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Your Mind

The mindset mastery method
for Christian Women Entrepreneurs

Discover how to break limiting beliefs, stop self-sabotage, heal your mental mess and unlock your full potential by rewiring your brain using neuroscience, coaching and faith based principles.

You’re an ambitious Christian Women Entrepreneur on a mission!

You’re smart, educated and experienced. You love to serve your clients with passion and purpose. Your business is your mission field.

You’re so strong that the weight of your world AND everyone else’s seems to fall steadily on YOUR shoulders.

But lately, that weight has felt heavier and heavier.

You used to be able to handle your responsibilities with confidence, and still rise and shine in every moment of need.

But you’re tired. More tired than usual. Burn out and breakdown are edging closer and closer.

Focusing is becoming more and more challenging. Your energy is depleted, your health is declining, and you are dreaming of a one way ticket to Hawaii !

By the time you pour what you do have into the day’s needs, there’s nothing left for you … or spending quality time with your family.

You feel torn between showing up for your clients and colleagues; and being there for your husband and children, but the drain on your energy is costing your peace of mind.

You’re stuck in frustration!

But you don’t have to be…

There is a way you can wake up each morning feeling excited to face the day.

You can learn how to unload the heavy weights holding you down, renew your energy and regain your focus.

You can get back on track to pursuing the things you’ve wanted to have for years. No more putting off that dream vacation.

Even if you feel a little lost and overwhelmed, Unstick Your Mind will teach you how to get the YOU back so you can be better than ever! 

Change your Mindset to Change your Life

Overcome the overwhelm so you only do what you need to do to live the life of your dreams!

The Real Truth

I want you to know this…. It’s not your fault! And I get it. I was you too.

I came to a point in my life where I didn’t have any peace or joy. Everything appeared to be going right on the outside: I was happily married, had wonderful kids, and a had a thriving business. 

But the truth was, I was a hot mess! I was on the verge of burnout and breakdown and dreaded each day.

I was ashamed to admit that I believed I was a failure as a mother and business person because I couldn’t do it all.

Everyone looked to me to be the leader and have all the answers. I felt I couldn’t let my guard down to share how I really felt.

For years I struggled with stress, anxiety, perfectionism, people pleasing, overwhelm, and a lack of clarity and focus.

Juggling motherhood, marriage, and a business finally took its toll on me. I had experienced the loss of a loved one, a child in crisis, and a business failure that put me thousands of dollars in debt.

I hit burnout big time! I ended up in bed for 3 months utterly exhausted suffering through grief, anxiety, depression and failure. To say I was a hot mess is an understatement!

I had nothing more to give. I had reached the end of my rope, and my life and business came to a grinding halt. I was too proud, too scared and too embarrassed to ask for help.

The wheels falling off the bus didn’t happen overnight. The warning signs were there for years, but I chose denial and hustle hoping they would go away. 

Once the situation smacked me clear in the face, my body gave into burnout, and I could no longer function.

Then I realized something HAD to change.

I came to give life with joy and abundance.” – John 10:10

The Unstick Your Mind course will train you how to heal your soul from the mental mess, so you can unlock explosive growth and make a big impact!

Who is Mimika?


My passion is to help high achieving and driven Christian Women Entrepreneurs to unstick their minds, and heal their soul from the mental mess, so they can unlock explosive growth and make a big impact in their sphere of influence.

I’m known as the “go-getters” coach, a leader of leaders, and strategist for emerging and established Christian women and leaders on a mission.

I LOVE to help Kingdom driven believers pursue their purpose, expand their vision, and streamline their efforts to bring their God-given dreams to life.

My speciality in mining for the gold hidden within the treasure trove of your experiences, skills, gifts, talents and dreams. Working together is about leveraging your skills and vision to build a lasting legacy.

But first, we need to get you unstuck from the mental barriers holding you back!

By combining my 25 years experience with entrepreneurship and online marketing, and my advanced coaching training; I can help you show up with confidence and unlock access to your big God inspired dreams.

As a Mindset Metacog trainer, performance and life coach, I’m a champion for change. I love to spark honest conversations, blaze a trail where others fear to tread, and infuse positivity wherever I go. I’m known for building community, creating connections and helping others share their story with passion and purpose.

My persistence and tenacity toward overcoming struggles has equipped me to empower others to do the same. My contagious energy and kindness will bring joy to any situation.

Having built three of my own businesses from the ground up in three countries, I know first-hand the power of aligning your purpose with God’s plans.

