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“Amazing Mimika, Thank you for the tons of grace you poured my way. You are a top notch mentor, and lead by example more than you realize! I love the way you put together the Mastermind, pulled out the pertinent information, chose an excellent author and book to begin with, and I bless your future Mastermind groups! I was the honored one to have been able to join all of you for part of this journey, and will be playing back everyone’s take on all of the above tomorrow. You, Mimika, make a difference in this world!
Love Cynthia”.

Dr Beth

“I needed help embracing the season that I’m in, and getting unstuck. It was very helpful to meet with her and have accountability to grow into who God has made me to be. Even though I have clinical training, it’s helpful to have someone else to point out your blind spots. I would recommend Mimika and appreciate her working with me!”


“Knowing I had a story to tell and a purpose, I had a lot of things bogging me down. Mimika has helped me go through the transformation in a very short period of time. It’s been astronomical and quick. My whole appearance and countenance has changed! I went from a size 22 to 14 from lifting the emotional baggage. She has helped me tremendously and I’m forever grateful. She is great at bringing out the best in you!”


“Mimika’s Life Coaching opportunities are not to be missed! Unstick your Mind Masters class is an excellent life changing experience! Mimika asks the right questions! She is transparent, real, and super personable. You feel known, honored, and coached. Yet, you experience God’s open-heart, soul surgery all at the same time. Mimika facilitates an experience that causes you to discover the roots of your current life situations, patterns, and mindsets. She assists with setting action steps that cause you to experience real mind and life change. Mimika is full of wisdom, personal life transformation stories, and a get it done, we’re all in this together, positivity that causes you to rise up, discover who you are, and take an active role in becoming who God has created you to be!”


“I had been in information overload! I had spent so much money on courses, was almost burnt out on coaching programs and having an actual identity crisis for myself, as I was leading others. Mimika and I connected at just the right time, she helped me take a step back and helped me uncover my why. She really helped me understand who I am, what I’m doing, and to be my authentic self in the process. She helped me get crystal clear on the things I was searching for all this time, that is my identity (in life and in business)”.


“I was at a low point in my life and knew something needed to change. I learned so much from this class and from Mimika. It was a wonderful experience that opened my eyes to so many things I’d been missing about my own mind. The most important thing to come out of me taking the Mindset Masterclass is getting my faith back, because without my faith I wouldn’t be able to be okay with it. Thank you for everything you do. I can’t adequately express how much the Mindset class has meant to me. I’m starting to feel like me again!”


“It is really hard to put into words how much I appreciate this book I’ve had tremendous breakthroughs! While it was encouraging, it also reminded me that hard work is necessary for us to get better and grow. Hard work including admitting that there are some things (some long held even out of ignorance) in our lives that are unpleasant and can only be dealt with effectively first with the acknowledgement that it exist. Plus, our need to partner up with the Lord and take responsibility for our healing and allow Him to do the necessary. I felt like I opened up more spiritually especially with the prayers included that helped to move a lot of crud. In other words, I highly recommend this book.”

(Worrier to Worrier: A Mother’s Guide from Fear to Faith)


“Mimka Cooney has written a wonderfully thought-provoking book in Mindset Makeover. It truly gets to the heart of getting rid of “stinking thinking”. I found it was a book that helped inspire peace and stop focusing on the negative. Mimka Cooney helps the reader focus on gaining a more intimate relationship with God. There is a study guide also available for the book. I definitely recommend this book. If you are looking to take hold of the promises God has for your life, read this book. If you want to gain control over your life and become more confident and carefree, read this book.”

(Mindset Make Over: How to Renew your Mind & Walk in God’s Authority)


“Previously, I had made progress in this area. Yet, I know could improve. I read this as I did my Graduate texts. I found it thought provoking. She makes good points. Reaffirm the value to renew your mind every so often. Why? Simple. My previous self enrichment work took me to this level. Her book helped me go to a deeper level. If you struggle with self-worth…this book could help you.”

(Mindset Make Over: How to Renew your Mind & Walk in God’s Authority)


“This book was a true breakthrough for me! Thank you for this gift of a book as it has helped me to become more spiritually aware and provided me with strategies to cope and succeed each day. God bless you! I felt like every word pertained to my life and my dealings. Thank you so much for writing this book and allowing God to use you. Awesome book! Now We (God and I) have some work to do.”

(Mindset Make Over: How to Renew your Mind & Walk in God’s Authority)


“I struggle with “stinking thinking” and this book has helped me so much. I highly recommend it if you struggle with negative thoughts.”

(Mindset Make Over: How to Renew your Mind & Walk in God’s Authority)


“This was life changing ! I loved how relatable it was and how Mimika gave specific prayers for each struggle, as well scripture to reference. AAMAZING BOOK!”

(Worrier to Worrier: A Mother’s Guide from Fear to Faith)


“Working with Mimika came just at the right time. It was such a blessing to me, because today I feel that stress off my shoulders.”

(Mindset Make Over: How to Renew your Mind & Walk in God’s Authority)


“Very encouraging. It opens your mind to new concepts of retraining your way of thinking. Truly Holy Spirit inspired”

(Mindset Make Over: How to Renew your Mind & Walk in God’s Authority)


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