Success in Surrender

Surrender is not easy. If you are a very driven, recovering perfectionist, you might find surrender hard. But the key is finding success in surrender.

Just like our guest, Natasha Hemmingway, we are always in recovery.

We like to do things with excellence and sometimes we have to chill with the perfectionism.

Natasha says “I am a get ahead of God gal. I like to get ahead of God.” He gives us a part of the plan and then we are off! But hang on, what about the rest of the plan?

Maybe we might say “okay God, I got it from here, but now I need you to come in and bless it.”

For a perfectionist go-getter it can be a challenge to sit and rest and do nothing. God had brought you through things, and the concept of sitting, waiting and surrendering can be the greatest test.

As Christian entrepreneurs who are seeking clarity and direction from God, we need to be aware of our influences.

Who is speaking into you? Are you praying into that situation yourself or relying on others to give you clarity? Do you know the word for yourself? Are you in the word? Are you seeking wise counsel?

Our fruit lies on the other side of our obedience, and that only comes when we are prepared to fully surrender to God and His plan.



Natasha Hemmingway is a corporate, start-ups & entrepreneurial-based Sales Consultant, Coach and Speaker and the creator of Heart Not Hustle®️—a sales coaching firm founded with an aim to help corporations, start-ups & entrepreneurs find, and focus on the deeper meaning behind their business motivation and sales message. She helps corporations, start-ups & entrepreneurs master their authentic sales process & sales strategy, achieve meaningful success and maximize their sales wins by bringing the Heart Not the Hustle®️.

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Interview with Natasha Hemmingway:

  1. Introduction: Natasha Hemmingway, a sales coach, emphasizes the importance of blending authenticity with sales techniques.

  2. Focus on Relationship-building: Natasha believes in focusing on establishing relationships rather than just making sales. This human-centered approach can lead to genuine connections and long-term clients.

  3. The Journey and Challenges: Natasha opened up about her personal challenges, including a health scare during pregnancy and the loss of her son. These experiences reshaped her life and business perspective.

  4. Sales Coaching & Training: Natasha offers a course called “Hello Clients, Hello Cash” which focuses on the same authentic sales techniques she champions. The course aims to help businesses grow without necessitating a massive monetary investment. It’s packed with testimonials, expert opinions, and workbooks.

  5. Affordability: Natasha recognizes the financial challenges new businesses face and wants to make sales coaching accessible. The course is designed to be an affordable investment, and she’s providing a discount code for added accessibility.

  6. Endorsements and Appreciations: Mimika Cooney, the host, appreciates Natasha’s transparent storytelling and emphasizes the impact of her insights. She encourages listeners to check out the show notes for links and to reach out to Natasha, especially on platforms like Instagram.

  7. Closing Remarks: Natasha is dedicated to her role as an entrepreneur, emphasizing the importance of sales tips and guidance. Mimika highlights the importance of subscribing to her podcast for more insights and introduces the next topic related to neuroscience coaching and faith-based principles.

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