Titles I’ve been given: Motivational Speaker, Author of 8 books, host of the “Mimika TV” show. Huffington Post nomination as one of “50 Women Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2017”. Podcasting Magazine nomination as one of the “Top 50 Moms in Podcasting” in 2020. FeedSpot nomination for “Best 40 Christian Women Podcasts” in 2022. International Award winning photographer.

But don’t let that impress you… 

For years I was addicted to approval, stuck in perfectionism and suffering from “stinking thinking”.

After experiencing rejection, bullying and a broken childhood; I spent years pursuing accolades and addicted to approval and validation, people pleasing,  and low self confidence. 

After a life-changing season in the wilderness, God stepped in to heal my hurts, change my heart and awaken a passion for helping others seeking their purpose in life.

As Seen On

Trust Badges

Maybe you can relate

I realized that before I could help others, I had to change first. I had to put my own oxygen mask on, before I could help others.

As a leader it’s hard to let your guard down because you’re expected to always “have it all together”.

Everyone looks up to you for solutions, motivation and support; but who is supporting you?

When you’re in a leadership role it’s easy to hide behind the masks of success, but it’s super hard to be vulnerable.

For me, the hardest part was becoming aware of my blind spots. Letting go of all the limitations and false beliefs that I had gathered through the years.

I had to ’unlearn’ old muscle memory and the societal idea that success only comes through hustling hard.

Let’s STOP glamorizing grinding and burnout like it’s a badge of honor!

It’s just simply NOT true that the harder you work, the more successful you will be.

It’s also not true that you can plan your way to success by simply ”thinking positively”.

Through this course I’ll show you how to eliminate the self-doubt, fear and overwhelm. I will teach you how to get out of your own way to achieve anything you want…

…without the burnout.
…without the crippling doubt.
…without the hustle or the ’fake it til you make it’ approach.
…without sacrificing your faith, family and self confidence.


Slow Down to Speed Up

This course is designed for Christian Women Entrepreneurs who are serious about doing what God wants them to do, running their business how God wants them to do it, and are committed to implementing the strategies.

You’ll uncover what you need to know to align yourself with YOUR true calling, and step into the success God has planned for YOU.

No more comparison, confusion or lack of clarity.

This course with be the impetus you need to ignite your visionary goals. 

Finally live a fulfilled and successful life of purpose and impact by partnering with God to achieve the impossible!

Join the Unstick Your Mind course today!

How to get on the path to success

Treating the symptoms in your life and business with quick fixes like courses, counseling, and consultants never seems to get to the root of the problem.

As a Christian Woman Entrepreneur you can suffer from burnout because of isolation and a lack of boundaries.

By nature you are a natural nurturer and can tend to percolate and worry about things.

You don’t want a band aid for a temporary fix. You want to identify the root cause to find a long lasting solution.

This is a personal training program for your mind!

Together we will optimize your mental performance.

Learn how to turn negative emotions into positive change.

Be the Boss of your Brain!

“Do not allow this world to mold you in its own image. Instead, be transformed from the inside out by renewing your mind. As a result, you will be able to discern what God wills and whatever God finds good, pleasing, and complete.”
– Romans 12:2

Who is this for?

The simple way

I’ve helped many Christian Women Entrepreneurs get out the rut they find themselves in, and finally live the life they’ve been dreaming of.

I’ve found the SIMPLEST way to do it with no fluff, no empty promises, no more staying stuck.

In Unstick Your Mind we remove everything from your to-do list, except the most basic and vital steps.

We SLOW your down to SPEED you up!

We tackle the things you experience the MOST drama and confusion about:

– Your mindset.
– Your beliefs.
– Your action taking.

We help you decide efficiently how to process challenges, and get you moving on to more important and less drama-filled work.

Each of the 12 Modules inside Unstick Your Mind are designed to address every single foundational skill you need to achieve your goals and beyond.

– These skills will stay with you for life.
– These skills will make you better at overcoming obstacles.
– These skills will help give you confidence in who you are and what you do.

Not only will you be capable of helping yourself break through any barrier, but you will also help others obtain the results that they want by being a catalyst for change.

Being a master of your mindset is a life long skill that can be applied to any circumstance, any challenge and any obstacle.

You learn these skills inside Unstick Your Mind.

You might think that you are too busy, or you may feel like a fraud. You may be thinking that if anyone knew what a hot mess your mind is, that you’d get “caught for living a lie”.

