Finding Courage to walk in your Unique Calling with Julie Holmquist

We can spend years wondering about our purpose and calling. Perhaps we were taught that a calling is supposed to be like a neon sign or opera singer moment. The reality is that life does not come with directions.

Writer Julie Holmquist shares her story about how we can learn to accept our calling of what God wants of us, simply by embracing the moment we are in.

Listen in as she shares insights for dealing with setbacks and disappointments so you can walk out your life calling.

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Guest Bio

Julie Holmquist is a published writer who is passionate about seeing people awaken to the call of God on their lives.

She believes each person has a gift, something God has deposited into their lives to steward for His glory and to make Him famous, no matter how big or insignificant it may seem.

In addition to blogging, Julie is a contributing author at

Julie and her husband Giff have been married for 21 years and together they have four sons, including one that has special needs.


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2 Responses

  1. Another great interview! Thanks Mimika for having Julie on sharing about God’s calling on one’s life. She had such a great message. I loved how she said our calling is whatever God has for you this season. It may not be grandiose in our minds, but just raising our children to love and hear God can be a huge calling. Another thing Julie said that hit the mark with me is that we can’t just sit back at home doing nothing and expect God to do things through us. I have heard this same message (for me) on at least 2 other of your interviews that we need to start going out and doing something, whether it be serving somewhere or helping someone or whatever – just do something. I’m hearing God speaking that to my heart as I’ve been in a ‘waiting’ season.
    Love all these podcasts Mimika! I’m sending them on to others that I know would love to listen to them too.
    Thank you!