Mentor Moment: It’s time to move camp

Recently I had a dream and I feel it is very relevant for the body of Christ right now.

If you’ve been through a storm in the past few months or even years, once a storm passes it can leave debris in its wake. However, God is calling us to move on to the new destination.

The issue is because of the severity of the storm many have “camped out” and stayed in the place of brokenness. Even though the storm has passed there are many believers who have given up hope of getting to their destination, so they would rather stay comfortable and stay put.

Seasons come and go and we are not meant to “camp out” in a temporary place of transition. Camping in itself is a temporary place to reside in temporary accommodation, and it is never intended to become permanent.

After a major storm passes the debris it leaves behind can be broken trees that fall into the road, damaged power lines or destroy buildings that block the path. What normally happens after such destruction is that the clean up and rescue crew go to work repairing and removing debris.

In the body of Christ many have experienced severe storms that have left a wake of destruction, and because of the severity of the storm, many have given up hope of cleaning up and repairing what was lost.

The good news is that the storm is over! God wants us to get to our new destination but first we have to get to work cleaning up the debris, removing the obstacles and putting back things that were once in place.

God is giving us new vehicles to navigate our new paths, and to flow freely i the purpose He has for us, we have to be willing to do some clean up work.

Be encouraged it is good news! It’s time to pack up camp, clean up the old and get ready for the new direction we are taking. The road is going to look great once all the debris is cleared because then we will gain our speed and achieve all God has planned for us!

It’s time to move camp…


John 16:33

33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

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