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Discover how to break limiting beliefs, stop self-sabotage and unlock your fill potential by rewiring your brain using neuroscience, coaching and faith based principles.
Mimika Cooney
Change your Mindset to Change your Life

Here is a secret not many people want to talk about…

Many smart women feel alone, unfulfilled, and under achieving. 

They feel ashamed that they have not achieved their potential, which leaves them feeling under valued.

They have worked for many years in a job, career field, or business that does not match the level of their intellect and education.

They struggle with juggling motherhood and entrepreneurship or a profession.

They feel on the edge of burn out from running the rat race of expectations.

Many successful women who appear to have ‘made it’ in life can feel unfulfilled.

Many suffer from over thinking and analysis paralysis.

Many women are dealing with distractions that can derail their progress.

Is this you?

Are you suffering with the feelings of imposter syndrome?

Are you struggling to find joy and peace in your personal or professional life?

Have you been grinding for years in a job, career, or business and your results leave you underwhelmed?

Do you feel your expectations don’t match your effort, intellect and education?

Do you feel ashamed or on the verge of burn out?

the Real truth...

I want you to know this….

It’s not your fault!

And I get it. I was you too.

I came to a point in my life where I didn’t have peace or joy. Everything appeared to be going right on the outside: I was happily married, had wonderful kids, and a had a thriving business. 

But the truth was, I was ashamed to admit that I believed I was a failure as a mother and business person.

For years I struggled with stress, anxiety, perfectionism, a lack of clarity and focus, then eventually burnout. 

Juggling motherhood, marriage, and a business finally took its toll on me. I had experienced the loss of a loved one, a child in crisis, and a business failure that put me thousands of dollars in debt. I hit burnout big time!

I ended up in bed for 3 months utterly exhausted suffering through grief, anxiety and failure. To say I was a hot mess is an understatement!

I had nothing more to give. I had reached the end of my rope, and my life and business came to a grinding halt. I was too proud, too scared and too embarrassed to ask for help.

Of course the wheels falling off the bus didn’t happen overnight. The warning signs were there for years, but I chose denial and hustle hoping they would go away. 

Once the situation smacked me clear in the face, my body gave into burnout, and I could no longer function; then I realized something had to change.

So what changed?

How did I overcome my greatest difficulties?

I would love to tell you that I prayed about it, and all of a sudden I was filled with everlasting peace. I am a believer in God’s power, but there is more to it than saying a prayer and ‘poof’ everything is fixed. 

As a Christian you’re told “just come to Jesus and he’ll take care of your burdens’’. But I was really struggling to find that peace and joy promised in the Bible.

I keep thinking “is there something wrong with me?”

The crazy thing is that I love learning and devour books, courses and workshops that teach you how to be successful. I spent a small fortune in my pursuit of building a new business and learning a new set of skills.

I put my previous business on hold so I could focus on motherhood, and now returning to the marketplace proved more difficult than I thought.

Why couldn’t I do it?

I would get excited, created a plan and laid out goals. I would get really excited, ramp up my efforts, but find myself thousands out of pocket and no nearer to anything looking like success.

The frustrating thing is that I knew the steps, but my mind seemed clouded. Not seeing a clear path forward left me frustrated and confused.

Imagine being in a dense forest and there are 8 different paths you can take, and you’re not sure which one is best. You’ve heard the saying ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’?

Feeling undecided and unqualified, my mind kind of froze!

So I took action, struck out on a path just to hit another dead end. I did that over and over and over each time chipping away at my confidence.

My eyes began to open to the root causes. Some were from childhood, and some were bad thought patterns that kept me stuck and repeating bad behaviors.

Only once I became aware of the issues, stopped the denial and was willing to be brave enough to ask for help; did things change.

To break myself out of the old patterns I had to dig deep with God. I had to open myself to learning again. I had to seek new mentors who could think bigger for me, until I could get there myself. 

Most of all, I had to see a different kind of future for myself and my family, and I had to get to work. 

No more denial. No more excuses. No more hiding. Once I decided to surrender to God, and let Him take control of my life, did things change.

The Breakthrough

Using God’s help, biblical truths, coaching and mental performance techniques; I was able to break free from the mental, emotional and spiritual strongholds that had held me captive for years. With God’s guidance, I was able to identity the blocks holding me back from complete health, happiness and freedom.

