Success in Surrender with Natasha Hemmingway

Success in Surrender

Surrender is not easy. If you are a very driven, recovering perfectionist, you might find surrender hard. But the key is finding success in surrender.

Just like our guest, Natasha Hemmingway, we are always in recovery.

We like to do things with excellence and sometimes we have to chill with the perfectionism.

Natasha says “I am a get ahead of God gal. I like to get ahead of God.” He gives us a part of the plan and then we are off! But hang on, what about the rest of the plan?

Maybe we might say “okay God, I got it from here, but now I need you to come in and bless it.”

For a perfectionist go-getter it can be a challenge to sit and rest and do nothing. God had brought you through things, and the concept of sitting, waiting and surrendering can be the greatest test.

As Christian entrepreneurs who are seeking clarity and direction from God, we need to be aware of our influences.

Who is speaking into you? Are you praying into that situation yourself or relying on others to give you clarity? Do you know the word for yourself? Are you in the word? Are you seeking wise counsel?

Our fruit lies on the other side of our obedience, and that only comes when we are prepared to fully surrender to God and His plan.


Natasha Hemmingway is a corporate, start-ups & entrepreneurial-based Sales Consultant, Coach and Speaker and the creator of Heart Not Hustle®️—a sales coaching firm founded with an aim to help corporations, start-ups & entrepreneurs find, and focus on the deeper meaning behind their business motivation and sales message. She helps corporations, start-ups & entrepreneurs master their authentic sales process & sales strategy, achieve meaningful success and maximize their sales wins by bringing the Heart Not the Hustle®️.

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Success in Surrender
Success in Surrender


Success in surrender

Mimika Cooney: Welcome to the unstick your mind podcast on Mimika TV. Get ready to get unstuck align with your true purpose and unlock your God given potential. Hello, and welcome back to Mimika TV. I’m so excited to have you on the show today. We have an exciting guest and this is some lovely lady that we, I have had the privilege to chat to.

We are within driving distance to each other. We have not yet met in person. But her story and her tips and her strategies are so valuable. I knew I had to have her on the show. So today’s guest is none other than Natasha Hemingway. She is a corporate startup and entrepreneurial sales consultant, coach and speaker, and the creator of heart, not hustle.

A sales coaching firm founded with a aim to help corporations, startups, and entrepreneurs find and focus on the deeper meaning behind their business and master their authentic sales process and sales strategy. So they can achieve a meaningful success and maximize their sales wins by bringing an attitude of heart, not hustle. So I’m so excited to have you on the show. Welcome Natasha.

Natasha Hemmingway: Thank you so much, Mimika. I am honored and excited to be here. I’m excited

Mimika Cooney: to have you share. And I know we do need to discuss this in person someday, but I thought this is so valuable information. So many of Christian female entrepreneurs that I know that I speak to have this issue about sales or understanding the strategy behind it, because we know as Christian entrepreneurs, we work in God’s economy, which is a little different to the way the world sort of preaches, right?

Natasha Hemmingway: Little business school, big 1000% different. Completely.

Mimika Cooney: Well, I’m excited for you to share your, your tips and tools, but before we do that, could you give our audience a bit of a backstory of how you got started doing what you doing today?

Natasha Hemmingway: Yes. Okay. So I spent 16 years in corporate sales the rep side, the management side. Absolutely loved it. Loved what I did. But honestly, God was like calling me to something different and I’ll be really transparent. Back in gosh, 2013, we ended up losing our full term son and that was a complete. Surprise. It was not planned and it completely changed everything about how I saw life.

What my purpose here on this earth was anymore. How I wanted to walk out my life if I was going to have to keep living with this type of grief and this type of pain. And in the industry that I was in at the time, I was actually up for a promotion in the runnings and this promotion, just to explain how difficult it is is you have to have two years, which is eight quarters of meeting your quota in sales at a hundred percent or greater.

So that means you have to hit the goal or exceeded every single quarter for two years, eight quarters. Okay. If you drop below, you start over during this time when me and my team were in the running. For this promotion for me to get this promotion, they’re part of my territory. When that happened. My, I ended up losing my son.

So, and FY, when you lose a full terms child, you don’t get maternity leave because your child doesn’t survive, which is quite sickening within itself, but it is what it is. So I found myself in that step situation where, okay, I’ve gotta go back to work. I’m not ready. Obviously I’m dealing with a lot of grief, a lot of pain, and I’m not getting the maternity leave.

And I was like just in a really low place. And I’m just like, I don’t even know if I wanna be here anymore. And I knew that was not my thoughts. Right. I’m like, that’s not me, cuz I love life and I love to live and serve the people and just, I am a people person. And so when that was my thought, I was like, okay, I need grievance counseling.

First of all. So I went, got myself in grief, counseling, all that kind of stuff. And then I obviously was back into work. And when you’re in sales, it was a very, very high pace. The type of sales I was. High paced job, great money, but it was like a lot of stress and pressure. And so through that process, I remember after we had lost our son later in that summer, we ended up going to this island that we go to every year, my husband and I remember coming back from the airport.

