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It can be a frustrating dichotomy of living in a world with expectations, but having a deep sense that there is something more you’ve meant to be doing. It’s like living in two different worlds.

This weeks podcast guest, Ericka D. James, started asking the question “why aren’t we living out our full potential?”

It began a series of very deep conversations and inquiries with God, to discover who she was truly born to be, so she could make maximum impact in the marketplace.

Ericka has seen entrepreneurs do amazing things with their businesses once they are clear about God’s government. The key to clarity is about receiving spiritual revelation and insight.

Listen in and be inspired!

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Unlocking Divine Purpose: A Conversation Between Ericka D. James and Mimika Cooney

Discovering the Alignment between Faith and Purpose In a recent heart-to-heart, Mimika Cooney and Ericka D. James delved into the profound subject of integrating personal and professional lives with one’s spiritual beliefs. The discussion highlighted the paramount importance of recognizing and pursuing one’s divine purpose amidst life’s myriad challenges.

The Power of Execution and Trust Ericka eloquently highlighted a common predicament: many individuals often pursue what they want, sidelining what they’re genuinely called to do. She stressed the essence of trust, asserting that to truly thrive, one must place unwavering trust in a higher power and journey down the preordained path without reservations.

God as the Guiding Light Drawing a poignant analogy, Mimika compared God to a benevolent father, always having our best interests at heart, even if we might occasionally lack comprehension. A pivotal theme she touched upon was the mental battles one faces, emphasizing that conquering these internal challenges is half the battle.

Embracing Fearlessness and Focus A key takeaway from their conversation was Ericka’s assertion that living fearlessly, with unwavering focus, and devoid of doubt is not just achievable but also the ideal way of life. Harnessing one’s spiritual strength is pivotal for manifesting goals in the earthly realm, rather than waiting for an afterlife reward.

Resources to Illuminate Your Path For those keen on further understanding their divine purpose, Ericka introduced a plethora of resources. From her website to an engaging quiz, she offers tools that can help individuals decipher their primary and secondary positions in life and business.

The Power of Community Engagement Mimika, emphasizing the digital age, encouraged listeners to amplify the message by sharing the conversation, subscribing to their channels, and contributing to the discourse with their comments.

A Prayer for Clarity and Strength As a fitting end to their enlightening conversation, Ericka bestowed a heartfelt prayer, seeking clarity, fortitude, and blessings for every listener.

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