Successful Scaling with Judy Weber

Did you know that Jesus was an entrepreneur?

Not only was He the humble and meek Savior, but he was also a successful carpenter.

The types of exchange we see in today’s time didn’t exist in the time of Jesus. However, that day and age did have a business design that was structured to ensure wealth and opportunity.

Although our financial system has progressed over time, God still intends for us to work so that our families and the church can thrive.

In fact, not only is it God’s intention, but it’s also His very design!

Within each person He has strategically placed giftings and talents that can be used to help us create financial sustainability.

If you have a God given passion for business and entrepreneurship, and a desire to grow a business in alignment with Kingdom principles, this is for you.

Listen in and be inspired.


Successful Scaling

Welcome to the Unstick Your Mind Podcast on Mimika TV. Get ready to get unstuck, align with your true purpose, and unlock your God-given potential.

Hi, everyone. Welcome back. I’m so excited to have this guest with me today because her and I have been having some great conversations and I know you guys would love to be a fly in the wall because who I have today is going to blow your socks off, and she has a fabulous resume and wonderful stories to tell. So let me introduce you to Judy Weber. She is a Women’s Business Strategist and Scaling Expert, the Founder of and Host of a globally ranked Joyful Scaling Podcast. She’s also the Founder of Judy Weber Co, a boutique consultancy for women in business, my favorite thing, of course.

She helps Christian female CEOs scale their business to multi six and seven figures with simplicity using her proven method called the Joyful Scaling Method. As a former corporate and trial attorney, as well as a C-suite executive, Judy’s genius at showing entrepreneurs how to up-level their mindset, step fully into their CEO role, and strategically transform their current business model into a freedom-based legacy business without compromising their values. She’s also a sought-after keynote speaker teaching and inspiring women across the world to pursue the impossible, knowing that God is able to make your biggest dreams a reality. Welcome, Judy. So excited to have you on my show.

Judy: Mimika, it is such a joy to be here and, wow, what an intro. Thank you for that.

Mimika: I know, right? It just reads from like… It should be on a movie. Dun-dun-dun.

Judy: I don’t know about that.

Mimika: Strong, fierce female takes over the corporate world and totally love that. So, I’m so [crosstalk 00:01:57] I know a little bit about your story because you and I have had the opportunity to get to know each other, but I’d love for you to share a bit of a backstory with my audience and tell them how you got to doing what you’re doing today.

Judy: That’s great. And I would love that because if I were your audience members and I didn’t know me, I would say, “Oh, this woman, I can’t really relate to because she’s done lots of stuff,” but you have to understand where I come from. I come for very poor and humble stock and I’m proud of where I came from. Dad was a factory worker, depending what year we were, he had two or three jobs. He was constantly working. My mom stayed home. I’m one of six. And so we were poor but I never really knew I was poor till I went to college and I looked around and these people actually had cars, their own cars, and this one woman, she had this ginormous diamond ring and she’s all of 17 or 18. I’m like, “Whoa, this is a whole new world here.”

But there were two things I wanted to be as a little girl, a teacher, and in fact teaching and playing school in the back porch is what we spent most of our time doing as kids, and I was usually the teacher. Teacher or a lawyer because I love seeing these powerhouse women in these glass-walled offices in Manhattan, in their heels and their power suits. And I thought, “Ah, I would love that,” but I didn’t think people like me could ever do that. Poor folk don’t do that. I don’t know. My family didn’t have connections. Anyway, long story short, I was the first one to go to college. After college I had five years between that and law school because I didn’t think, even though I graduated the top of the class, I didn’t think I could be a lawyer just because of, again, like you’re a mindset expert.

My mindset was, I’m this kind of people and so I can only go so far.” And as I look back, and I know I’m skipping a little bit, but as I look back at my life, I think that my life mantra has become pursue the impossible, because I feel like I’ve always done that. This little girl from nowhere and nothing by God’s grace went to college, got to a great law school, Villanova, outside of Philadelphia, got these great trial attorney jobs, which ultimately led to corporate America in the C-suite, and then I left all of that to help other women to stretch themselves and pursue the impossible and build businesses that they felt called to by God and really put themselves out there in a big, powerful way, as I believe God calls us to.

