Most people want to deny the feelings of discomfort, pain or conflict.

But here is a secret that I see most often amongst high performing athletes, millionaires, and successful entrepreneurs.

They are prepared to feel their feelings.

They are ready to face the hard stuff, so they can get through to the other side.

As an business owner you don’t have time to waste. You have a team relying on your leadership to guide them to the promised land.

But what will keep you stuck is staying in denial.

Most leaders don’t want to admit they have leadership and communication flaws. It’s a blind spot they are blind to.

One of the most important favors you can do for yourself, your team and your business is processing what feelings are holding you back so you get back up again swinging.

Learn how to feel your feelings as an entrepreneur on today’s podcast!




  1. Allow Yourself to Feel: One of the key pieces of advice shared is the importance of allowing oneself to feel their emotions and process them. Instead of using distractions or vices, feeling our emotions is crucial for personal growth.

  2. Empathy & Perspective: True maturity is achieved when one can see a situation from another’s perspective. Every story has three sides: yours, mine, and the truth. Understanding and accepting that others might have different viewpoints can prevent misunderstandings and conflicts.

  3. Take Control: It’s essential to understand that we are in control of our thoughts, feelings, and circumstances. This power of choice is what differentiates humans from other animals.

  4. Meaning and Purpose: We are always searching for a deeper meaning and purpose in our lives. Business or careers don’t define us, but many people often mix their identity (who) with their occupation (do), leading to personal distress when challenges arise.

  5. Learning from Experiences: Instead of letting negative experiences define us, we should learn from them and use them as momentum to push forward.

  6. Power of Choice: Everyone has the ability to decide how they want to live their life, irrespective of their background or past experiences. Words are powerful tools that can be used positively or negatively.

  7. Seeking Validation: Many high achievers, often due to childhood experiences, constantly seek validation from external sources. This can sometimes pull them into a cycle of people-pleasing and perfectionism.

  8. Overcome Limiting Beliefs: Many people are held back by limiting beliefs, often stemming from negative experiences or comments made by influential figures in their lives.

  9. Problem Solving & Deep Thinking: It’s possible to figure out any situation by taking the time to think deeply and analytically about it. One should question their beliefs and try to understand their origins.

  10. Therapeutic Writing: Journaling can be a helpful exercise to get in touch with one’s feelings. By writing down one’s emotions and experiences, it’s possible to process them and gain clarity.

  11. Final Tip: Always allow yourself to feel emotions, understand them, and give yourself the grace to navigate through challenging situations.

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