When it’s time to Pivot with Lori Nordstrom

Have you felt things are shifting and it is time to change, but you are not sure how?

As a Christian it can be difficult to move into a new season, especially when you have become comfortable in the current season. But when God says it is time to pivot He makes a way.

If you’ve struggled with understanding what steps to take and when, watch today’s episode with business coach Lori Nordstrom as she shares how to navigate the journey and trust God through the process.

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 Guest Bio

Lori Nordstrom is a lifelong entrepreneur. Starting her own business at the age of 16, she has gone through the ups and downs, a changing market landscape, and all seasons of living the entrepreneur lifestyle.

Lori now works with other Christian women, coaching them on a path to reach their goals of keeping God first, family second and building a business to support their priorities, dreams and the calling that God has for them.


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