I love that. I love the whole idea of, everybody loves a rags to riches story, right? And of course that is just so fabulous that it’s totally real, but what I loved and I think I’d love for us to chat a little bit more about this is how women discount themselves. Like we think, “Well, I’m not qualified,” or, “I don’t have the background. I don’t have the money,” or, “She’s doing so well because she’s so lucky, or maybe she was born on the right side of the tracks, or maybe she’s had more opportunities.” And in our mind we make up these stories and of course the mindset is, “Well, if you’ve been told as a child that you can never amount to much, you kind of settle and resign that.”

But what I love about what you do, you challenge that. So you say, it doesn’t matter where you come from. Opportunities, especially in First World countries where we are, in America. I was born and raised in South Africa and unfortunately some people just don’t find opportunities in life because of that. But a lot of the time it’s really how we think about it. I’ve seen people come from way poorer, huge poverty lines, who just are so determined to find that thing. So, how would you say, in working with women, how do you address this issue? How do you get them past this?

Yeah. Well, everything in my business, my work and my life, it’s grounded in faith. I talk about building a faith-fueled business, not a faith-base. That’s nice, but we allow our faith to really fuel it. So that requires us to live our faith. We talk about how big God is and how He can do everything, but yet, but yet, we think, “Wow, can He really equip me? Will He really, really honor His promise to equip me for my calling?” And then that goes to ruminating in, “Hmm, did He really call me to business or is this selfish ambition?” And I know the ladies listening, if you follow the Lord, if you know Jesus, then you have grappled with these issues. I know I have. And then the money stories. Money is the root of all evil. No, actually, the Scripture says it’s the love of money that’s the root of all evil.

Successful Scaling

So these are all the issues that I know my clients and myself have grappled with. So what I do is point to Scripture. Who does God say you are on two different levels? Number one in Scripture, who does He say that all of His daughters are? And I point a lot of times to Proverbs 31, that seemingly perfect model that is impossible for us to do it all. But I really think Jesus is so good. God is so good because I believe that He put that in there to give us a model to look for, not to compare ourselves and beat ourselves up about how we fail at this point and this point and this point, but rather to say, “You know what? You can do so much more than you think you can, with me,” right?

And it’s not about the doing. I want to just pause for a second and allow you to interject here. But I really think it’s more what we believe is possible for us and not really in the doing, but it really is grounded in our belief. What do we believe about ourselves? What do we believe about God and what He’s going to do for us? And the second level I didn’t get to, then I’m going to be quiet, it’s about what does God say his daughters are generally in the Bible? But then on our private time, when we go to Him and say, “Lord, what do you have for me?” Do we sit and listen? And for the longest time I’m telling you, I did not. Because I’m high energy like you, Mimika. It’s like, “Okay, Lord, I love you. Okay, great. Now on the next thing.” No.

Sort of, ready, shoot, aim. “You want me to do what? I’m already halfway way down the road.” He’s like, “Wait, I haven’t given you all the instructions yet.” Like I worked at the work and He’s like, “Well, duh.”
Yeah, yeah. But sitting still, be still and know that I am God. I know for me, I’ve come a long way, but I got a long way to go, baby, because I just always want to just jump. And I know, I know that I’ve missed blessings because I haven’t sat still to hear His voice and His specific calling to say, “Jude, don’t do this, do that.”

And it’s hard, especially when you are a high achiever, like most of us are, that you feel like you want to be onto the next thing, the next thing, and the next thing. And it’s key what you said, is knowing who we are and whose we are. And I love that concept of our identity because I think a lot of us, especially when you’re high achievers, our identity gets messed up with what we’re doing. And then we get into the whole grinding and the works and now I have to do it. I mean, there’s a difference between, “I’m going to sit here and pray and God’s going to show me,” and then there’s a difference of where, “Okay, I’m just going to go ahead and do it, and God, when you’re ready, you can catch up with me.” And He’s like, “That’s not how it works.”

So there is a fine line to understanding that fact, walking in it and for us who don’t like to sit still, and like, “So does this mean I have to sit still from now? For like 10 minutes? Or does it mean next week?” Always asking and pushing questions because you are a doer, right? You know that, that’s what we do, is we create things, we do things. And I think that’s an important part we need to touch on, is that identity piece, because just like you I’ve found with my clients that, especially those in business, often say that business problems are actually personal problems in disguise and how we wrap up our identity in what we do or what we offer to the world. What would you say about that?

Wow. So much, so much. Let’s back up for just a second. I mean, you as a mindset expert, you know the power of our thoughts, and so a huge facet of my work now, which I fought tooth and nail for until about three years ago, to be honest with you, and I’ve been an entrepreneur since ’03 in some form or facet, whether part-time or full-time, it’s this idea that what we believe and how strongly we believe it. I talk about the belief triad. To me, if you believe these three things that I’m about to share, you are going to succeed in business, okay? First you got to believe in you. And that’s your identity. Who you are in Christ. Are you really an expert? Do you have value?

