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The Mimika TV podcast is hosted by seasoned TV host/Interviewer Mimika Cooney. She shares her thought leadership, wisdom, insight and actionable tips for unsticking your mind.

The goal of the show is to equip Christians to Fuel their Faith, Unlock their Purpose, Leverage the Leader within, and Impact the Marketplace for God. We dive into important topics like faith, purpose, business, marketing, leadership, personal development, and mental health.

The show offers advice, inspiration, encouragement, leadership tools and tangible tips for empowering Kingdom minded Leaders, Entrepreneurs, High Achievers and Ministers of Faith.

Just like coffee with a friend, we get to the heart of the matter so you walk away inspired for action.

After three seasons and 120 episodes of hosting the podcast focused on business and marketing in the secular space, God shifted Mimika’s heart to focus on helping Christ filled believers to pursue their purpose, fuel their faith and make an impact for God’s Kingdom.

Fun Fact: Mimika TV started in October 2013. 7 Years. 6 Seasons. Almost 300 episodes.

*Mimika was nominated as #26 for the “Top 50 Moms in Podcasting 2020” by Podcast Magazine.


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a word from listeners

Mark David Anthony
Just What I Needed
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I have a degree in professional writing and yet have never gotten around to writing the books that have been inside me all my life. Mimika is helping me move forward with my purpose in life (not just writing, but the purpose behind the writing) with true action.
Great relevant topics!
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I love this podcast great resources and guest speakers with broad topics that help you in your everyday life, as a Christian and as a influencer! 😍🎯
Exceptional Content
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What a refreshing experience. I am all over the city going to clients and have enjoyed Mimika’s podcast so much in my car. Her guests are amazing with great actionable steps for life and business. I need to listen to so many of the episodes again when I can write down and act on the info shared. Mimika has a gift to really draw out what she wants her guests to communicate. She is a gracious hostess with the goal of everyone benefiting from each interview. Listen to one episode, and I know you will want more. 😊
Love these interviews
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I listened to one episode after another all day at work. I gleaned so much encouragement and revelation out of these interviews. This is my new favorite podcast!
Great content! Easy listening!
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I love that these are short and rich! So many wonderful stories full of encouragement.

for influencers of Faith

The Podcast offers advice, inspiration, encouragement, tools and tangible practical tips for helping Kingdom minded Influencers, Entrepreneurs and Ministers of Faith…

Our 3 pillars and topics include:


How to Grow a Biblically grounded Business

Partnering with God in Business

Business and Marketing techniques that honor God

Working in God’s grace not the world’s grind


Encouraging our Walk of Faith with God

Inspiring Identity in Christ

Overcoming Mental blocks or past experiences

Developing a deep personal relationship with the Lord

Understanding the Supernatural

Family & Wellness

Change Health and Wellness habits

Manage Personal Relationships

Parenting skills for Entrepreneurs



Are you a podcast host? Are you seeking a seasoned guest? Invite Mimika to speak on your show.