Strategies for Peak Productivity with Sally Hendrick

(This is a replay of the live broadcast with Mimika Cooney and Sally Hendrick)

Guest Bio:

Sally is a strategy and tech coach helping people maximize online software and juggle business on-the-go. Her step-by-step video tutorials teach entrepreneurs how to use tools while she coaches them on strategy and analytics, so they can be responsive to the performance of their campaigns.

Sally has been an actuary for over 20 years relaying complicated statistical analyses in a simplified format to hundreds of clients to help them make sound financial decisions regarding their insurance portfolios. After living life as an adult carrying the weight of everyone else’s burdens on her shoulders (and her waist and hips), she lost about 50 pounds by learning to take the time to enjoy the journey. Shedding the baggage of her past helped her drop the weight, then she became an online fitness & nutrition coach. Seeing other coaches struggle with the social media side of things, she developed a company to teach them how to use the tools they need to have successful online businesses.

Sally lives in Nashville, TN, is married to Robert and has 3 daughters and a Golden Retriever named Sunny.


What is your Super Power?

Give me a computer, and I will save the world.

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