Finding your Identity through Trials with Nikki Speer

When we are facing a trial, it can sometimes cause us to question our identity.

As women, this is especially true when we face a challenge like breast cancer. The shock, grief and medical treatments can cause our mental and physical appearance to change.

However, God in His graciousness always provides hope and healing when we totally surrender our life and identity to Him.

Nikki Speer experienced the loss of 3 women in her family and pursued breast surgery herself to circumvent suffering the disease. In the process she founded Redefined Courage which provides women with post-operative shirts after mastectomy surgery.

Listen to her story as she shares her insights into finding your identity through God even when we face the hardest challenges.

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Guest Bio

Nikki is the founder of Redefined Courage a foundation giving Hope (post op shirts to breast cancer patients).

Nikki has faced the death of 3 women she loves from breast cancer. She is a pre-vivor herself having had a preventative mastectomy.

Nikki made a promise to her mom to design clothing for her. She kept the promise even after her mom passed having no formal education in fashion or business- just Jesus!


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