I was in there and I was like in my spirit, what dropped in my spirit and what, what I know God placed on my heart was this thought of, I know I’m made for more. I know I’m called for greater, but I don’t know what that is. And so I was telling my husband that, and my husband was like, well he tried to reverse engineer me into it, you know, man, like, okay, well, like let’s figure out what that thing is.
And so we’re sitting in the airport. Went on our flight and he’s trying to help reverse me, engineer, engineer me into it. And I just said, I love people. That’s what it came down to. And he goes, that’s not a business, honey. So we’re gonna need you to go back to work. And I was like, I know, I know it’s not.
And so I just went on back to work, but you know how it is as a Christian and being when you are constantly seeking the Lord, like he will give you like a tap. Whisper a nudge. And then I say, he’s gonna give, give you like the straight kick in the back. Right. And that’s what it came in the form of. So this is all happening in this time.

We start the clock again to run for this promotion. I ended up getting it. I ended up being the only African American female, senior territory sales manager across the division, across the country. So it’s like a really big deal, cuz there’s not a lot of diversity within the type of sales industry that I’m in.
Always has been that way. It’s still that. So it was a really big deal and I’m very much a loyalist, right? I’m all about excellence, giving my all showing up at my best. So I’ve only worked for two companies eight years, one, eight years, the other never had any issues. I ended up a couple of months after that getting pushed outta my job, never had an HR violation, never had a write up nothing back then.

It felt like a death because I’m like I’ve committed all this time. This loyalty. You know, I’ve gone through losing my child, coming back to work quickly, then performing, getting promoted. And it felt like a death. But what I know now is looking back, it was actually God being like that is over that season is over that door is closed onto the next, right?

Talking about Success in surrender

Like there’s something I have for you. And so it was hard, but in that leaving. That is when God even spoke that even deeper of, I know I’m made for more. I know I’m called for greater. Like, I just don’t know what it like. It was like, now it’s time to move because I don’t know if you’ve ever been in that situation where you’re in a place and you’re in a position and you’re like, oh my gosh, I don’t know what I’m doing.

I don’t know what my next steps are. Like God show up. Right. But in the midst of that, also we try to run back to what’s comfortable. So I was like, well, I’m just gonna maybe go get another job doing the same thing I did. Because when you work for this company that I work for, it is one of the largest medical device companies in the world.

Okay. And so when you have that under your belt, it’s hard to get in the door, but it’s hard to even stay. When you have that under your belt, you can go anywhere. You want pretty much. Meaning that I’ve been a rep, a manager having such great track record, meaning all these sales stuff, getting promoted, all that stuff.

I could have went anywhere, but literally in my spirit, I could not move to the point. I didn’t have a LinkedIn, I didn’t have an updated resume. Like I had been there and planned to be there. And when I went to try to go update a resume, go on LinkedIn, anything, I would like just be sick and I would cry, like, and I knew the spirit was like, don’t.

Move do not go that direction. And my husband was like, why are you trying to go back to where God brought you from stop it? And I was like, so true. And so God gave me confirmation. I sought him out. He gave me confirmation. We took that next step. And guess what? That next step, let me be really transparent, cuz I believe in this cuz I don’t care if you go to my Instagram, my LinkedIn, all the great things you see all the picture.

I don’t care. I’m all about being honest, open, transparent. And authentic, right. Because there’s too much mess out there. That’s trying to convince you another story of how someone’s great someone is. No. Yeah. Like they

Mimika Cooney: highlight real, right. This is really live when it’s actually not

Natasha Hemmingway: exactly right. And I never show up that way. Whether you meet me in person, you see me online or I’m speaking at an event, whatever it is, I don’t care. So Through that the first stop that God took me to was actually a health coaching. I was a former competitive gymnast ran track high school, college, doing all these things. Okay. And so I was like health coaching.

And so I did that. We prayed about it. God gave me confirmation three times in a matter of literally a 24-hour period, there was no denying it. We talked to our financial advisor, we go into it. I’m like we were gonna give it a. And I cannot explain this anymore. Clear, y’all got to month eight and I’m like, OMG, this is not it.

Cause I know how to sell ketchup to a girl and a white t-shirt y’all like, I know how to sell ice to an Eskimo. Like that’s not an issue for me. Right. I know about process sales process strategy, a 30, 69 day plan. You name it, I’m on it. And I was like all in and it was not moving enough for us to sustain it.
So I was literally like, okay, God. Now I’m angry. You told me to come here, I’ve done it. I’m giving my look.

Discussing Success in Surrender

Mimika Cooney: Where are you? You’ve been to show up.

Natasha Hemmingway: Where are you? come on. Where are you? And why? Why all, like, why did you bring me here? So I’m just transparent. I was angry and sad. And I tried to go run back to what I knew, cuz I’m like, I can make more money doing that.

That’s security. I can do it in the eyes closed. My husband was like we said that we were gonna commit to the year you’re at the end of month, eight, sit down. Just sit. We already committed the money.

