an eye, any idea of how I’m going to pay rent this month.

Speaker 2: So I already told God, God, it’s up to you, figure out how you’re going to do it. And the, the prayer was so bold, you know, and I remember feeling like I never gave something to God like that and say, I don’t know where my next client is gonna come from. God, you go figure it out. You know, I believe he can do and maybe he will say the next client you’re going to get requires you to do a, B, and c. Maybe it’s not just going to be a knock on the door and here it is. It may be you will require some work from you, but how amazing it is that you can let him do the work. Um, and we’re just invited to be a part of it.

Speaker 1: And I think I think willingness as well and just saying, okay God, I want my business to look like this and this client has got to look like this. And we kind of shut ourselves off to what are the sound sounds guys, I know this is what it’s gonna look like. So even business standpoint of where you going, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve had the civil times where I’ve had to pivot life and this is not a bad thing. You know, sometimes you try something and you say, well, I’m not sure I’m a hundred percent clear God if this is what he wants. But sometimes he wants us to learn from the process by actually doing it. And then we take this step, you realize, oh wait, this is wrong. So then you can backtrack. Then it makes it easier for us. So knowing what you don’t want to do is also as good as knowing what you want to do. That’s right. Thank you so much for this insight. It’s so fabulous. And I know my audience would love it if you could pray for them to activate them and what they’re hearing today so they can step back and walk in faith with their business.

Speaker 1: Yes. So Lord, I just thank you for every person that is now listening to my voice. God, I thank you for, um, how you have placed them in the marketplace for a reason. There’s a purpose behind it. Uh, God, for those who are struggling to see that purpose, I pray that you would make it clear to them, uh, that today God would be the day when they would hear from you and realize what you’ve been doing all along. Lord, for those that are struggling with, um, again, where payment is going to come next, where the next client is going to come.

Speaker 2: And, um, father would you please provide for them. Um, again, we know that, um, you are a good, good father, uh, and you’re not gonna let your children just, um, ask or something and not receive something good from you. So Lord, I pray that you would show them, uh, that you would reveal it to them. Father, I pray that again and even for myself, Lord, that, uh, are [inaudible] [inaudible] lives would become life’s of prayer and that our businesses would be the side thing and not the main thing, a god as we pray and spend time with you, lord, that our businesses would be just a place of execution of what you’re already telling us. I thank you from Mimika and this work that she’s doing through her podcast. Lord lesser and uh, bring favor her way. It is in the name of Jesus that I pray. Amen.

Speaker 1: Amen. Thank you for that. I appreciate that. Our audience always loves to be able to hear as the people in the trenches doing the same thing they’re doing and having praise really helps us to activate it cause we know there’s power in the word, right? Yeah, it is right. Tell everybody, where’s the best place they can find you online or connect with you.

Speaker 2: Um, you can find me on Facebook. It’s very easy to find me there. It’s Barbara Carneiro. Uh, and then, uh, my website is word revolution, w o r d You can also email me from there. That’s probably the easiest.

Speaker 1: Well, I love that and when I first saw your revolution, it’s like, Ooh, I wonder what that means. It’s very curious, but I love it. But if you enjoyed what I’m Barbara had to say today, make sure to share it with your friends. I’m sure you know somebody who could really benefit from the advice that we mentioned today and just some encouragement about in business in the marketplace and how to really step in, step out and work with God. Um, so make sure to do that to the buttons no matter what platform you’re on and leave your comments, your Aha moments, your revelations. We would love to stand in agreement with you and just keep the conversation going and make sure to reach out to Barbara online on Facebook. And we’re either you, you like to hang out and let her know that you saw her or heard her on the Mimika TV podcast. We always like to connect our audience with I guess. And if you want more freebie resources that are only share with my newsletter community, go to and I have a bunch of resources, a book called mindset makeover, as well as some other resources that you can download for your phone and just get connected. So go to So I’ve got to say thanks so much Barbara, for spending your valuable time with me today. I really enjoyed our conversation.

Speaker 2: Same here. Thank you for having me.

Speaker 1: Well thanks everyone. Take care.

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