Secrets to unlocking ADHD Gifts

There is a prevalence of labeling kids and adults with ADD/ADHD.

Even more concerning is the number of kids who are not reaching their full potential, stuck in a school system that is crushing their spirits and quenching their thirst for learning.

Isn’t it time we looked at this epidemic another way?

Join me as we unpack this topic during this interview “Secrets to unlocking ADHD Gifts” with educational consultant, speaker and coach, Dori Staehle.

We talk about parenting creative kids labeled ADD/ADHD and we’ll uncover how Dori helped hundreds of kids stay off stimulants and helped them unlock their potential and purpose.

What do you think about being labeled ADD/ADHD? Add your comments below…

Guest Bio:
Dori Staehle is a mentor, inspirational speaker, best-selling author, percussionist, and therapeutic drumming facilitator.

Her passion is helping people get unstuck, find their joy, and rock the next stage of their lives. She’s a former educational consultant and homeschooling parent who developed special techniques for creative, right-brained learners. Dori is also the author of a ground-breaking study known as the Gifted/ADHD Connection.

Dori homeschooled her kids for 12 years and has kept hundreds of students off of stimulants with her creative program.

She attended a graduate program for gifted education at the University of Northern Colorado and has done post-graduate work in gifted education and psychology.

Dori is the owner of Rock the Next Stage, Drumming Entertainment. She loves helping creative types soar!

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