Mimika Cooney: to say you’re listening husband. Right? Some of us would’ve said, okay, whatever you wanna do, honey, where he was like, no, you sitting still, honey.

Natasha Hemmingway: sit still.

And this is what I tell people, seek wise, counsel. Everybody does not have permission to seek, speak into your dreams, goals, visions, and your next steps. Cuz a lot of times their fears are showing up that has nothing to do with you. And then you take ’em on and you don’t make moves. Right. So my husband, thank God.

This is nothing, but God, God equipping him to give him the wisdom, the resilience and the faith in me when I even didn’t have it in myself. And I’m a very strong person and my faith, like I have, I’ve been told, like I have the gift of faith. Like I know my spiritual gift is exortation, which is to uplift and power, all those things lead.

But my husband, he had that gift when I didn’t have it. And it wasn’t working well for me because I was in a place of just. Being like lost, terrified. Right. And it was really God just keeping me in the valley and preparing me. Right. But it doesn’t feel like that when you’re in it. Now I look back, I’m like, oh my gosh, I needed to go through all of that to get to where I am.

So next steps. Right. You guys, we, I sit and this is what I call my surrender season. You guys and Monika can see it. There is a. Tag back there. That’s in my brand colors that says surrender, that one of my clients made me because I talk about that word all the time. When people are like, oh, it’s a new year.

What’s your word? Surrender. It’s been my word since 2016. Okay. Since I’ve been on this journey and surrender is not easy for me, I’ll be transparent. Again. I am a very driven. I am a recovering perfectionist mm-hmm haha.

Mimika Cooney: All of us out there. Amen. Sister.

Sharing about Success in surrender

Natasha Hemmingway: listen. I am always in recovering. Okay. Because I like to do things like excellent. And I have to just chill with the perfectionism and so. Surrender is not easy. Okay. I’m like this girl said it a Christian pastor, a female Christian pastor on Instagram. She was like, I am a get ahead of Gotter like, I like to get ahead of God. Okay. Oh yeah. I like to get ahead telling the plan.

Mimika Cooney: He gives you like a one part of the plan.

You’re like, okay, got this. And you’re orphan. He’s like, hang on. What about the rest of the plan?
Natasha Hemmingway: That part come on Monika. Like, oh God, I got it from here. I gotta do. And oh, and come on God. Now I need you to come in here and bless it. And that was very difficult. I had to sit do and do nothing because that is a place that God had brought me through.

I didn’t know what I was good at anymore. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I was just like, I don’t even CA I’m lost, but God gave me that word surrender through a friend. Who I grew up with, took competitive gymnastics with loves the Lord, loves the Lord and has a very, very strong, prophetic gift. Okay.

And I was like, I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I’m so frustrated. God told me to come here. You can burn it. Da, da, da. And she said two things to me. She said, and this was a shift. And I think this is important to tell more than sales tips and accolades. I can get to that. You can go to my Instagram, read it all day, but this is the stuff that matters.

You guys, especially as Christian entrepreneurs, you need to hear the stuff cuz if you haven’t went through any valley, You will, but it’s more about what you do in that season. What you do, who’s around you. Who’s speaking into you. Are you praying into that yourself? Do you know the word for yourself? Are you in the word?

Are you seeking wise counsel? And she was that for me, actually, two of my childhood best friends were that for me. And she said to me, I was like, I don’t even know what I’m gonna do. She said to me clearly, do you think the only thing that God created you to do was to be a successful sales rep or a health coach?

And I was. Bam. Like she hit me right in the mouth and I was like, no. And she said, exactly. She’s like, you are not just two things. God is always creating, restoring, renewing, pruning, growing, rising up. She’s like, and you’re no different. He has that for you. And I can see that on you, but. She said, then she said, my next question is, are you playing God small?

And I said, absolutely. Let’s just be honest. And she’s like, and you’re angry about it. I said, exactly. And she said, go pray about it. And I was like, no, tell me what to do. don’t tell me, I have to
Mimika Cooney: sit, sit still. What do you mean? Sit and relax. What do you, what does that mean? no,
Natasha Hemmingway: I don’t have time to go pray.

I’ve been praying girl. You have a prophetic gift. Tell me what to do. Sister pray. And she was like, no, go pray. I left from there and God again, 24 hours spoke the word of surrender over. Three times and it came in three different ways. I couldn’t deny it to the third time I’m driving home from dropping off my son from school.

I heard the word again through a sermon I happened to be listening to and he talked about, it’s not enough to, to surrender. You also must be willing to obey. And man,

Mimika Cooney: Ooh, that’s painful. Right? Surrender and obey, especially when you are very hard, strong headstrong, ready to go get ’em girl who wants to. No gonna take no for an answer.
Like, Ooh, that hurts.

Natasha Hemmingway: Yeah. And he talked about how our fruit lies on the other side of our obedience. And I was like, boom, I literally took my hands off the wheel. And I said, okay, God, I surrender. And I said, and you better show up. Listen, y’all I talk to God, plain. My clients crack up with me all the time and people on social media, like, this is just how I am.

