Pinterest Marketing made Easy with Janet E Johnson

{This is a replay of the live broadcast with Mimika Cooney and Janet E Johnson}

Have you wondered how people are making money and growing their online business with Pinterest?

Today our guest Janet E Johnson breaks down what you should be doing to leverage this gigantic traffic sources to drive traffic to your website.

Guest Bio:
Janet E Johnson has over 14 years of experience with online marketing. Her company website is Her social media specialties are in the area of visual marketing. On the top of her list of specialties… Facebook, Pinterest & Video. This has also evolved recently into live streaming.

She hosts her own podcast show called: Business Growth Time. This teaches business owners specific strategies to grow their business both online and offline.

What is your Super Power?
Pinterest Marketing – How to set up, what to post, when to post and tracking your analytics. What works and doesn’t work.

Janet E Johnson’s website

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