Podcast Relaunch Mimika TV

Big news! After research, surveys and soul searching I’ve made the decision to move my Podcast back to my name, Mimika TV.

Building a new brand is a lot of work. Since much of my audience needs a multi-faceted approach to building a business God’s way,  fueling their Faith, and Personal development advice; it made sense to streamline everything.

So if you enjoyed the content we offered under the Worthy Revolution brand, you are going to LOVE what we will be offering as Mimika TV.

The Mimika TV podcast is an interview chat show connecting you with today’s inspiring thought leaders. Our show offers advice, inspiration, encouragement, leadership tools and tangible tips for helping Kingdom minded Influencers, Business owners and Ministers of Faith. We dive into important topics like faith, business, leadership, personal development, marketing, and health. Just like coffee with a friend, we get to the heart of the matter so you walk away inspired for action.

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