I am straight up and, and, but I, but God knows my heart. I always do it from a place of love. Right. And I said, God, okay, you better show up. I said, and, but I also started quoting scripture. You said in second Timothy one seven that you do not gimme a fear of fear, but a love, power, and a sound mind. I am claiming that all for myself.

Also, you said you will never leave me nor for state me. I’m claiming that if he’s just three 20 exceed me, but I, I literally spoke word because we know that God’s word does not return void. And that’s why it’s important for us to be in the word, know the word for th self so that you can speak it over yourself, whether you believe it or not.

Because at the end of the day, feelings are not facts. And you can have a lot of feelings when you go through a lot of values, because entrepreneurship is not one way, not one line, not one strategy. It’s always evolving and changing and you have to be growing. And so. Said, okay. Took my hands off the wheel, sat for those last four months and then got answered.

Join our discussion about Success in surrender

I got accepted as a speaker coaching program, by the way, I was not qualified. And guess what? Y’all it was gonna cost me five figures to even go with it. I had to have a brand website. Lead magnets workbooks, all this stuff because also, and PR clothing video, it was massively expensive. After we had spent a year’s worth investment.

I prayed about it. My husband, I brought it to him. He was like, yes, go. And y’all it. Wasn’t my. I wasn’t like, I think I’m gonna be, be a speaker. It was because I sat and waited on God and he gave me the next steps. So we had the assurance and the ability to say yes, even when we couldn’t see it, believe it grasp it.

We just said, yes. and it was the best decision I made. And I went into that speaker coaching program got accepted right before the doors closed. Wasn’t qualified. And that moved me to have a brand. I started speaking internationally across the country, in the country, and then it started to be where people, I would pray to God and say, God, give me confirmation by showing me the one who is the one.
Just at least let one person. Come up to me and confirm that I impacted them, that your words that you’ve given me and that you’ve equipped me and my spirit that’s in this room have shifted and done the job that you’ve called me to do. It’s not about me. They’re not confirming me for me, but it’s that I have been obedient and that your words and where I am is impacting and it’s making moves the very first time I spoke out of the country in Canada.

There were women from literally Australia, Africa, New Zealand. I mean, they were from everywhere. It was the most beautiful conference. And this woman came up to me afterwards and she was in tears and she said, I felt like. No one else was in the room, but you and me and that you were speaking directly to my soul and she’s like, I needed that.

And then she asked me, how can I work with you? How can I get with you afterwards? I was like, honey, I don’t have anything. All God told me to do was speak. And that’s all I’m doing. I was like, catch me in the next city. I don’t know. Right. So it went from speaking and every time, every time I spoke, it’d be two women, five women, 10 women, a line, a lot of people or emails coming in.

And I said, okay, God, what’s next because I am supposed to be serving as women because they’re asking me, how can they work with me next? And then that’s when I came into coaching. And at first it was just doing coaching around meaningful success, which was, God gave me that creating and really helping women go from career to.

Taking all this business acumen business development that I created and done in sales by being a rep and a manager and helping women figure out how to go from career to calling and how to say yes to their purpose and their passion. Because the definition God gave me around meaningful success was creating and cultivating.

What matters to you most and gives you purpose and joy. Not what you think you should be doing, not what somebody else told you. You’re good at and you should be doing and you hate it. Not doing what another woman does because you have the same skill set. You see her making a lot of money. You’re like, oh, I could do that too.

Even though I really don’t want to no. What brings you purpose and joy. And then I started helping those women. And then from there they were like, okay, Natasha. And it was like a lot of mindset work and a lot of business development strategy. And then from there, they were like, okay, now how do I sell it?

Because they go to my website, they see my bio and I’ve done 16 years of sales. And I was like, I don’t do any that anymore. Been there, done that I don’t do anymore. And they kept asking and asking and asking, and then of course, God, how beautiful he is. He brought another friend in Christ that said, Hey, the holy spirit speaking something to me.

Can I share it with you? Can I impart it with you? And I said, absolutely because I know her and I trust her. And she said, Why are you not serving women in the way that God has equipped you called you to, and you also not just equipped you called you, but you are actually good at, which is in sales. And I was like, oof.

And I had to sit and think Mimika, because what happened was getting pushed out of that job, felt like a death. And there was a lot that I was still holding there. And then when I thought back to it, I’ll never forget my first business coach. Said, why don’t you do something in sales? There’s so many women that need it, please, please.

And she was outta London. I was like, Nope. Been there, done that. God has removed me from it. Door shut my branding and marketing manager, who was with me literally, probably seven years of my business from the inception of my business. She was like, you really should develop something on sales. I’m like, Nope, didn’t wanna do it.

So all God start bringing all these recollections of like, Hey, remember all those times I kept telling you that. Well, it is for such a time as this, for you to recall that. This is where I want you, but Monika saying yes to that meant changing everything, everything that I already built, branding website, copy, keynotes content courses, everything.

