Why Marketing won’t get you Clients

We’ve all heard it from the business books and marketing guru’s, you have to do marketing to bring you business.

Marketing, marketing, marketing should equal clients, clients, clients. But the truth is that it’s not true.

Before you get your knickers in a knot or your panties in a wad, let me explain.

This makes me think of Paris. I visited the city with my mom. Even though it was a cold one day whistle stop tour, its left me wanting more. If New York is built for men, Paris is built for woman!


Every street has gorgeous architecture, curvy lines and ornate furnishings. It’s simply a feast for the eyes. I love history and the feeling that hundreds of years ago people who shaped history walked the same streets simply makes me giddy. There is no need to drive, walking the streets is the best way to appreciate the city.

Of course the street where the designer shopping mall is situated is any woman’s dream come true! My mom and I had to saunter into Cartier and Prada just to feel what its like to shop like a celebrity (okay minus the budget so it was more like window shopping).


The excitement of seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time felt like I dropped myself into a Audrey Hepburn movie. The sense of wonder and mystique is effervescent of Paris. I can’t wait to go back again when the flowers are in bloom, I’m sure it will be even more beautiful!


If I think about it, I’ve never seen an advertisement for “Come visit Paris!” When I mentioned to my friends that I was planning my visit they immediately piped up “Oh make sure you see the Eiffel Tower from the vantage point of the Tracee Dore it’s breaktaking, you have to drink at one of those quaint coffee shops, remember to wait until dark to see the Tower lit up..” The advice and tips were free flowing, everyone I talked to had this enthusiastic view of the city.


I know why it’s called the “City of Love”. Yes you see lots of romantic couples walking hand in hand, but more than that is the feeling that you get of falling in love with it’s essence. Everything from the architecture, the scenery and the art make it a city worth visiting more than once.

So why is it that Paris is not marketed as a ‘must see’ destination? Why don’t we see huge billboards in New York Times Square saying “Viva La France!”

I think it’s because Paris sells itself. People talk about it, they share their favorite experiences and they are loyal to the ‘brand’ that Paris is.

in my view, Paris didn’t have to do a hard sell on me to visit because I really really wanted to go. With all the good things I’ve heard do you know what convinced me? It was the stories interwoven into the experiences that resonated with me the most.


From the time my friend watched the sunrise overlooking the Eiffel Tower while studying art for the semester; the time I heard about the this guy who proposed to his girlfriend on the “Lovers Bridge” and they ‘locked’ their love with a painted padlock to the fence (then threw away the key); and the other time another friend of mine stayed up all night to catch the train to Paris just to eat breakfast at this little Cafe that has the best tasting omelettes.

It’s the story, the journey and the experience that makes people remember and share.

Well known author Seth Godin has a book “All Marketers are Liars/ Tell stories”. When he first published the book it didn’t sell well because people didn’t respond to the title “All Marketers are Liars”. Who wants to admit they’ve been hoodwinking customers by admitting that?

Only after he adapted the title to “Tell Stories” did the general public “get it” and it went on to become a bestseller.

Marketing merely creates awareness and starts the conversation. It’s what we do after they are aware of us that gets the business. Once we have a clients attention, they are giving us a chance to gain their trust to earn their business further down the road.

In my opinion, we all need to approach our businesses like a Paris experience. We need to build the story and the emphasize the feelings surrounding what we do so people can’t help but talk about us. Just like a relationship we need to go slow, then go steady and then pop the big questions.


My Tips for effective Marketing Experiences…

-Make the connection: offer something of value that will make your customers lives easier, happier and more enjoyable. Only then do you have their permission to continue the conversation.

-Take them out for coffee: Provide more value by showing that you care. Offer tips, advice and give them something to talk about.

-Ask them on a date: Offer you services by helping to make it easy to take action.

-Ask them to get married: Make it easy to hire you by removing any obstacles. e.g. offer a link to your online booking schedule.

-Make it a Big Wedding: Treat your customers with care and respect, they are not just a number or a checkbook.

-Stay married: Keep in touch and keep the relationship going. Never assume that if they don’t respond immediately they don’t have a need, timing is of the essence. e.g. keep in touch regularly by doing a monthly newsletter.

So before your relationship with your customers goes south and needs counseling, weave in a story with everything you do and they will have no other option but to stay in love and gush, gush, gush!


So believe in yourself, you are worth it. Don’t doubt your dreams. You can do what you love and be paid for living it!

{Big hugs}

What is your opinion about marketing? Share your comments below…