Because if you don’t, if you’re not grounded so solidly in your belief, and it’s not belief in me as a human being, it’s belief in who God made me to be this powerful CEO, that bold person who has a message, and I believe it’s God’s message that He uniquely prepared just for me to deliver because nobody else is going to deliver it in my way, just like you’re going to deliver a message that nobody else could deliver your way also. So when you believe so firmly in who you are in Christ, who you are as an expert, and who you are as an entrepreneur, that’s the first piece of the belief triad to get you to your successful business.

The second is belief in your ideal clients. You have to believe that there’s the world, then there’s your target audience, and then there’s a specific segment of your target audience, your ideal clients, those who are going to value you, those who are looking for someone like you. You’ve got to believe they’re out and you have to believe that you can transform their lives in a big, big way that matters and that they want. And then the third piece of the belief triad is belief in your offer. It’s always amazing. When I ask women, “Tell me about your signature offer,” first of all they go, “What’s a signature offer? I have like five,” because they believe the gurus. You got to have this whole ladder of things and I don’t believe you need to.

Successful Scaling

But if you don’t believe, if you’re not sold on your own offer, how in the world are you going to sell to anybody else? You’ve got to see the value of it. You’ve got to believe that the container you’ve set is the best delivery method. You’ve got to believe that your process and your philosophy, whatever that is, is the best, best, best. And so when you believe in all of that, you, your ideal clients and your offer, that’s success. But you’re right, if you don’t believe in yourself, we can doubt because we’re human. But if you don’t believe that you are put on this earth to serve in business with your unique something, then everything’s just going to feel laborious, you’re going to get-
Or fake, like faking till you’re making it. It just doesn’t work because we feel like we’re being something we’re not. And especially as Christian entrepreneurs, the world talks about self-help, bring itself and manifestation and you can, from your own efforts. We know this, as Christians, it’s not true because really there’s limits to self. There’s only so much of us and our abilities and our skillsets and our mind and blind spots we don’t see. And I actually think we have the best secret sauce, the best secret agent that works on our behalf called the Holy Spirit [crosstalk 00:13:15] because He knows, and I’m like, “I have got an advantage over you, honey, because I have some extra insider trading deals going on because God’s showing me these things and I can avoid mistakes.”

I mean, I spent eight years as a marketing and branding strategist and let me tell you, I learned marketing from ’95, again. So the whole uphill learning digital marketing as websites and social media came out and all the things they tell you to do, and let me tell you, all the things don’t matter because they just clutter and confuse and put pressure on you to be something you’re not because if that’s just… Like for me, I’m sorry, honeys, you’re not going to see me on TikTok. No, I have standards. I have standards, okay? I just won’t behaving… My 12-year-old or 11-year-old wants to do that and I’m like, “Not going to see me doing that. Sorry.” I don’t care how many times people say, “You can get so many millions of views.” I don’t care, because it’s not who I’m meant to be.

It’s not, [crosstalk 00:14:19] it’s not who I… The people that I want to serve are not appeased by that. They’re like, “Oh, it’s just embarrassing, girl. You’re like 40-something dressing like… Mm-mmm (negative).” So I know that’s not going to resonate. And, like you, I’m sure we could talk about this all day, the missed opportunities, because we were so busy focused on what everyone else was doing, trying to be what everybody else is, trying to be all things to all people, trying to serve all, this little thing and that thing, and the next minute you end up so confused, and a confused mind always says, “No.”

Mm-hmm (affirmative). Yeah. How could we speak with clarity about how we’re going to help somebody when we’re thinking through our 10 service offerings, our suite that we were told to create, and then we’re like, “Oh, my gosh, okay, which one should I pitch here on this one?” And then you’re so confused. Nothing really gets said of any worth. So I wrote something down. I really want to hit on this, too. Too many women worry about the perfect script when it comes to sales conversations. “I don’t know what to say, especially with objections. I get scared.” It’s like deer in the headlights. Hang on a second. This is a thousand percent true. It really doesn’t matter what you say. What really matters is how you say it. And it goes back to that conviction piece. The belief. How deep is your belief? How deep is your conviction that what you have is really going to help somebody?

