Discover your Brand Personality with Kaye Putnam

(This is a replay of the live broadcast with Mimika Cooney and Kaye Putnam)

Guest Bio:
Kaye Putnam is a brand strategist who helps companies and people discover the truest expression of their brand. With 12+ years of experience, she’s worked with companies ranging from solopreneurs to national nonprofits.

She believes that every brand should act human with values, personality, and a point of view. You can learn more at or by listening to the In Demand Brand podcast.

When she’s not helping clients build brands and attract raving fans, she loves exploring her island home of Oahu, hosting dinner parties, and most of all being mom to a sweet toddler.

What is your Super Power?
I help my clients look beyond the surface level to discover their brand values, personality, and true identity. My super power is being able to distill all of the ideas that entrepreneurs have into a compelling brand message. They hire me for 1-day Brand Therapy strategy sessions and to build their Brand Platform (their website).

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40 Responses

  1. Another opinion(I know I have a bunch) are one reason that people are not authentic or true to themselves when building their brand is because they do not love their story. In fact, they love other peoples stories more than they love their own. @marketingkaye is offering great advice about looking deep inside

  2. Our story is not like a Ronco cooker where we set it and forget it..its always evolving, chapters are always being written. OK I’ll shut up now Kaye is doing awesome. Love what she is saying

  3. So, question(or maybe a point of discusssion) I find About Pages are usually the worst place where people are not true to themselves. How do you approach helping your clients with this.