How to find God in every season with Elizabeth Enlow

We have seasons in our lives just like nature. Sometimes it may feel like Spring when all things are new, in Summer we enjoy fruitfulness, shedding in Autumn and the dryness of Winter.

Sometimes it can be hard to discern what season we are in to have peace in the moment.

Elizabeth Enlow is a renown speaker, author and minister and she loves to share about her journey through finding God in every season of life.

If you’ve been feeling frustrated with where you are at, watch our interview and be inspired to embrace God’s leading.

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Guest Bio

Elizabeth Enlow is an encourager at heart. She is a spiritual mother to many throughout the nations, as well as mom to 4 daughters—Promise, Justice, Grace, and Glory. She and her husband Johnny have been married 30 years and enjoy working as a team to awaken, equip, and mentor social reformers to display God’s love and solutions in every nation in all areas of culture—through Media, Arts and Entertainment, Government, Family, Religion, Economy, and Education.

Elizabeth’s passion is to help individuals understand and fulfill the simplicity of the call on their lives— to know the real God, to make the real God known, and to learn to love and be loved. As an international speaker and author of Rainbow God: The Seven Colors of Love and God in Every Season, she loves the opportunity to provoke hearts and minds to consider what God as love looks like coming through each of us and our unique places of passion and influence.


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5 Responses

  1. Thanks so much Mimika for having Elizabeth on your interview/podcast. I haven’t really understood much about the ‘seasons’ we live in, and Elizabeth’s message was so interesting and refreshing to hear. I could have listened another hour at least! 😉 Her book sounds like a must read as well! I will definitely be passing this on to some friends who I know would love to watch.
    Thanks so much for all these wonderful podcasts!

  2. Angela, thank you for your kind words. I’m so glad you were encouraged by our interview! May your soul prosper in Every Season.

  3. Elizabeth’s message is very powerful and a message that every person needs to hear. I love how she so simply brings everything back to the goodness of God and His beautiful face of LOVE! Understanding these seasons, and the lies we end up believing based on our circumstances, will help us ALL be able to stay above the lies and the storms that the enemy would like to take us out with. Thank you Elizabeth for using the seasons of your life to mine the truth to share with us all so we can breeze through these seasons and not abort the promises of God! It’s so appreciated!