So of course I cried and I prayed about it. I spoke to my husband about it, and the minute I mentioned to my husband, my husband was. I’ve just been waiting to you for you to arrive to this
so he already knew, but, but he had, they had all been saying it, but you know how, when God is bringing something to you and you’re not ready to hear it, you don’t, you hear it like in denial? Mm. Yeah. You’re in denial. You hear it and you put it back, like you just brush it off. And I was like, he said, Tasha.

He was like, it is what God has gifted you with. He’s like, and you have a way of with sales. People don’t even feel like they’re being sold to like, you know how to shift people and help people where they can do it in a way that’s authentic. He’s like, I have seen you do it. I have watched you do it on calls.

I’ve watched you do it with people in the church. I mean like cuz sales is all around us. You guys, it’s not just about a product and a service you’re selling your brand yourself concepts idea. It’s it’s we overcomplicate sales. So when I said yes, the best way I can explain it was it’s like, when I was doing meaningful success coaching, it was like the trickle of the faucet was on.

When I said, yes, it was like, God opened the, like literally the dam, the floodgate, it was abundance clients opportunities, and people were constantly confirming. And that is how I got here. And I think it’s really, really, really important to always share that with people, because I think we are in a world and of so much culture of social media and people selling themselves and people not really understanding the journey.

Natasha shares about her Success in surrender

And what happens is, is entrepreneurs. We get in and we compare ourselves to other people and we think something’s wrong with us. We’re not doing it right. Or it should look like this, or I’m not as successful. And it’s like more people need to be transparent about their journey so that you can understand that where you are is exactly where you’re supposed to be is exactly got how God wants it to happen.

You are not behind you are not delayed. None of that. You are exactly where he wants you to be. And the more you honor that the more you surrender, the more you’re obedient, the quicker you will get to his blessings and the abundance and the money and all that stuff. So I never ever want to have people miss that because our brands and all this stuff says these great things, but it’s, it’s really in the story, how we’re transformed and all the storytelling is really just the power of testimonial.
And that’s what we

Mimika Cooney: just sharing. It’s just sharing from authentic. And I love how with your story, it’s just a classic example of how God uses everything. He uses all things to work together, nothing. And even though, and I resonate with this very well because I, my in a, in a previous life, well, a few seasons ago, I had a photography business that also.

Didn’t end had to end. And there was almost that sense of grief. And it’s like, when you lose something, that’s been part of your identity. Yeah. And women especially struggle with this and men as well, but I’ve seen it particularly in women entrepreneurs, especially if they’ve had a business, that’s been part of who they are.

If that’s their identity is tied in their business, that if something goes wrong or their close a business, or they, they lose money or whatever, we see that as almost like a, an attack on our self-concept like I’m a failure as opposed to the business failed or. Whatever the situation was. And that’s that, like you said, it’s, it’s tied to almost like grief in those processes.

Like we have to allow ourself to get past the denial to be able to come to a place of surrendering. Yeah. And this, and really there is such success in the surrender. Yeah. Because we get to a stage of aligning. Allow putting it all down. And I did, especially for us, like I say, I gave up my membership to control freaks anonymous.

And since then it’s like so much easier and so much more enjoyable when we take up God’s God’s yolk. Right. Which is, yeah. Not like ours. So I love that. Hi, he’s just taking you full circle and he hasn’t wasted anything he’s using it.

Natasha Hemmingway: No. And here’s the thing we get. I think our identity, I think why women struggle with identity so much is because our culture think about it.

The first time someone meets you. They’re like, Hey, what do you do? What do you do? Mm-hmm so our identity is attached to that because the world has identified that as success. Class money, all of these things. And I think there’s another whole beast in social media where we’re constantly looking left and right having imposter syndrome, comparing ourselves.

So our identity, we, we get quickly swept away in what the world see and what we’re constantly being inundated with when our identity truly exists in Christ. And so when you follow Christ, honey, you have to be surrender. Okay, because he can switch your identity, like your identity of who you are in Christ never changes to him.

But as far as like the things that you do or the vessel that he uses and gives you with to provide heavenly money, kingdom, entrepreneurship, money, whatever the thing is, or a title, that’s just your vehicle. That’s the vessel, right. But that’s not your identity. Right. It’s the thing that he’s gifted you with.

And so that might be in the form of the job that I had, or you as a photographer. So it’s very easy to get caught up in that and then surrender. It is absolutely necessary if we want to be, if we want God’s will. Right. And I used to say this as a perfectionist, I’d pray about something. I’d be like one of the hardest prayers to pray is God, let your will be done. Not mine. Right? That’s hard.

Mimika Cooney: Yeah. Cause we are like, well, if it’s broke, I’m gonna go and fix it. Like, okay, move aside, guard, move aside, everybody. I’m just gonna go in and do the thing. Oh, because there is, we, we know that with ourselves, we have the control to create the results because we know from before’s like we get on and we do things we high achieving go getters.