After experiencing a complete “Mindset Make Over” I learned how to renew my mind God’s way. Now I’m now free from the debilitating mental harassment of self criticism, perfectionism, and paralysis from over-analysis. No more anxiety and fear, or that constant sense of failure and frustration with feeling stuck and having no clarity.

After experiencing my life-changing breakthrough I just knew that I was born to help others do the same! It shifted my entire focus, business model and mission.

Now I use my experience, and the same powerful biblically-based techniques, tools, strategies and truths to help others get unstuck, unlock their God-given potential, calling and purpose, while finding inner peace.

I’m here to help you to unstick your mind and heal your soul from the mental mess, so you can unlock explosive growth and make a big impact!

Who is Mimika?

Mimika Cooney

My passion is to help women unstick their minds and heal their soul from the mental mess so they can unlock explosive growth to make a big impact.

I’m known as the “go-getters” coach, a leader of leaders, and strategist for emerging and established Christian leaders on a mission.

I LOVE to help women pursue their purpose, expand their vision, and focus their efforts to bring their God-given dreams to life.

My speciality in mining for the gold hidden within the treasure trove of your experiences, skills, gifts, talents and dreams.

Working with me is about leveraging your skills, talents, and vision to build a lasting legacy. But first, we need to get you unstuck from the mental barriers holding you back!

By combining my 25 years experience with entrepreneurship and online marketing, and my advanced coaching training; I can help you show up with confidence and unlock access to your big God inspired dreams.

As a mindset metacog mentor, performance and life coach, I’m a champion for change. I love to spark honest conversations, blaze a trail where others fear to tread, and infuse positivity wherever I go. I’m known for building community, creating connections and helping others share their story with passion and purpose.

My persistence and tenacity toward overcoming struggles has equipped me to empower others to do the same. My contagious energy and kindness will bring joy to any situation.

Having built three of my own businesses from the ground up in three countries, I know first-hand the power of aligning your purpose with God’s plans.

I’m a Motivational Speaker, Author of 8 books, and host of the “Mimika TV Podcast”. Huffington Post nominated me as one of “50 Women Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2017”. Podcasting Magazine nominated me amongst the “Top 50 Moms in Podcasting” in 2020. I’m also an international Award winning photographer from the 12 years spent as a portrait photographer.

But don’t let that impress you… 

For years I was addicted to approval, stuck in perfectionism and suffering from “stinking thinking”.

After experiencing rejection, bullying and a broken childhood; I spent years pursuing accolades and addicted to approval, validation and confidence. 

After a life-changing season in the wilderness, God stepped in to heal my hurts, change my heart and awaken a passion for helping others seeking their purpose in life.

My methods are simple and easy to follow. It combines my training as a personal development coach, my neuroscience training, my 25+ years as a Christian entrepreneur, author and speaker, and biblically based truths using prayer and prophetic activations.

I work closely with individuals who are serious about doing what God wants them to do, how He wants them to do it, and are committed to implementing the strategies I share.

You’ll uncover what you need to know to align yourself with YOUR true calling, and step into the success God has planned for you.

No more comparison, confusion or lack of clarity.

Coaching with me will be the impetus you need to ignite your visionary goals. 

Finally live a fulfilled and successful life of purpose and impact by partnering with God to achieve the impossible!

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How to get on the path to success

Treating the symptoms with quick fixes like courses, counseling, and consultants never seems to get to the root of the problem.

As a woman in leadership, you can suffer from burn out because of isolation.

By nature you are a natural nurturer and can tend to percolate and worry about things.

You don’t want a band aid for a temporary fix. You want to identify the root cause to find a long lasting solution.

If you’re feeling frustrated, stuck and demotivated, this is for you.

This is a personal training program for your mind!

Together we will optimize your mental performance.

Learn how to turn negative emotions into positive change.

Be the Boss of your Brain! Change your mindset to change your life.

Maybe you can relate

I realized that before I could help others, I had to change first. I had to put my own oxygen mask on, before I could help others.

As a leader it’s hard to let your guard down because you’re expected to always “have it all together”.

Everyone looks up to you for solutions, motivation and support; but who is supporting you?

When you’re in a leadership role it’s easy to hide behind the masks of success, but it’s super hard to be vulnerable.

For me, the hardest part was becoming aware of my blind spots. Letting go of all the limitations and false beliefs that I had gathered through the years.

I had to ’unlearn’ old muscle memory and the societal idea that success only comes through hustling hard.

