How to Discover Your Signature Talk with Carol Cox

(This is a replay of the live broadcast with Mimika Cooney and Carol Morgan Cox)

Guest Bio:

Based on her 15 years of business, marketing, and teaching experience, Carol Cox created Speaking Your Brand to help entrepreneurs become the confident, public voice of their brand and to learn how to find, create, and deliver their signature talk to grow their business.

Carol has presented at dozens of live conferences and events, given well over a hundred online webinars, and been a political analyst on TV news. She has experienced the powerful effects public speaking has to quickly build brand reputation, generate more leads and referrals, and become a recognized industry leader.

Carol is also the founder of InterMedia Solutions, a boutique web agency, is a volunteer business coach with weVenture Orlando, and teaches online business and marketing classes at Full Sail University.

What is your Super Power?

My super powers are clarity and organization. I help entrepreneurs get to the core of what they do and why they do it, so they can tell their story and their vision in a way that connects with their audience. Public speaking, whether it’s at an event or conference or on a Blab or podcast, is an excellent way to showcase your brand, build relationships, and grow your business by being seen as the go-to expert.

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  1. @iCubedAgency Certainly. I started going mostly because I was too afraid to speak in public at all. It’s been most helpful in organizing thoughts and helping calm the nerves.