Create a Viral Online Presence with Susie Romans

(This is a replay of the live broadcast with Mimika Cooney and Susie Romans)

Guest Bio:

Susie Romans is ruling her online empire as a business coach and marketing consultant. With a six figure business and blog that has reached over 5 Million organic web visitors she is redefining whats possible as a working mom and CEO.

The self-proclaimed queen of productivity graduated with a Bachelor degree from Northern Illinois University in Media Communication at the age of 20 before she could legally have a glass of wine. She held management roles in the corporate world by the age of 23, and had two kids, a successful business and a white picket fence all by the age of 26.

Quickly turning her experience over the last seven years in sales, business and digital marketing, Susie has helped thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs, consultants and small business owners to leverage an online presence, build their dream business and go viral.

What is your Super Power?
My super power is inspiring people to ACT NOW. It’s been a common theme in my life to just go. Just start. I believe that as an entrepreneur you need to have the ability to make quick decisions, and build the courage the take risks. It’s my super power, bc I was born with it! And I share it with others to help them make change happen fast.

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  1. Being able to react live to real-time queries is brilliant – this is why Blab is so connecting and in the moment. Sadly mobile phone is dying but love to chat again on Video Blabs! Thx lovely ladies!