Let’s STOP glamorizing grinding and burnout like it’s a badge of honor!

It’s just simply NOT true that the harder you work, the more successful you will be.

It’s also not true that you can plan your way to success by simply ”thinking positively”.

Through this program I’ll show you how to eliminate the crippling self-doubt, fear and overwhelm. I will teach you how to get out of your own way to achieve anything you want…

…without the burnout.
…without the crippling doubt.
…without the hustle or the ’fake it til you make it’ approach.
…without sacrificing your faith, family and self confidence.

The truth is...

The real reason why you get in your own way is not what you think.

It’s not about pretending to be something you’re not, or putting on masks, or building emotional walls.

It’s not about hyping yourself up to feel motivated and living on adrenalin to keep going.

It’s not some illusive productivity hack, time-management system, formula, clever strategy, or quick fix app or solution.

It’s not about being a copy-cat of the success models of others (which results in you suffering from imposter syndrome).

What I am about to share with you is not even intuitive (which is probably why it’s so easily misunderstood).

The solution, my friend, is about rewiring and resetting your brain.

This is why...

This is why those feelings of frustration have continued for years…

This is why you repeat bad habits and behaviors that keep you on a hamster wheel…

This is why your dreams seem out of reach…

This is why you feel like you’re living on the treadmill of expectations and can never get off…

This is why you are driven to exhaustion and find it hard to relax…

This is why it feels like your emotions are a boomerang that brings you back to square one…

The time has come to end the overwhelm and finally getting unstuck by Rewiring your Brain!

Mimika Cooney

Who is this for?

You're in the right place if...

If this sounds like you then I invite you to join…

Unstick Your Mind

Unlock the keys to Develop Mindset Mastery

Like a personal trainer, this program will push you past your comfort zones to help you embrace new possibilities.

The key is creating accountability and community to help you stay motivated and feel supported.

You’ll gain access to in-depth training, strategies, high-level coaching and an exclusive community that will help you to build the life and business of your dreams.

This training will equip you to uncover empowering breakthroughs to up-level your thinking, decision making and action taking.

gold hexagons

The Steps to Success

Unstick Your Mind is not just a coaching program,
but an experience.

Join the Program

Join Unstick Your Mind

Pick your path
$ 2000 Single Payment
  • 8 Step Signature Video Coaching Program
  • 6 Months of Weekly live group coaching on zoom
  • Unlimited 24/7 access to content & future updates
  • Printable PDF workbook with exercises
  • Private Facebook Group for Q&A & support
  • Bonus 1: Mindset Make Over eBook
  • Bonus 2: Worrier to Warrior eBook
  • Bonus 3: How to look good on video guide
  • Bonus 4: Mind Reset Challenge (course)
  • Bonus 5: Unstick Summit Replays (20 Experts)
  • Bonus 6: Screensavers & printable prayer prompts
  • Bonus 7: 12 Ways to Supercharge your Mindset Guide
  • Save $100 by paying in full

Join Unstick Your Mind

Pick your path
$ 350 Six Payments
  • 8 Step Signature Video Coaching Program
  • 6 Months of Weekly live group coaching on zoom
  • Unlimited 24/7 access to content & future updates
  • Printable PDF workbook with exercises
  • Private Facebook Group for Q&A & support
  • Bonus 1: Mindset Make Over eBook
  • Bonus 2: Worrier to Warrior eBook
  • Bonus 3: How to look good on video guide
  • Bonus 4: Mind Reset Challenge (course)
  • Bonus 5: Unstick Summit Replays (20 Experts)
  • Bonus 6: Screensavers & printable prayer prompts
  • Bonus 7: 12 Ways to Supercharge your Mindset Guide

How it works

This program is about engagement and taking action. We ditch the procrastination and excuses. We hold you accountable so you can see tangible results.

The way I work is intuitive with sensitivity. By trusting this process, together we will work to up level your mindset in a way that feels natural and authentic to you.

By digging deep into your why and purpose, we will uncover what makes you uniquely equipped to fulfill it.

This approach will:

During the foundational modules you will learn:

Overcome Mental Blocks

Mindset Make Over

Purpose Planner

Habit Reinvention

Boundaries & Self Care

Money Mindset

Power of Words

Productivity & Progress

The results you will get

Includes Bonuses worth $2000

Be the Boss of your Brain!