Successful Scaling

So, just to your point about the… Then it gets you all confused. “I’m confused. I don’t know what to say. I don’t know where to point to.” When you say, “This is the framework for my call. I’m going to ask questions more than anything else. I’m going to actively listen, and then, if I think there’s a fit, I’m not going to feel obliged to offer something if I don’t think there’s a fit. If there’s a fit, then I’m going to go into telling them my amazing offer that I’m so excited about.” And so, that’s what selling’s all about. It’s about serving and loving on them enough to share an opportunity.

Well, think about it. If you go to a doctor, right? This was a total mindset shift for me as well, because the marketing methods are advertising and sell and you’ve got to be hard on the old ABCs of selling, always be selling, and it’s like… It’s just, “Always be closing.” They’re like vomit. That just sounds terrible because it sounds pushy and it’s not like me. But really, if you go to a doctor, you’re going to a doctor for a consultative approach. They’re going to listen to your problems. They’re going to determine by their expertise if what they can do can help you, and if they can’t, they’ll advise you where to go. I don’t see any doctors competing on Facebook and dancing around like idiots on TikTok. I’m sorry. I don’t.
I don’t see that either.

They’re professionals. They know. Like, “I’m a professional. My expertise. This is what I do and I am presenting the opportunity to you. If you feel like this is a good conversation, then let’s take it further, right? If not, I’m going to advise you.” And I’ve turned clients away where they’re super excited to work with me, but I know they’re not ready. They’re not ready for what the container, and believe me, the shiny things, oh, my gosh, seriously. “Oh, maybe I should add this,” or, “Maybe they need this.”
And then we overcompensate. So at the really the essence of it, wouldn’t you say that’s really… It’s the confidence in ourself? Because you even mentioned, and I know this is a common thing with women. Men don’t have a problem with sales as much as women do. Do you think it’s more of them getting their self-concept wrapped up in what they’re offering? Like, this is a business value and this is a personal value, and they sometimes get a little messed up?

Absolutely. I think that’s a really poignant point where it’s like, we have this business and then we have our personal life. But because we are one person, they’re going to gel, they’re going to mix. And so any hangups we have, any wrong thoughts, any wrong beliefs, that is beliefs that don’t serve us, they’re going to show up in your business. In those sales conversations, for example, if you’re getting pushback at all, “Oh, that price is too high.” How many of you listening, your knee-jerk reaction to that is, “Ooh, if I just dropped the price she’ll say yes.” Well, actually, what we found and studies have found, a lot of times, if they’re not sold on you, it doesn’t matter how low you go. That’s not going to be the determiner. You’ve got to have confidence. And see, I think that could be pressure to say self-confidence.

So I always like to say, “Have confidence in Christ. He doesn’t make a mistake. He made you exactly as you are, warts and all,” I say, “The good, the bad, the ugly,” right? But He’s going to use exactly what He’s made in you to be the perfect fit for a segment of people out there that you are called to serve. So you really have to be grounded in that and put the confidence on Him and who He made you to be. And, by the way, God’s a winner. Always. He never loses. So you’re on the right side of things there. So really, just, if you can’t feel confident in yourself sometimes, if that feels like, “Ooh, too much,” then borrow or look to the source of the real confidence, and that is confidence in Christ.

Successful Scaling

Mm, definitely. And that is what I think is so great. And it’s just like taking the step of faith to try something. And this is hard. I think it also depends on where you are on your business journey. Like I look back where I was five, six years ago and where I am now, and I’m like, “Oh, God, thank goodness I’m not like that anymore.” But I had to go through those messy beginning being fumbling around feeling like, “How do I do this?” Like I look at my YouTube channel, I’m like, “Ooh, who let me out the house looking like that?” The lighting was terrible. Did nobody tell me about that? Oh, my gosh. But I look back at that and I go, “I’m grateful I had those lessons because now it’s equipped me.” And especially from business and also being in the coaching business now, I totally pivoted from… I moved out of my branding marketing strategy service space business, because of my own personal experience with coaching and how it changed my life.

And now I truly, truly believe in this because like any sales person will tell you, you have to believe in your product to sell it. I believe so firmly in this process and it’s proven time and time again, but what I’ve also found, and I’m sure, Judy, you find this with your clients is, they can only offer at their level of belief. So, pricing, let’s talk about that for example. When I first started $50 seemed like a lot. I was like, “Oh, my gosh, who’s ever going to pay me $50 to work with me?” And then yet we hear the marketing gurus who say, “You should be charging $10,000. You are worth more.” What is the problem with that, and why does that keep women stuck?

