An Authors Story in 2023 (part 1)

Welcome to the New Year 2023! I pray you had a wonderful holiday season of rest, reflection and rejuvenation (even if the family drove you a little crazy LOL).

Over the holidays I’ve been squirreling away and planning my 2023. This year I’m focusing on getting not one, but TEN books published!

I know I know call me crazy but… The truth is that I’ve had these books on my heart (and partly written on my hard drive) for years. I feel now is the time to get them out into the world, especially for the younger generation who are hungry for truth and wholeness.

Can you help me?

You may not know it but I’m a self-published author. This means that I have NO big publishing company behind me with a team of editors, marketers and a boat load of cash.

Everything, and I mean everything, is all on me.

This is by choice because I firmly believe in maintaining control over my own intellectual property, so I can do with it as I feel fit.

My first two books were published under a publisher and I have NO right to reuse or create other products. Ziltch, zero, nada.


This is why you are so important…

As my friend, reader, fan and supporter I need your help in making things happen. To reach this hungry audience who are desperate for hope, healing and help; I need your help to get these books published.

But before we work on the new books, we need to get my existing books more visible and gaining traction.

In the publishing world we call this “priming”. It is about getting the platforms like Amazon, Kobo, Goodreads etc. recognizing my content so they will show it more often. This way when new books come out they hit the ground running.

We have a new cover

I’m so excited to see that since I uploaded a change in the cover design, and tweaked some of the details, the book has shot up to #1 again as a best seller THREE categories!

This is so exciting because this book has continued to change lives since it was published in 2018.



To date this book has been download 22,783 times!


Here are some of the 427 reviews received on Amazon:


How you can help

We have lots of book launch projects happening soon and the benefit of being part of the Book Launch Team is getting behind-the-scenes insider intel of the launch process, plus FREE books and special gifts.


Join our Book Launch Team today!

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