That’s what we do. Right. And this is why this concept is so valuable. And yet it’s so hard to grasp is. It is aligning our, our will, our, our, our motivations, our business model with what God wants us to do. And it can be hard when you’re so used to being self-reliant. Yep. And saying, well, I I’ve got this.
Right. Don’t worry. I’ve got this. Right. So how did you find like, in this whole process? So, you know, now we know that what you do is sales coaching, and you help women in this particular reason. In that moment. And I think, I, I mean, a lot of my clients that I talk to as well, it’s almost like they feel like they’re in the struggle of, I know I, I could be doing something and this is, it has worked before, but now when the cloud has shifted and it’s like, it’s not working anymore, like what do I do?

It’s almost a sense of an ease, like the business model or the way that I’ve got clients or my pricing model or whatever the thing is. There was that calm and that comfort in knowing that that worked. What would you say when they’re in that sort of in between stage of shifting into the new?

Natasha Hemmingway: Yeah. Well, I think that the biggest thing is, is that a lot of times, if you do not pay attention to that, where things were great and it was working and now it’s not working, is that, it’s almost that feeling of like, oh my gosh, I got lucky. And it’s not working anymore. Maybe this isn’t it. So what that causes is, if you are not paying attention to that, is that it causes you to either give up.

Or you pivot and start doing all these other things, which is just as confusing, which is gonna keep you further away from sales. And the biggest issue is, is that people don’t realize sales is a skillset. It is not a personality trait. So many women are like, I’m just not good at sales. And I’m like, it’s not a personality trait.

You’re not born with it. It’s a skillset. And the problem is, is that people do not understand, or they’re not aware a lot of times is that sales. There is a very real, intentional process of building in a sales process and a sales strategy, the authentic sales messaging in your brand, so that you can actually be consistent and operate from a place of confidence, ease, and grace, and more predictability, where you’re not worried about where your money’s coming from.

But the biggest issue is people have no clue. And so what happens is we build these businesses and we think about everything, but sales, we think about pricing, my branding, my logo, my social media marketing marketing brick and mortar, the storefront, my, what am I gonna charge? All these things? How will I take money?

What have you learnt about Success in surrender?

Mimika Cooney: the busy work to keep you busy and because you don’t wanna deal with the big elephant in the room, which is you need five, make sales.

Natasha Hemmingway: Well, I don’t even think it’s that. I think literally a lot of people have no awareness. They think that if I do all these things, it will sell. No, it will not. You will have gotten lucky, but eventually your luck will run out, which means your sales start dying down.

And that’s simply because you don’t have a sales process and a sales strategy, which guess what? You do not have to beat yourself up about it, cuz you don’t go to school. For sales, coaching and training, like you just don’t. And so that is where I say you need to immediately pause. And there are some women that come to me and they’re like, Hey, I’m starting my business.

Am I too early to work with you? And I’m like, no, you’re the perfect person, because sales is a foundational pillar in your business. If you build a business without that foundational pillar, it is shaky. It will fall over and then you’re gonna waste more time trying to build it up. And most of the times people start tearing down what they built up like, oh, maybe my pricing’s off.

Maybe I should offer more discounts. Maybe I should be cheaper. And then it’s like, no, it has nothing to do with it. And you cannot have a thriving business. If it is not making sales. I tell people you can run a business with a zoom link. And a form to take payment. You don’t have to have all that other pretty stuff. Is it great? Yes. To have it, but you don’t really actually have to have all that. Yeah.

Mimika Cooney: But people do all the other and that’s all the thing is it’s like the whole, like the business world is this whole, oh, you gotta do this. You gotta, you know, the logo and the branding. I mean, I used to be a branding strategist.

So I know all about this is that getting people positioned and creating the, the products and having the business to look pretty and to have all the things. Again, the foundation, right? And the God’s all about building firm foundations in our lives. That if there’s something that’s a little shaky that isn’t established on what he has for us, like you even said at the beginning, is that looking at what Susie Q’s doing and thinking, well, she, it worked for her.

So if I just duplicate that, that is a huge problem, but you’re not Susie Q you aren’t, you don’t have her history. You don’t have her makeup. You don’t have her, her, her skillset. So even from that, I think comparison is definitely the thief of joy. Like how do you address that with, with clients who maybe feel like, well, the business I should be doing, what so and so is doing.

Natasha Hemmingway: oh gosh, Ooh, this is a good one. So this is where I tell them is that like your gifting and what God has called you to is for you, if you don’t. And it’s a sense of responsibility, cuz every single one of us, we make up the kingdom. And we’re here to impact and God places, unique things in us, all. If you’re not showing up, people are missing out.

So you’re gifting. And the thing that God has given you a gift thing about it, a gift is meant to be given. So which means you have to release your negative thoughts, your comparison, your, your, your lack of worthiness, your thing of struggling with identity, all the stuff that you trying to tell yourself or the enemy is trying to tell you and distract you with as to why you can’t, you’re going to have to come against that.

You’re gonna have to speak against it, and you’re gonna have to pray and lean into God for that. Your gift that he has given you is meant to be given, and that is to serve and impact someone else. So at the end of the day, let’s guess what it ain’t about you, it’s not about you’re insecurities. You’re thinking of lack you’re in none of it.

