Pursuing Godly Intimacy in Marriage with Mary Whitman Ortiz

Relationships can be complicated, especially when it comes to marriage.

Without effective communication it can be hard to develop a relationship of intimacy.

There are some vital keys to unlocking a fulfilling marriage when we let God into the union.

Relationship coach Mary Whitman Ortiz shares her advice for couples to open up dialogue so that they can pursue a healthy and Godly intimacy in their marriage.

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Guest Bio

Mary Whitman Ortiz, MA, CLC, is a relationship coach, speaker and author. For over 20 years she’s facilitated self-awareness and relationship development through corporate, community and educational team building, women’s empowerment presentations, and marriage mentoring conferences. Her support for women recovering from sexual intimacy issues includes survivors of human trafficking, abuse, abortion, adult entertainment, and dysfunctional sexual lifestyle.

Mary’s books, “Why Can’t I Talk to Him about Sex?” and “Why Can’t I Talk to Her about Sex?” open up dialogue for couples to pursue healthy, Godly intimacy in their marriage. She founded Limitless Intimacy, a Christian movement that celebrates God’s design for love, sex, and intimacy.


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