How to use your weakness to grow closer to God with Nickilee Gurovich

After experiencing a devastating medical diagnosis that threatened to put Nickilee Gurovich in a wheelchair, she was determined to find a solution for her healing.

Nickilee is passionate about helping women find their God-given potential by empowering them to get healthy in both mind and body for themselves and their children.

Being a busy mom, wife, friend, entrepreneur, career woman; can put tremendous pressure on us. If we are not taking care of ourselves we can find ourselves burnt out with nothing more to give, or suffering with illness.

Watch our interview as Nickilee shares her insights and story of how she was able to walk out her God-given purpose and achieve complete healing.

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Guest Bio

Nickilee Gurovich is a Lifestyle Health Coach for busy moms who truly desire ultimate health in every aspect of their lives. She is the creator of the brand The Healthy Happy Mommy and host of The Healthy Happy Mommy Podcast. When she’s not writing or podcasting, you can most likely find her out hanging with the family’s 18 chickens in the backyard of their cozy home in suburban New Jersey, where she lives with her handsome husband Mike, three kids, and dog Rico.

Tell me about your Story & Background

Growing up as the oldest child in more stressful situations than I’d let myself process through, I quickly developed a thick skin (this is a nice way of saying I had a BAD attitude) as a defense mechanism against the inconsistency and turmoil that had gone on during my childhood. In order to protect those involved, no details will be given out, but suffice it to say, it was an extremely hard time in my life that shaped my beliefs about myself and those whom I was supposed to be able to depend on and trust. Being forced to deal with these events as the oldest child, I was thrown into responsibility and results mode. I took on a role that was too much for my immature self to handle, and I blamed myself when things didn’t change. I compared my messy life to all my friend’s lives who seemed to have everything perfectly together. They went home to happy households every day and never had to worry about what the day would hold when they got home from school.

This bravado kept up with me throughout adulthood and served me well. It protected me from being hurt, I didn’t allow too many people to get close to me, and I made it through most days with sarcasm and a snarky attitude. But inside, I was comparing myself to EVERYONE. I never felt good enough. I didn’t think anyone really liked me – but that’s because I didn’t really like who I was. I was insecure and always thought my current boyfriend (even my husband when we were first married) would leave me. I couldn’t fully trust anyone because of the lack of trust I’d experienced as a kid. I had just begun a relationship with Jesus, though, and he was slowly starting to show me where I’d been going wrong. If you know how cleverly God works, what I say next won’t surprise you much.

Four years ago, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder that radically changed my life. It shook down the walls I had put up and exposed every single weakness I’d been hiding all those years. It forced me to take a deep look inside myself and see that I was spiraling down a path that could land me in a wheelchair if I didn’t change my ways. I was stressed, overwhelmed, mad at myself and my past, and completely lost for answers. But looking back on it now, I see clearly that God was using this to break me and mold me into the woman he created me to be. He needed to tear down my walls, expose the broken places, and heal me.

And heal me, he did! Not just physically, although he did. He healed me spiritually too. I left behind that angry girl who resented those who’d hurt her and began to find forgiveness in all that had gone wrong in her life. Because truly, it wasn’t all bad. Once I decided to begin making changes, more doors started to open that showed me how I could truly change my life and step into the calling God had for me. Through faith, food, fitness, and my family, I have transformed into a completely different person than the sarcastic and bitter girl I once was.

Years of research, consultations with top doctors in integrative nutrition and medicine, and my own trials and errors have given me such a strong foundation to now help others overcome their health (physical and mental) challenges as well. And that’s how I began coaching, encouraging, and supporting other moms like me who struggle with these issues. To say it’s been rewarding is an understatement. I truly believe God had to drag me through the fire to refine me and prepare me for this work he has me doing now. And I wouldn’t ever change a thing.

What is your SuperPower?

I’m great at encouraging, empowering, and inspiring others. I’d love to share my tips about the importance of health and mindset for women.


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