It’s about, it’s not about you. It’s about who you’re called to serve. And who’s meant to receive that and get that because your gifting is going to impact them and shift them and move them forward in some kind of way. And guess what? I don’t care. If there are 50 million other photographers in this world, there is no photographer.

Like you, there’s no one that can do like you do. They don’t have your spirit. They don’t have your brand. They don’t have your essence. They don’t have your authenticity. They don’t have your eye. They don’t have your skill set for lighting, whatever it is, it is needed. And it is yours and God has given it to you.

So use it and almost see it as wow. If God has given me this, why would I not honor him by showing up and serving because you didn’t get here, especially if you really are listening to God and God led you to entrepreneurship, you should have some type of conviction if you’re sitting on your gifting.

Mimika Cooney: So God has given it to you, like you said to give. And also I always like to relate it to. There’s somebody out there who’s praying for a solution to a problem that they’re having. And you are the solution. Yeah. So by you withholding your gifts, you are withholding someone else’s blessing or, or experience or transformation.

Yep. Because like you said, it’s not about us. It’s not about the, whether we worth are worthy or not to provide the services. Somebody needs what you have. You are a carrier of that. Yep. But us not showing up in the way that God expects us to, it’s almost a form of disobedience as well as. So let’s get back on the picture, get on the, get back on where God wants us to and realize that this is part of the whole process of life is showing up yeah.

To serve others, which is, which is exactly why, what we do is kingdom entrepreneurs is different to where the world is, cuz the world is all about the hustle and the fame and fortune. Yeah. But when we have God’s God’s viewpoint and value system, It really makes us realize. And then wouldn’t you say that when you, you have this really click on your spirit and you’re like, wow, I’m a solution giver.
I’m here to help somebody. It takes the pressure off. Like you don’t feel like it’s not about me. Yeah. How to show up

Natasha Hemmingway: or perform. Yeah, 1000%, 1000%. You’re like, again, I’m the solution provider. I’m the vessel goes back to I’m the vessel and I’m allowing God to use me to impact the kingdom here on earth, as it would be in heaven.

And so it’s less about you, more about them. And so I tell people you’re gonna have to deal with your ego. You’re gonna have to deal with your pride. You’re gonna have to deal with your insecurities and you’re gonna have to deal with your faith. You have to decide. And here’s the beautiful thing is that when you are walking in a lockstep with guide, he’ll provide, you don’t need to worry because he’s gonna provide, he’s going to equip you.

He’s going to provide for you. And he says, I will be a lamp onto your feet, right? He to say the floodgates to a football. That’s not it, but we want that we wanna see a hundred yards out the whole football field, everything from completion to end how every play’s gonna run. That’s not what he said. He’s a lamp our feet.

And so when we take one step, he provides and moves that lamp a little bit for further, which allows you to see the next step and the next step. So you keep stepping and I tell my clients all the time. Is that your first? Yes. When not having on strategy call is not to me. It’s really not it’s to yourself and what God’s called you to, you have to decide, are you going to answer the call for this next step of getting the support and the help that you need? Or are you not? And then your second yes. Is to me. That’s it exactly.

Mimika Cooney: So it’s just getting into alignment with where God wants us to be. And also for us, you know, control freaks who are recovering control, freaks and recovering perfectionist. We don’t need to know the whole blueprint and the plan that’s where faith comes in and just aligning.
I love how you said in lockstep with God. It’s like a little dance when we are working with God and he leads the way it’s so much more easier and more enjoyable than us trying to fight the system and fight to get ahead because that’s when we know we are in. Our own flesh and it is just an amazing thing of, but hard but worth it, the surrender. Right. And it’s so true. Well, I know we could carry on and talk about all sorts of things. I mean, this thing can go layers deep and I know my audience would love to know more about you and how we can do that. But before we do, would you be able to pray for everybody who’s listening? I’m sure they’d love an importation from you.

Natasha Hemmingway: Yes, absolutely. Dear heavenly father, we thank you for number one, Maka. We thank you for the gift that you have given her through this podcast and the people that she reaches, the voice that you’ve given her, the impact that you give her Lord. We thank you for that. And we ask for your continued discernment, abundance and protection over this ministry that is reaching and impacting women so that they can rise up and do what you’ve called them to do and have kingdom impact here on heaven.

I meant here on earth as it is in heaven. Lord, I thank you for every single woman or man. Who might hear this podcast and the anointing that is on this podcast. Lord, we thank you for them. Lord, I ask that you equip them Lord, that you give them the strength and the faith to be able to step aside from their feelings and to actually really lean into faith.

Lord, help them to shift from fear to faith, to be able to lean on you. To trust that you will provide that you will be a Lamper to their feet to give them the next step so that they can be a gift and a solution giver to other people who are waiting on them to show up. Lord Lord, I ask you to equip them that you give them a sound mind that you give them the power.

You give them the love to feel confident in you. Lord, not the world, not social media, Lord, not culture. Lord, we just thank you for every single woman that is here that wants to learn how they can be more in alignment with you as they lead their businesses. And as they actually provide for the kingdom here on earth, as they are being good stewards.

