How to find your voice with Shontell Brewer

Have you felt like you have been holding back on sharing your story?

Do you have something significant you feel you are destined to do, but the voice of fear has held you back?

Shontell Brewer shares her story of finding her own voice; literally and figuratively on today’s #MimikaTV podcast.

She says that God wants you to know that you don’t have to stand in the shadows anymore. God has His light to light you up, so that your story can affect people as your echo bounces off the mountains.

Watch and be encouraged!

[bctt tweet=”Whether you think so or not, you have been called to something. We don’t need to hand over our story, we can start our own echo says @ShontellBrewer on #MimikaTV #Podcast @mimikacooney”]

Guest Bio

Shontell Brewer is a writer on her blog Nonsense At Its Finest. By day she works as a classroom teacher, and weekends are mostly spent as an advocate for the steadily growing anti-trafficking movement in Nevada. As a licensed pastor with Foursquare International church, she speaks around the country to youth, mothers, and churches.

A wife for over twenty years, she and her husband have spent most of that time raising five kids. Together the family runs a monthly outreach in their home: a come as you are dinner called Taco Tuesday.

Shontell holds a bachelor’s degree in education, a master’s degree in teaching English as a second language, and an additional master’s degree in Christian studies with an emphasis in urban ministry.


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2 Responses

  1. This was such a great podcast! It got over way too fast! 😉 I loved learning from Shontell all about ‘finding your voice’. She had such a great story and a wealth of knowledge that we all can take away from here. It’s all about listening to God’s truth about who He says we are, and telling yourself the truth. I took a lot of notes and will be revisiting them. I’m so glad to hear of another person and organization fighting trafficking in this country. I’m so glad she has been obedient in saying ‘yes’ to God in this area as well as others she mentioned like writing and singing. I was so inspired by this podcast and will be sharing it with others! I appreciate you talking about ‘renewing our mind through the Word’ too Mimika. This is so important for each of us as believers!
    Loved all of this! Thanks!