Rewrite your Money Story

Money. What was your gut reaction to seeing that word?

What mind blocks do you have associated with money and are those mind blocks holding you back from reaching the financial prosperity God has for you?

Learn how to gauge your inner thoughts about money and how to rewrite your money story with today’s podcast!




Charissa Quade, a Biblical Money Mindset Coach and Speaker, from Change Your Finances. She empowers Christian Female Entrepreneurs who grew up believing mindsets including making money as a Christian is bad, money is an idol, and undercharging because they don’t see their value in the marketplace.

By leveraging what the Bible actually says about money and business, Charissa is on a mission to teach 10,000 Ambitious Christian Female Entrepreneurs the powerful steps for overcoming the battlefield in their minds, so they can confidently multiply their legacy and wealth in ways that reflect God’s goodness and generosity.

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The Christian Mindset on Wealth: Neuroscience Meets Faith

1. Faith & Finances: Understand money through a Christian lens, revealing how God views abundance and our role in stewarding it.

2. Battling Scarcity with Scripture: Dive into biblical teachings that debunk the myth of scarcity and how divine abundance is a gift to be embraced.

3. Mindsets in Play: Our brains are wired to perceive realities, which can be influenced by external factors and internal beliefs. Grasping the neuroscientific aspects can help in reshaping these realities.

4. Transforming Beliefs: By blending the teachings of Christ with neuroscience, we can reprogram limiting beliefs about wealth, paving the way for prosperity in alignment with our faith.

5. Real-Life Transformations: Testimonies from those who have harmonized their faith with financial mindsets, witnessing spiritual and monetary growth.

6. Make The Shift: Embrace abundance as God intends, backed by both faith and science.

7. Exclusive Coaching Opportunity: To delve deeper into this integration of faith and brain science, explore the ‘Unstick Your Mind’ program. Liberate from limiting beliefs, unlock the doors of abundance, and walk in divine prosperity.




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