Of the thing that you’ve given them, the gift that you’ve given them, the impact that you’ve given them. Lord, I thank you. Lord, let them continue to move out into this world that when they touch other people, Lord, that people will see them and they will have that light. They’ll see that light that they will be good and resilient disciples in this world.

That is really just so astray, right? Lord, Lord, let them be a light to someone else so that when other people touch them and touch their business, they know that, gosh, there’s something D. That through them, that those people will have an impact and know that it is nothing but you that exist in them that is equipped them Lord.

And that they will actually want to sow in toed that gift because they understand it is not about that person or that business or their team, but is about the gifting and the anointing that you’ve placed on them. That will then fall fresh on them. Lord Lord, I asked for abundance. I asked for overflow, I asked for protection.

I asked for discernment. I ask for discipleship, obedience, Lord, that we will move and have be an encounter and bring revival forth at this time. Lord through kingdom entrepreneurship, Lord use us. Lord equip us, Lord. We thank you, Abba for just loving us for forgiving us for the sins, both known and unknown. We love you. We honor you in Jesus name. We pray. Amen. Amen.

Success in surrender with Natasha Hemmingway…

Mimika Cooney: Well, park receive that. And anyone else who’s listening. Definitely make sure you own that as your own super powerful praise. And I’m sure a lot of us want to know a bit more about it. So share with the audience. What’s the best way they can find you. And I know you said you’ve got a gift that you wanted to give.

Natasha Hemmingway: Yes. So the best way to find me is that Natasha or if it’s on Instagram or LinkedIn face, it’s all Natasha Hemmingway with two m’s okay. It’s with two M’s Natasha And as far as the gifts, they will be in the show notes.

And I’m gonna make sure they’re down or well, Mimika will make sure they’re down there and that’s, we’ll have the links and I want you to go to these show notes and listen to this podcast and go to the show notes. But the show notes, what we’ll do is we’ll provide a special link that actually has a page.
It’s It’s long. It’ll be in the show notes, but there you’ll be able to go and get a special code. Which provides them like $300 off for hello clients, hello cash, which is my registered trademark sales course. It’s been around to the point that it is trademarked.

And it is super affordable. I mean, like, it is an investment that is so easy. It’s such an easys and that’s my whole whole goal with this course. Right. And if you’re interested in of the IP day or one on one coaching, you would just need to go to the website or my Lincoln bio anywhere to get a strategy call and set up to make sure it’s the best fit, but I’m here to serve.

I’m honored to be here and we just wanna make sure that we provide the opportunity for you to have access. To the sales, coaching, training, and support that you need, because I also know what it feels like to be growing a business and not having a lot of money to invest. And I don’t think a lot of times coaches really address that or consultants cuz I do consulting and coaching and it doesn’t always have to be expensive.

You guys. And my part of my mission with my business is how can we. My people, the people I’m called to serve at different levels. You might not be able to invest into one on one coaching or VIP day and that’s okay. But this course, hello clients. Hello cash is racked full of testimonials, guest experts, business guest experts, the sales content. That is all me teaching workbooks. It is. All there. And I promise you, it is the easiest. Yes. As far as an investment. So that code will be there for you to take money off of that. And to be able to get the support that you need to start right. Where you are. So exactly.

Mimika Cooney: That’s, it’s just taking the action, right.

So we will have no matter what platform you’re listening or watching, make sure to click the button that says show notes. It’ll have those all linked with your special code especially from, from attach. So you can make sure you can do that. And we will also have ways for you to connect. Like I said, you’re great on Instagram, love your pictures.

We share the same photographer, branding, photographer, which is super fun. So definitely we I’d love to be able to hear your in the aha moment. So anyone listening, if you, if something that Natasha said really resonated with you, make sure to let us know, like scroll below the video, add your comments, share with the friend.

I’m sure there’s somebody. To hear what Natasha had to say and make sure to share these great resources. And I’m gonna say, thank you so much, Natasha, for taking time out of your busy day. I know you are just fitting all the things in, and I appreciate that. And all the wonderful insights you’ve been able to share and your transparency in your story, which is, you know, really, I know it will resonate with a lot of women who have gone through the same thing as you, and just the encouragement you’ve given. So I’m gonna honor you for that and thank you for.

Natasha Hemmingway: Thank you. This type of podcast, it is worth every bit of my time. Because we have work to do on this earth as in as kingdom entrepreneurs. And so I I’m honored to do it absolutely honored. And if you need sales tips, it, I mean, y’all, it’s everywhere.
It’s on my Instagram. It’s all over there. So

Mimika Cooney: exactly. We’ll definitely make sure to hook you up and make sure to say hi to Natasha and let her know that you heard her or saw her on the Miki TV podcast. So I gonna say thank you again for listening and thank you, Natasha. And for everyone, make sure to, to subscribe if you haven’t yet, if you are on our audio, make sure to go and click the button to subscribe as well as on YouTube, click the little button, the notification.

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