Because they don’t believe it. You just hit it right on the head. I liken it to affirmations. The non-Christian world, they say, “Keep repeating,” and then you maintain the namaste, whatever they call this position here. “Just keep repeating, I am worthy. I am wonderful. I am an expert. I’m a…” But you can say it until you’re blue in the face and see, that’s why it’s like, you’ve got to believe it in order to see any results flow from that. And that’s where you go back to your faith. “Okay. I’m not feeling very confident today,” or, “I’m not feeling very bold today.” Okay, great. God says, “Don’t trust your feelings. Go with what you know.”
So, we’re going back to say, “Who am I in Christ? I am bold. He gave me a spirit of power, not timidity. So therefore I am bold, whether I feel like it or not, I am powerful, and therefore I’m going to step out.” But on this issue of pricing, if your coach, and if you don’t have a coach, you need a coach, anybody in business or life, really. And I’m here tell you, I’m like Mimika. Look, I fought it tooth and nail. But when you find the right person, it’s truly like unlocking a part of your brain. It’s unlocking opportunities that you wouldn’t even have seen, you totally can’t even imagine. But on this issue of pricing, if your coach is telling you to go from $100 an hour to a $10,000 package and you don’t really believe in the value of it, you’re never going to sell it.

So why don’t we get something where we can believe? And part of it is, you understanding and curating this package to be so valuable that you believe it’s worth at least three times what you’re charging, right? And then you inch the price up so that it’s a point where you believe that it is valuable to the nth degree to your client, and then you can sell it. But to go from $100 an hour to a $10,000 package before you’re ready, you’re going to fail. You’re going to go spiraling into drama, and that’s when ladies quit, and it’s really a shame.

Successful Scaling

Because there is this value, but we do have to allow ourselves to go through that process of getting the confidence, because I also found this with my coaching business when I first started. I coached for free for a long time because I wanted to get hours in experience. I was like, “In my personal opinion, I don’t want to sell something or teach somebody something I haven’t experienced myself.” I feel like I have had to walk the path in order for it to be really, truly real for me to sell. So for me, when I went through that process, but it was, it was like to get my mind around, “Wow, people charge these prices… I could never get there.” But it’s like exercise. We go to the gym, right? At first we look at the body builder pumping 400 pounds and we’re like, “Oh, my gosh, I will never get there.”
Yes, you won’t if you don’t start trying pushing five pounds. And I think that’s what’s great with mindsets and business and anything in life, we have to start small, but we all… I don’t know, just the way the world is, it’s like if we’re not making it big and we are not an overnight six or seven figure success story, we feel like we failed. But I really think the beauty’s in the process, it’s in the growth, and we look back and we can celebrate, like, “Wow, we went through that. That was a stretch for me.” Now I don’t even blink about charging these prices and confidence sells. So I think there is no way around it. We just have to go through it. There is no quick fix.

It’s true. And that’s where a coach comes in, that we can compress the time and get to there quicker. But there is a process where… And here’s the thing. You have the expertise and you have those skills and you have that ability and you have the experience. Then all of a sudden you have another huge basket as an entrepreneur, and that is your CEO skillset, which, even an MBA program doesn’t prepare you for that, of juggling the time, juggling the hats and the responsibilities until you’re generating revenue that allow you to have a team, even if it’s a VA or whatever. But it’s wearing all the hats and developing the skillset primarily of all these decisions that I have to make. How do I know which decision to make?

You’ve got to make these decisions not from a place of fear, but from a place of power. And when I’m talking about decisions I’m talking about deciding who my ideal client is. I’m talking about deciding what my offer is going to be, my signature offer. And a signature offer, if anybody’s not familiar with that, I firmly believe that you need to have your own philosophy and process. That could be your pathway, your methodology, which is basically just your step-by-step of how you work with your clients. And I believe that you need to name it something that is your own. You need to trademark that because that becomes your IP, your intellectual property, and that becomes your unique something that nobody else can offer but you.

And that’s important because then you’ll realize that you don’t have to worry about competition then because you don’t have to worry about how Suzie Q is doing her business, because you’re not scrambling for the same clients, because you know you have a flavor. Like how many Italian restaurants are there just in your own vicinity? But they all offer their own flavor of tomato sauce, or their own style, heat, way of cooking pizza. Why are they all busy? Because their styles appeal to different people. And I think we can come to peace about that. We realize, we take the pressure off, and it takes up that performance piece, which I know high achievers struggle with a lot. It’s always feeling like we have to be on and we have to do everything perfect.