Mimika Cooney

The difference between Coaching & Therapy

A coach doesn’t focus on your past like a therapist does. Instead, we help you to solve a problem with a consultative approach. We ask questions, we challenge you, and we hold you feet to the fire so you take action to get the results you desire.

Please note: While I am a certified life coach and consultant, I am not a licensed psychologist, clinician, counselor, therapist, or medical doctor. Any and all recommendations should not be considered medical or psychiatric advice. Coaching is not therapy and cannot be treated as psychotherapy nor provide diagnoses.

You’re ready when...

Consider this program “personal training for your brain!”


You’re on the cusp of making the decision to grow and leverage the power of a rewired mind!


Be the Boss of your Brain!

My Approach

Your priorities and responsibilities are different to most people. As a woman that others look up to, you have a unique set of expectations that you put on yourself. The world expects you to have it all together, and it can feel that you’re never allowed to have an “off day”.

Our approach is to empower you to break out of societal boxes. In this safe space , we make it our highest priority to respect your privacy, and create an atmosphere of trust.

This is a safe place for you to let your guard down while feeling empowered to take big action. No other program infuses essential biblical truths, prayer and activations along with high level strategies.

Together we will redesign your own self concept by aligning who you truly are, with God’s purpose for you life, and not what the world expects from you.

Not for everyone...

This program is not for everyone. Be prepared to be pushed out your comfort zone and stretched past your existing boxes. My direct but loving, and “no nonsense” approach will ensure excuses are not permitted to stop you from taking action. You will enlarge your tent pegs, grow your influence and build your strength of character by putting in the hard work.

Christian Philosophies & Principles

During our Coaching and trainings we will be applying Biblical truths and concepts, and the power of the name of Jesus. The content taught includes the Bible as a reference and teaching point. We tie scientific neuroscience research with faith based truths. We apply Christian Theophostic Ministry or Inner Healing Principles and visualization techniques.

What we are NOT

We do not subscribe to, teach or endorse eastern philosophies like yoga, crystal healing, or any forms of witchcraft or magic. We do not prescribe to energy healing, hypnosis, seances, or unscriptural meditation practices. Our teachings are based in the bible with proof to back up our approach, along with scientific research on the mind.

Be the Boss of your Brain!

The Program includes:

Join us weekly for our Q&A calls

  1. 6 Months of Weekly Group Q&A coaching calls on Zoom.

  2. Exclusive access to our Private Member-only Facebook Group.
  3. Live Videos within our Facebook Group.

  4. Unlimited 24/7 access to Mimika’s signature courses in the member vault.

  5. Private Interviews with Industry Experts and Thought Leaders.

  6. Extra coaching perks and exclusive discounts to special events and retreats.

How it works:

When you become a student, you get instant access to my signature 8 step coaching program “Unstick Your Mind” to kick start your growth. You can access the lessons and work through it in your own time. Download the tools and workbook to work through each section with actionable items to help you achieve results. Follow the foundational training, and you will benefit from accountability and support.

Join us for 6 months of live weekly group coaching calls on Zoom for connection, activation and support. We will empower you to master your mindset and provide thought provoking discussions and prayer. Make it a powerful part of your weekly routine and see results fast!

When you become a student you get exclusive access to our private Facebook group so you can connect and collaborate with other students. This is where valuable friendships and partnerships are formed.

I believe in community and collaboration which is why this group isn’t just about learning from me personally. It’s about having access to some of the greatest minds in the industry to help you reach your goals. We curate advisors, influencers and thought leaders to match the group’s needs.

I truly believe in lifelong learning and that growth takes time, which is why I continue to add to, up level and improve the content on a regular basis.

When you become a student you get 6 months access to the video content, Q&A replays and private Facebook group for continued support. You are welcome to renew after 6 months and continue working in the program.

Are you ready?

Yes I'm ready!

Got questions?

Your investment is a single payment of $2000 or six (6) payments of $350 each for 6 months access. Please note this is a payment plan and NOT a membership so you CANNOT cancel at any time. When you select the payment plan option you are committing to complete your investment. This investment is all-inclusive for 6 months access, and there are no additional fees. If you choose to renew you lock in your original price for life. This means that all future upgrades, additions, and improvements to the program are included as long as you maintain your account. The investment grants you unlimited 24/7 hour on demand access to trainings, coaching calls, videos, audio, programs, downloads, group coaching, office hours, the community and future updates. The only aspect it does not include are events, experiences or retreats that are priced separately. You are granted unlimited access as long as you are a member in good standing. There are no refunds for any reason whatsoever (please refer to our refund policy).

