Unstick Your Mind

The Unstick your Mind Method  will teach you how to get mentally unstuck and Rewire your Mind based on my signature framework. It is designed in two phases to help you move from stuck to successful so you can gain momentum.  The training is based on proven neuroscience techniques, positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, and biblical principles.

phase 1 : Unstick your mind

Unstick your Mind is designed to help you Slow down to Speed up. The 6 step foundational modules include:

  • Mindset Matters
  • Purpose Planner
  • Burnout to Balance
  • Boundaries & Self Care
  • Habit Reinvention
  • Health & Healing

phase 2 : Unleash your mind

Unleash your Mind is the 6 step Advanced training to help you to Rewire your Brain and leverage the power of neuroscience to unleash your full potential. The modules include:

  • Overcome Mental Blocks
  • Rewiring the Brain
  • Power of Words
  • Dreaming & Visioneering
  • Money Mindset
  • Productivity & Progress

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