Following God’s promises when life feels like a puzzle with Jeffrey Moore

Life can often feel like a puzzle. We have so many different pieces that don’t seem (at first) to fit together. Our experiences can leave us questioning why, if we don’t have the assurance of what the puzzle is meant to look like.

Even though the journey we are on can be very hard, knowing that God is the ultimate orchestrator of all the pieces can give us peace of mind.

Jeffrey Moore shares how God is more interested in developing our character along the journey, than the eventual outcome.

Listen in as Jeffrey offers words of advice for navigating the seas of life.

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Guest Bio

Jeffrey Moore is a minister and author. After ten years of pursuing the promises of God Jeffrey and his wife adopted four siblings from Peru. He wrote his book “WE BELIEVED” to chronicle the journey and inspire others to follow God with faith and patience. Jeffrey and Kristine are co-founders of Set Sail Ministries.

A native Texan and he has been fortunate to travel around the world to many countries for both ministry and pleasure. Raised with faith in Jesus and real family values, he was saved at age eight at a revival meeting with Rick Stanley—Elvis’ step-brother.

After high school, Jeffrey attended Baylor University where he met his beautiful wife of 22 years, Kristine. While at Baylor, Jeffrey volunteered with the weekly CHOICE Bible study, led by Louie Giglio.

After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Geology, Jeffrey pursued a career in Petroleum, where he spent 20 years working for a variety of companies—all in Denver Colorado—including BioMatrix Energy Inc., a company he founded.

Jeffrey has been privileged to minister in a number of churches and denominations, both in the United States and in other countries such as India and Burkina Faso.

He enjoys preaching in an expository style, but with the addition of the prophetic to his messages. The combination allows Jeffrey to communicate God’s word in a way that is very relevant for the day and audience to whom he is speaking. He loves sharing his experiences and learnings on sonship, faith, healing, and adoption.

Jeffrey and Kristine also serve as an Elder Couple at Antioch Church, in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


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2 Responses

  1. Thanks so much Mimika for having Jeffrey Moore on your podcast. I really enjoyed it and so agree with much he had to say about hearing from God, and how we find pieces to the ‘puzzle’ that God has called to ‘put together’ in our journeys. I believe it is true that he talked about how God is more interested in growing our character than in our getting the ‘job’ done He has called us to. I took notice of the quote he got from a friend as well…that God did not hide things ‘from’ us but rather ‘for’ us. I liked what you said about ‘looking for treasure’ when we are trying to find little nuggets of truth to steer us in the right way on our journey. This was very good today and I always enjoy hearing how other Christians hear God, and how God speaks to them!