But I tell you, can give up your membership to the perfectionists anonymous and control freaks anonymous. You’ll be so much happier. And it’s like, “I can be happy for you because you’re successful. I’m not jealous. I’m not angry. I don’t have to feel bitter. I don’t have to feel there’s something wrong with me because you’re successful, because I’m in my happy little lane going in my happy little pace, running my race that God’s told me to run.” So I just love those concepts of really tapping in to who God made us, and it’s really the best thing ever because we have that insider special thing that people in the world are probably struggling to find. So I think that’s so encouraging. Well, I know, Judy, you and I could chat forever because there’s so many little rabbit holes we could go down with all these aspects, but I know we’ve covered a lot today. But if you had to wrap it up into a takeaway tip for the ladies to remember today, what would you say?

Yeah. Pursue the impossible, okay? We’re all business owners. What does success look like for you? What is that impossible vision or dream that you have for your business? Pursue it. Go to God with it. “Lord, this is my vision. Is this from you? Is this really what you want me to do? And if it is, Lord, give me the steps to get there.” And one final thing, if I may. There is a big difference between being busy and being productive. And what I’m finding, the deeper I go into my mindset work with my coach is that less is more. That your results do not come, and this is going to sound so counterintuitive, your results don’t come from your actions. They come from your thoughts.
And I want to prove it to you with this simple statement. For those of you out there that are busy grinding, and I hate that word, I don’t grind. I don’t hustle. But if that is you and you are doing, doing, doing all day long, but you’re not enjoying what you thought you would be enjoying, the financial freedom, the time freedom, I just made my point. Stop doing so much. Start thinking, working on your thinking and your beliefs, and when you get strategic about your thoughts and intentional about your thoughts, that is when your results are going to be much, much closer to that impossible goal that you really see for yourself.
Exactly. Love that. And I say, you and I are on the same page. I talk about it, too. Busy isn’t a badge. Busy isn’t productive. And when we can realize and get ourselves into that place of being calm and peace and knowing that we’re doing what God wants us to do when we need to be doing it, because I think timing is another thing that sometimes messes every… We’re so worried about doing the next thing we’re not really finishing what we’re doing now. So, great nuggets of advice.
So excited to [inaudible 00:29:20] is that you and I are same trains in the same direction and I said there’s so much we can cover. And mindset in the way you think is such an integral part to everything because what you believe you will pursue. Without that self-belief, like we said, if you don’t believe in yourself or your offer, you’re not going to do it. So, great words of wisdom. So tell everybody, what’s the best place they can find you online and connect with you?
Great. Great. Thank you for that. Yes, I am everywhere. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, @JudyWeberco. @JudyWeberco. And then I would love to offer for our listeners the Ultimate Scaling Guide that I put together. And here I put my walk to my talk because in this 20-page booklet, it’s really a workbook where I give you questions to answer. Things to think about, to get you to have exponential growth in your business. So, again, go to,, and you can grab a download that Ultimate Scaling Guide for free.
Definitely. Well, we’ll have all these links on the show notes and also make sure to connect with Judy online and mention that you heard her on the show because we always love to connect our guests with our audience. And also, if you’re listening on Audible or on our audio versions, make sure to give us a five star rate and review and make sure to subscribe to our channel. But before we wrap up, Judy, would you mind praying with our audience and sending them off with some good blessings?
Oh, I would love to do that. Thank you. Oh, heavenly Father, you are so good, God. Thank you for this opportunity to speak to so many women, and I pray that your words will land, which are my words. I’m just your vessel, Lord, but I pray that your words will land in their hearts and minds and give them clarity and give them peace and give them joy in the doing, Lord. Speak to them. Let them know what it is you have for them very clearly, Lord. I pray that you would give them those next steps. They don’t have to see it all, just like Abraham didn’t see it all, but just the next step. And I ask that you would deepen their faith and their belief in the amazing, extraordinary women that you made them to be. Lord, we love you and we trust you. Help us to love and trust you more in the mighty name of your son, Jesus, our Lord, we pray. Amen. Amen.

Amen to that. Thank you so much for that. And if you’re listening driving in the carpool, doing the dishes, claim it as your own. You can step into who God made you to be and reminding you who is you belong to because we’re all royal crowns. Wear your crown with pride, ladies. So have a wonderful blessed day, everyone, and stay tuned for next week. Take care.

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