First step is to create your account on our student platform (Thinkific), and make your payment. You will receive several emails confirming your enrollment, along with instructions on how to access the content and join the Facebook group. You will get immediate access to the 8 step coaching program content, bonuses and coaching call replays that you can start working on right away. Save the date for our weekly group coaching calls and plan to join us live on Thursdays at 12PM EST to have your questions answered. Once you are approved to join the Facebook group, introduce yourself and start connecting with other students.

The program is designed NOT to overwhelm you. Each piece of content is carefully curated and is not added as “fluff” to your already important and busy schedule. In fact, the time we set aside is specifically designed to create quick change and impact. We offer roughly 4 hours a month of high-level support through coaching and training. Upon enrollment, you will receive access to your portal that has our coaching schedule listed. That way, you can plan accordingly with as much advance notice as possible. However, you get to decide when and how to show up. All trainings and calls are recorded and saved in your portal for viewing at any time. You can binge on the video lessons in one sitting, or do one module at a time. Whatever works best for your schedule. You’ll get the most value by following the video lessons per week and showing up live for the calls.

Our Group Coaching calls on Zoom are held every Thursday at 12:00 PM EST New York time (9:00 AM PST / 11:00 AM CST / 17:00 PM GMT). On each call, you are invited to ask your questions LIVE and receive support during our group coaching sessions. We observe holidays so you will be notified in advance if a call date changes.

Yes! Once your first payment is made you will get immediate access to all the content and materials in the program so you can get started right away. You can dive right into the first module and start learning and growing before our first coaching call.

Yes! When you enroll and make your payment you will get the info to join our private Facebook group. Get so much value and learn from the questions your peers ask, then see the masterful minds in the group come up with solutions.

No worries! We know your time is very valuable so we have designed the program with your time in mind. It’s not mandatory to make all the calls, although we highly encourage you to attend all that you can. If you miss a call and want access to what was discussed, you can watch the replay recordings anytime you’d like in your portal.

We know you’re busy and life happens. It’s with this in mind that the content has been designed to make it easy for you to consume in your own time. We have our suggested 8 week step-by-step foundational masterclass that we recommend you start with first. We know some students like to binge watch like they do Netflix, so feel free to go at your own pace. Plan to join us live for our weekly group coaching calls, just like you would keep an appointment with one of your own valuable clients, doctors or friends. During our calls you will get your questions answered live and connect with others on the same journey as you.

Our community is filled with incredible thought leaders, entrepreneurs, content creators, authors, ministers, speakers, consultants and coaches. We have women in many industries and backgrounds. Our members are in various business stages, which creates an incredible  support system that thrives on accountability, inclusivity, strategy, engagement and support. Due to the rich variety in this group, your growth is accelerated.

Yes! Mimika creates and releases brand new training for Unstick Your Mind on a regular basis. Your lifetime membership gives you access to all future upgrades and improvements.

This program was not created to teach you “new shiny things.” The program is designed to create focused weekly action so you build your momentum and take action. Even if you’ve been around for a few years, this will definitely create results for you through shared action. By providing an accountability piece, it fills the gap in what is missing from you trying to do it on your own. Growth happens with time and this program has been carefully designed to be the support you need to stay motivated and keep reaching for your dreams!

We do not offer refunds and this is why. By joining you are making the decision to grow. You are making a commitment to yourself to follow through with the process.

Oscillating and second guessing yourself asking  “will this work for me?” is not the real question. You are wasting precious mental energy. Your commitment to yourself is the real question. The first step toward getting unstuck and changing your life is to stick to your decisions!

As a good coach I will push you, challenge you and won’t take excuses for you backing out. I expect you to show up and do the work. This is why your first step toward growth is deciding to stick with your decision to join.

This program is designed to help you get results from the effort you put in. If you don’t take the time to watch the video training and complete the exercises, you won’t get value out of your investment.

The good news is if you get busy and cannot complete the program per the recommended weekly schedule, you have the ability to complete it at a later time. There is no rush as it is self paced because growth takes time.

You get lifetime access to the program so you decide how much time you can invest. Like anything in life, what you put in is what you get out.

In addition, due to the digital nature of this electronic program and the fact that it cannot be “returned”, we have a NO REFUND policy.

Have more questions?

We are happy to answer any questions you have. Simply click the CONTACT button below.


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