Mentor Moment: Why are my words so important?

Why are my words so important?

I shared live about a my recent trip to Chicago when I was challenged to change the way I speak.

My husband was running the Chicago marathon and that same weekend happened to be during a high profile local court case where protestors were in the city close to our hotel. It was also the same weekend of the Kavanaugh hearings, and we discovered upon arrival in Chicago that a serial killer was on the loose in the city!

And to top it off we had to brace ourselves in North Carolina for yet another hurricane that swept through our area. So all the news could report on was negativity, disaster and fear!

We all face mental barrages of fearful thoughts on a daily basis no matter our circumstances, and the Lord challenged me to overcome that fear with words of faith. It sounds easier said than done, especially when the world is bombarding us with many reasons to feel fear, but we are over comers and can claim victory.