Uncovering your Core, Calling and Clarity with Deneen Troupe-Buitrago

Have you felt frustrated with a lack of clarity and confused about your direction?

For years I wasted loads of time and money throwing spaghetti at a wall, hoping it would stick with random ideas I thought were good.

It was only when I realized that running my business without God was only going to result in more stress, wasted time and loss of opportunities; did I take the right action.

God has created you in a specific way with specific pieces that make up your personality. Sometimes you may feel broken, but that is how God creates the beautiful mosaic that is you.

Deneen-Troupe-Buitrago is a clarity specialist and she shares how to align your activities with your values and God’s plan.

Ask yourself the question, what is at your core that is important to you?

Clarity is thinking through how your experiences work together to make you, so you can deliver the solution to your clients that is unique to you. Getting clarity helps you know where you are supposed to be.

Even though it may look like a failure; it’s how God opens new doors and gets you ready for the next step.

Do you trust God enough to show you the way?

Listen in to what Deneen has to say to find out more.

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Guest Bio

Deneen-Troupe-Buitrago is an Author, Speaker, and Clarity Specialist that wants to ignite your passion for what you do and help you do it better by understanding how God has equipped you to show up in your industry Whole, Holy, and Authentic.

She wants to take your guilt away by teaching you to connect Faith and Business and serve God more through your work.

She provides unique hands-on experiences for your Professional, Personal, and Spiritual growth.

Through her book, CLARIFY 12 Principles to Illuminate Your Calling to the Marketplace, workshops, online courses, retreats, and coaching she helps you succeed at, and CLARIFY, how to live out God’s calling.


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