Wisdom, Work & Wealth for Christian Entrepreneurs with Kevin Cullis

If we look at the parable of the talents in today’s terms, a talent would be worth 200 pounds of gold. This is equivalent to $3,745,468 according to today’s currency!

Jesus talked about wealth in a business context about using talents in terms of production and wealth creation. His commission was for the servants to go out in the marketplace and bring back a profit.

What did He say about the servants who doubled their talents? He called them faithful, but to the one who buried his talent He called him wicked and lazy.

The faithful servants were promoted for their production value and what they did with what they were given. God gives us according to our ability so there is no reason to compare ourselves to others.

Business coach Kevin Cullis says that our job as entrepreneurs is to get out of the poverty mindset and adopt a wealth creation mindset. This mindset says we can do great things with what we are given because we lack nothing.

Your calling is based on the talents and strengths God gives you. It’s your responsibility to discover what you are great at and find the people whom you are meant to serve.

Business is simply taking your strengths and complimenting someone else’s weaknesses and earning profits from the value you provide as an entrepreneur.

The question is, if God looks at you at the end of your life, can you say that you were faithful with what He gave you?

“Take your strengths and find people who have weaknesses so you can serve them.” says Kevin Cullis

Guest Bio

Kevin Cullis, a former U.S. Air Force officer, has his BA in History and MA in Administration. As an author, speaker, and startup entrepreneur coach, he understands the difficulty of pulling together a complete business profile without a mentor, so he usurps the title and mentors you in growing a captivating, profitable, and power-driven mindset.

He shows that God’s abundance is our motivation and drive to achieve. His provision and our God-given skills/talents gives us permission to move mountains for God’s purpose.


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