Pursuing your Purpose by reconnecting with God with Clint Boland

As an entrepreneur we juggle many plates. It can be challenging to stay true to your Christian faith when you are running a business in today’s environment.

The good news is that with God we have a business partner who has our best interests at heart and will guide us every step of the way when we rely on Him.

Listen to filmmaker Clint Boland as he shares his insights for building a business with God.

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Guest Bio

Clint has been a successful Entrepreneur for the past 10 years. He is on his 3rd successful business and absolutely loves what he does.

Growing up, he had his own version of adversity; not having a father got him in some trouble as a teenager. But through the love of his grandparents and their unending investment of love, time and resources; and by reconnecting with God, he was able to teach himself valuable skills through self-education, that eventually turned into a career path that he loves.

He strives to serve his clients with excellence through Video Production and Digital Marketing services; to enable them to have success in their own businesses and make the world a better place.

He has a beautiful wife of 5 years who he has the privilege to work with every day and who supports his dreams with equal passion.


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