But all you need to focus on is taking one step at a time, and serving yourself and others from a place of love.

Where you are now is the perfect time to start!

Stop thinking about your past, your educational background, or your current results. What this means for you is…

You just need to START.

So don’t let thoughts of not having enough time, enough education, enough skills, or enough confidence stop you.

Start with Unstick Your Mind and we will build your confidence and skills one simple step at a time!

The time has come to end the overwhelm and finally getting unstuck by Rewiring your Brain!

You're in the right place if...

If this sounds like you then I invite you to join…

Unstick Your Mind!

Unstick Your Mind is not just a course
but a life changing shift!

The results you will get

our foundational modules

Be the Boss of your Brain!


You’re on the cusp of making the decision to grow and leverage the power of a rewired mind!


Be the Boss of your Brain!

“But those who trust in the Eternal One will regain their strength. They will soar on wings as eagles. They will run—never winded, never weary. They will walk—never tired, never faint.”
– Isaiah 40:31

Christian Philosophies & Principles

The content taught in this course includes the Bible as a reference and teaching point. We tie scientific neuroscience research with faith based truths. We apply Christian Theophostic Ministry or Inner Healing Principles and visualization techniques.

What we are NOT

This course does not subscribe to, teach or endorse eastern philosophies like yoga, crystal healing, or any forms of occult practices, witchcraft, manifestation or magic. It does not prescribe to new age philosophies, energy healing, hypnosis, seances, or unscriptural meditation practices. The teachings are based in the bible with neuroscience proof to back up our approach, along with scientific research and methods on optimizing the mind.

Be the Boss of your Brain!

Your Investment


$ 699 (Valued at $3000)
  • 12 Module Masterclass Videos + Worksheets
  • Bonus: Mindset Make Over by Mimika Cooney (eBook)
  • Bonus: Worrier to Warrior by Mimika Cooney (eBook)
  • Bonus: 8 Tips to Supercharge Your Mindset Guide
  • Bonus: 12 Secrets to Personal Growth Guide
  • Bonus: How to Look Good on Video Guide
  • Bonus: Prayer of Protection Guide
  • Bonus: Armor of God Wall Art


$ 199 x4 (Valued at $3000)
  • 12 Module Masterclass Videos + Worksheets
  • Bonus: Mindset Make Over by Mimika Cooney (eBook)
  • Bonus: Worrier to Warrior by Mimika Cooney (eBook)
  • Bonus: 8 Tips to Supercharge Your Mindset Guide
  • Bonus: 12 Secrets to Personal Growth Guide
  • Bonus: How to Look Good on Video Guide
  • Bonus: Prayer of Protection Guide
  • Bonus: Armor of God Wall Art

Got questions?

You have two options to purchase the course: (a) single payment of $699; or (b) Payment plan of four payments of $199 each. You will have lifetime unlimited access to the course content, as well as any future updates or upgrades.

Yes! Upon enrollment, you will receive access to your portal and all the video content at once. You will get immediate access to download all the worksheets and materials so you can get started immediately and work at your own pace.

The Unstick Your Mind Course is designed around 12 steps of structured learning. It is designed NOT to overwhelm you. Each piece of training is carefully curated and is not added as “fluff” to your already important and busy schedule.

Our recommendation is for you to follow the weekly prompts and the step by step 12 module process. However, if you prefer to binge watch the videos you can work at your own pace.

Due to the digital nature of this course there are NO REFUNDS offered whatsoever, and no pausing of payments for any reason. Please ensure you are ready to commit and take action before enrolling. Once you purchase the course you have lifetime unlimited access.  Your investment grants you unlimited 24/7 on-demand access to trainings, videos, audio, programs, downloads, and the community.

Yes! Mimika creates new training, workshops and challenges for the Unstick Your Mind community on a regular basis. Once you enroll you will get lifetime unlimited access to the course and any future upgrades or improvements.

This course is not created to teach you “new shiny things”, hacks or shortcuts. The program is designed to create focused weekly action so you build your momentum and take action to see results.

Even if you’ve been around for a few years, this will definitely create results for you when you take action on the tips and exercises provided.

Growth happens with time and this program has been carefully designed to be the support you need to stay motivated and keep reaching for your dreams!

Yes! When you enroll and make your first payment, you will get the info to join our private Community for Students only. It has an online version and App so you can interact from your phone. Get so much value and learn from the questions your peers ask, then see the masterful minds in the group come up with solutions.

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